Disgaea 5 from the start:#20 How the Item Assembly Works, Episode 9

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“At the item assembly go into item world you can also play around with well well get boosts with your your items. So we have item assembly. Now actually before go into item assembly. You will need points point exchange.

I already have a bunch of points. If you look over on the right hand side here. Cursor is on grip dynamo meter. And trade value over on the right hand side is seven.

If i exchange this and i get seven points added in and basically you can go through. If you fit you know regular knight sabers notice. It i m not even sure what the only thing. I can think of notice.

The rarity goes up from five to eight so perhaps the rarer. It is but once you hit which means that once you hit legendary while look at the trade value here twenty seven thousand so you can go through trading stuff get the points and once you have the points. And you can go into item you can go into an assembly and drink things to items the item needs to be on equipped here i ve gone into this noble rose gun from the dlc roz. I went up through to floor 100.

They actually even stole another noble rose over there not so great now. But we can go in and then we simply pick somebody and why not pick rose and then you have a thing this looks very similar to the darkest. Emily s strategy assembly and get a senator list and see how well they re supporting. You you can change the item name so for example here this is noble rose rose.

I add to the name raw. So i would remember it comes from her you can change the item looks and here. You would have a choice of all the different guns. That you ve come up against yet.

I use this to change the look of the guns that roz uses that they end up looking like the noble rose at a unique innocent here there is no unique innocent i did get one when i cleared floor 100. And it s the all digger increased damage by 30 when attacking from behind not bad. And then you can hit this too. And there we go we now have an innocent in there now come to things where you would need to go into the assembly.

And and take a vote etc and you need points to do these you can increase. These stats hpsp of having def print like right now hp is 0. Gene well if i wanted hp on here. I could request that redo that you can request like you know hit and speed.

Which is nice those are the ones that determine the the attack power of the gun you can increase stats a little for was it a hundred thousand points three hundred thousand points. We can simply increase them if you want to increase them a lot then it s five hundred thousand interesting if you go down to the bottom you can increase the jump ability notice right here on the gun if you look underneath the stats. There s like a row of icons. The second icon.

The wing is to jump stat of course. It s not giving you any jumps right now. But i could hit this go in and go in and if i pass it well then the jump ability for the item will increase by five. I ll get five jump out of it i can increase movement ability.

So i can put movement on the gun. Which means when someone equips it they get their movement. You can increase the attack range. So here the noble roz has an attack range of six.

If i want it more i could do that i could increase the counter attacks increase critical rate. Which is always nice increase. The population level. I guess i can t do that i m not sure why maybe the population is already maxed out for its loving increase rarity that would increase the rare number if you want to get a leave.

Although in my opinion you can do that just by going through item worry. But these bottom ones. The jump movement attack range counter is critical. They re all very very nice when in my opinion critical rate would be first for something like gonji attack range is very nice.

If you can increase your attack range. It s great movement ability. I love movement. So i would certainly go for this counter is this good for certain you know especially close up fighters jump ability is always nice.

If you don t have anything else left to do the thing is that okay we look at no boroughs assemblies renaming. If you look at the very bottom. 7. That means that i can go into the assembly seventh.


I do and do seven of these now you can t increase profit you ll i know for sure you can t increase movement seven times. There will be a limit. I think you could probably increase it more than once the same thing with these others like jump ability increased by five maybe you can bump it up to twenty five the same thing here if you re leveling up a weapon then it might make sense especially in the beginning to increase the important stats on so this is either miss emily let s go into the heck let s increased a crane. We have the item points.

We have two they don t have commas. We have like a million item points. It ll go very close to hundred thousand sure okay let s meet same as the strategy assembly dude right so now we go that wow look at all these they all hate. Me hahaha okay.

That s a 220 220. Here. When you go through the assembly. You want to get the highest levels first because they have the biggest stuff.

They ve the biggest effect on the vote now this guy. He s drunk so the act with him not see another guy. 220. Notice how they re all on lows.

Probably well let s start with this guy strongly against he likes belt. So we go over to our belts. That looks like we have a bunch of guys so probably we ll be able to get this guy voting for us simply against no way haha music black night flame. Hi.

There how are you doing trying to pass. Something here music support and we got them up to love all right. Where s another 220. We got that one here s a 220 likes axes 50 x.

It s probably enough music. I m told. There s another to 2000. She likes symbols anything she likes the stuff you cannot buy like this stuff.

I don t know her like see you think up all my good stuff offline on freeway strong for pretty squad. Haha. Yes pretty squad is great finally 20 30 20. Yeah.

The nis is putting up. They have free will they have free icons and a themes available in the ps4 store. So if you like that stuff. I don t like to spend money on it.

But hey if it s free 20 75. This guy is actually sober. He likes axes and we still have 37 or see what we do all right now do we have anyone a tease. So fun 112 years old 180.

She s already music my profile picture is on the night. Okay. I m not sure what give me. The disgaea profile picture is that 95 maybe the the free ones that i get there they re like prinnies and stuff prinnies in i think you can get up what do they call the lucky boards.

I don t think they re about lucky boards or something else. But i forget all right so. What do i want waters good to pick this stuff right where you can support 180. And she writes stayed 575 all right let s see i did the 180s now we re looking for 120 support.

And maybe i will be able to get them to pass this i have enough stuff another 120 feet music music we go 31 20. She likes i don t know if i want to get rid of all of these that might be as far as i go music twins music or lover music music that what i did the 120s. What s the next 75 to 20. I don t have this 75.

