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“Things first you will need some epoxy stickers. I m using just one inch in in diameter. Regular clear as well as some that path glitter built into them you need some brooch pin backings. The one set lock preferably for better safety and a 1 inch circle hole punch and my trusty e6000.

Glue if you don t have a 6000. Or you just don t like it hot glue would of course work as well now the next part. I did not film only because i don t really know how to film moment. However.


All i did was go online and google 1 inch. Circle templates and then go open that in my photoshop go on google and select some random images that i wanted to make into my craft disclaimer if you are using this to sell do not use other people s art that is stealing this is for me all i did was google. It if any of your art. Was used in this video.

Please let me know so i made properly credit cut down your paper to easy access size. Then grab your little circle punch and begin punching. So i m just gonna speed up the process. Because all you got to do is line up your photo make sure.


It s all good and stamp it through and boom. There you go perfect circles next. All i m doing is grabbing my epoxy stickers here. I m holding some glitter ones.

My camera. Didn t really pick that up and all i did was decide which ones. I wanted to be glitter and which one i did not so these are very sticky. So all i m doing is taking my first pin.


Which is the tardis and just going to put it on there and press it down secure. If you really want to reinforce it you can also put a stronger back or use a cardstock sort of paper. All i did was use regular printer paper. I m literally just going to repeat this process with all of my pictures that i printed out some will be regular clear.

While some will have glitter on them all that s left to do is take your e6000 or whatever adhesive. You are using putting some glue on the back of your pin backing and then all you re gonna do is stick that baby right on top of your button and wait for it to dry and boom. Your pin button and there you have it super easy right it only cost me about 30 max only because i don t know if they sell this in stores. I just ordered this all off of amazon and i have crime.


So came within two days. They also make heart shaped epoxy stickers and heart shape hole puncher thingy anyways. So you could do a whole bunch of different designs. You can do squares triangles.

All that good stuff so i thought this was super easy plus most button makers cost about 200 and i ate happen. None of that thank you guys so much for watching make sure if you liked this video. Don t forget to give it a thumbs up and i will see you guys next ” ..


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