Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Tidalist (Mage)

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“In this build guide we re going to cover the titleist let s jump into into this build and see just how it works the titleist is a mage bill focuses on purely hydro sofa skills to deal water damage heal and buff titleist will unleash the fury of the tides by drenching and icing nearby enemies hampering their movement chilling and freezing them since both chilled and frozen and amis lose. 20. Water. Resistance titleist can deal increased damage by repeatedly striking the same target.

Because hydra sophist has many eels and buffs on its kill line and titleist have fewer attack skills than other mages. This is why tide lists use dual wands in between cooldowns to help keep their damage high a titleist using wands will deal slightly less damage per attack as that of a two handed pure warrior build the downside being that titleist cannot hit multiple targets and have a lower critical multiplier. However they can strike from 13 meters. Or further in some cases and gain a damage bonus from huntsman.

If elevated. Which can push them over the top title is focus on intelligence to increase the damage of their precious few damaging hydra sofa skills as well as their dual want attacks titleist should start putting points into wits once intelligence is nearly maxed to help increase their critical chance because it is more important to tybelus than just about any other mage build hail strike ice fan hailstorm and duel want attacks. All fire multiple projectiles that critically hit or don t independently what this means is that it s imperative that you increase your critical chance when you can because the higher. It is the more likely that each projectile will critically hit titleist will utilize intelligence based armor and thus will have high magic armor.

This means their primary threat will be melee units and archers because they ll have low physical armor. Tireless want to look for armor with hydra sophist intelligence wits critical. Chance huntsman and finally scoundrel and in that order this will ensure maximum damage on both spells and one attacks slot frost runes of power into your armor to increase water resistance and for more intelligence and a fire and empowered your necklace for more critical chance as mentioned a few times. Titleist will use dual wands to attack with when they re damaging skills are on cooldown you won t want to water wants because they will increase in damage from hydra sofas and they will place ice under the target that you strike allowing you to use ice breaker for 180.

If you need ideally they will both have ruined slots on them. As well as intelligence and critical chance you want to placed frost. Runs of power into them to increase your intelligence and water damage titleist are pretty straightforward build in terms of abilities. I like to get two points in the hydra sophist and then two and huntsman to get tactical retreat after that i pump hydra sophist until.

It is maxed out and then i start placing points into polymorph to be able to get a couple of skills. There after that i recommend placing all further points in huntsman in order to increase damage with wands and skills from high up..

You can also place a point into geomancer to get fortify. If you didn t get a point in it from equipment as far as talents go. I d recommend the following executioner. Although it requires one point into warfare.

This talent can be very effective for this build as you deal. Very high damage. Consider taking this one first or second hothead. This talent is really good for this build.

Because will increase the critical chance of both wand and skills. If you have savage sortil ge. Consider taking this one first or second savage sword ilish. This talent is a must for any mage.

Build and will allow your skills to critically hit as noted above many hydra sofa. Skills have independent chances to do this so it s even more vital here elemental affinity. This talent works okay with this build. Because you can cast rain for 180.

Immediately. Hydra sophist has only a few attack skills early on though so unless you find you are doing a lot of healing. You might get more benefit from another talent. Parry master.

I like this town for this build. Because there s almost no reason not to use it if you do a willed..

You certainly don t need to have this one. But it s one only a small number of builds can utilize because most don t involve dual wielding far out man this talent will increase the range of skills and one attacks. So it has very good synergy here you will get even more use out of it if you re up high now that you ve decided which talents and abilities you want you ll need to identify just which skills work best with this kind of setup titleist will use primarily hydra sofa skills to deal damage and buff and heal their teammates since builds evolve over the course of the game. I m going to put the skills in order from earliest obtainable to latest because you won t be able to get them all right away hydra sofa skills armor of frost the best way to buff your or a teammate s magic armor and also removes a variety of status effects.

You shouldn t need to buff yourself. With this often. But great for helping others out rain use this skill to create wet surfaces to freeze with global cooling and to get elemental affinity. If you took it this will also reduce the water resistance of characters in the aoe by 10 which can help with damage hail strike.

This is one of the few early game skills that you ll have that deals damage does decent damage in an aoe and is pretty expensive at 3 ap try to use after you ve cast a reign. If you have elemental affinity to lower its cost restoration. A good early game. Heal that can remove a couple of status effects can also be used the undead to mess them up pretty good deals damage to their physical armor ice fan.

This is a decent damaging range skill that can strike up to 3 different targets can freeze enemies. So consider using it to cc multiple targets. If they have no magic armor instead of trying to kill just one global cooling. This skill doesn t do a whole lot of damage.

No matter. What you do in this game. However it can freeze multiple enemies that have no magic armor. Consider using turn two or three after many have been stripped winter blast deals really good damage for two ap and an aoe that ignores teammates and also kills enemies this skill hits like a truck from high up and can really help with the pressure on a group of enemies masks cleanse wounds a great aoe heal that removes a ton of status effects and heals for a good amount can be acquired by dropping a source warp into your armor icebreaker this skill doesn t gain any benefit from intelligence or strength.

Only hydra sophist seems to increase its non critical damage works well when paired with global cooling deep freeze. This skill costs..

4. Ap and is one of the highest damage. Dealing non sp skills in the game. It hits like a truck and freezes targets with no magical armor.

Which they are pretty much guaranteed not to have after being struck by it hail storm this skill is absolutely devastating. And what s really great about this build is that because deep freeze has no sp cost you can utilize both of these skills in one fight which is something other builds cannot unless they use apotheosis miscellaneous kills tactical retreat this skill really helps to increase damage and range and i think it s definitely a must have for any ranged build also provides haste. Which can help with movement and extra attacks next round fortify. This skill is useful in buffing your physical armor.

Which you ll be lacking in this sort of build you don t need to take it if someone in your party can buff you only requires one point in geomancer anyway. And that can be gotten on gear terrain transmutation cost one apt use and as a tutor and cool down. Because you don t hardly move as a titleist it s useful for moving harmful effects from under view while at the same time placing water to get elemental affinity skin graft. You don t have many damaging skills as a titleist and this skill can help solve that problem by resetting your cooldowns it does cost 1sp.

Though so you won t be able to use hailstorm. If you use it very good for early to middle of act to turn one use tactical retreat. If you can to get up high and buff your armor. If you need to you can cast rain to get elemental affinity at this point.

Which will allow you to use either hail strike or ice fan or you can cast winter blast. And save one. Ap turn to use whatever is left for these three skills or deep freeze. If you can pull it off turn three you ll need to begin to use wand attacks.

While you wait for skills to come off of cooldown turn. Four you will mix a skill on one attacks and then repeat finding two good ones for this build can be tough..

So check the vendors every hour or so and every time you level up to be sure to find them if you find a vendor with a wand. But terrible stats you can save and reload to roll different ones also try changing the order you visit vendors as this can change what they sell. Altogether keep this in mind when looking for them because they are vital to this build instead of taking fortify you can put a couple of points into necromancer to get bone cage. This will also allow you to use some other skills like raining blood death.

Which vampiric hunger and living on the edge. This makes you more of a cleric type build which i will cover on another guide. But can increase your damage and give you some extra skills to use if you find you don t like basic attacks with to a ones. I would suggest blood storm here.

But it does physical damage and you already have hail storm anyway. Consider adding enrage to this build for those times. When your skills are uncool down since it lasts two turns it s very likely that a few of them will be refreshed by the time it runs out. And you can get some good damage this way early on in the game.

Especially if you re up high. It s only one more point into where if you took executioner anyway and you can probably get that from ear finally remember that healing skills. Damage undead and decaying enemies and that can be used as a weapon against them healing damages. The physical armor of undead so it allows for some flexibility against this enemy type because you can pick whichever armor type is lower to attack and help your teammates just be sure not to use both healing and regular skills and attacks on the same target.

If they have both armor types or you ll waste damage healing can critically hit undead. If you have savage sort of leash be sure to check out our other build guides on our channel for each archetype warrior ranger mage. Rogue and summoner with morville guides coming every week. Good luck sorcerers revlon is counting on you music.

” ..

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Divinity 2 Builds Guide for the Tidalist (Mage). The Mage focuses on dealing large volumes of Water Damage and Chilling and Freezing enemies. The primary Attribute of the Tidalist is Intelligence because both Wands and Spells scale off it.

TIdalists can deal substantial damage with their abilities and Wands and can control the battlefield and enemies. They can also buff and heal teammates as necessary.


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