And i ll asked one for the belts. Okay music. 75. Their axes still got a few axes.

No the ones that i don t music music. There. We go just use ours music. We out of voice music 575 rid of this armory music all right.


I d say 75 five. I don t care about it. 30. Let s music.

Oh 22. 25. Now let s try it out. So.

We have now increased. It to the attack range. So now attack range of seven shoots even farther. It s a little improved.

It s not great now you know with these wells actually they re only around 600. It s actually this is a pretty good gun for right now. And she s got she s got off set. And it s packed with marksmen that might be music let s see music yeah.

But the range goes up to from five to seven let s give her back her original gun actually if i wanted to i think that might fill it up there we go and now she s got a nice gun let s go and see then let s go on to episode. 9. See if we can t finish it up since martial training opened up. I ve been going a lot to martial training one on one star.

They give you level 99 enemies. Which are very nice for leveling up senseless lava flow right as opposed to the coherent lava flows. Marta did the magnus scott oh yes chanakya so here s a tilde music music music kind of funny. He gets upset.

He stuffed all over his feelings doesn t seem to be that kind of guy second you doug or minor horn. Engine oka items. I saw for my omoroca sleep. We ever seen thy state after so no cuiturai get down.

Oh. My god yo can stand. Oh romola late dominus noster. Yo 90.

More color on either corner. Or you know i mean up. There or someone gonna say kumari kandam in oil that s red madness. Okay fire powder decrease fire i m kidding so fire spell should work pretty good why don t we got anything good a little an aeronaut.

I should be able to get that usually they don t have anything that i want to stay. Ah. Okay. Uh huh.

Some exploding barrels here. Now. How we got a five as opposed to his seven. And it looks like she doesn t have a jump bar.

She only got a 17 she could go from there but 20. She wouldn t be able to walk up here and said she s in the pretty squad. I cannot throw her now 13 30. Yeah all right let s find somebody music and actually she should be able to cure for any kaiser gravity hammer.

Them what am i doing no no no back up decrease fire resistance okay so her fire resistance is now zero okay. But still home tour notes you go culottes yosity. A know we can get some guys up there we go here for crystal music send him up paul get your shit. I love all of you extra monitor music still though she s weakened shoot.

That one does have look at that she can attack music music. Well. That s going back shooting music. If we get up here.

Three of those i can get all of them. All four ha ha. There s still somebody where. Oh.


Ah right there music. You you hajima like this my so can practice tanner. Kenosha clayton akane marina. So as you meet oh sorry and iike gay yes you my mother my touching at all today.

Why you trippin my american okay now anymore they can i know that will you go to timmy cms token. Yeah. No they don t minister you mo the care you guys joking missing good yeah. What is that you are i it s no cuckoo industry.

So he ascends in the mean year was a little too. Sir sounds like a personal grudge cuz you could calm down grandma similar mikasa nimit of khushu hottest nbc. She is cerebral workup thing. Oh my that s no mario.

3. Thank you shoes ha. Ha. So justice.

Is that okay. Go. Now. Monsieur.

Oh. Oh. We have a van sorry. A little your cell.

Phone music music music. You okay save again diving into the finish episode. There s one more after this let s order a little magnus norsu nyum. An entourage can enjoy yoga.

Whatever second you kazoo let the madness. Oh my gosh they stole my data. I think second if mark o meara cool boy the doctor nothing like i know it s taken at all oh my god coca cola a comma or a mike on ibaka yo yo take a wreck i go through a nikita s aki nee. I could go to aa o.

My motto karak. Y yo they go to the say yo don t condemn or karuna hasta la da. I got to your car all the way are we gonna be able to walk music music blast. Those guys out of existence.

Now suppose i go here that one we re at 169. I don t know if people are going to be able to walk up there and let s just see what happens if i brought out and he s down to low anyhow. But enough controlling i could throw him this far okay all right so let s it now starting down. Here.

We re at 8 and 4 up here. Where 115 okay get this far. But no you would have to wait all right if i m going if ike christow. Go get my attack.

Oh. That s just axl. Music. Hey.

Music. Music music. Music. Next.

Turn. Yes. All right ginga. Music.

Hi. Yah. While i m sitting around music you can t do this we can get one usc wild crescent. All via us no thunder fist.


No sir waters all morning. Oh my god karen stated. We sort of them or can we go do so. This can go to conan will capture rocky rima.

No no it s almost a too strong wayland. Our home tony stalker boy you re a middle mark idea we re a guinea a gecko but you re not oh no not morita o mahadeva. Mario can oak academic enjoy some layers in its cover later you are a one eye jerk shall occurs and if ruth becky de sol de gama kind of juice to you know that oh sorry gal carolina chikara dedicated at a yoga so his response is let them on hekia another convent tomato you chikuwa eat thai targets karuma cosas son of course and the coast a dynamic array kanojo gideon so she stayed in atari huh. But that s that s okay sure cuz.

I could be you know that s get societ. The second oh no no no yo. What that i know that in my babu nayak that saw a big taken up sustained. He s now coming up yo ass got theory.

Monica rivet holes and no koto them sorry about keith natori jeers look at that sorry oh yeah. You re like a stuck up they don t and i missed it or not i don t know gandhi huh come on athena is your daughter. So. You go.

Hannes. Amina. Jack. s channel.

Da. Da. Da. Da da.

Co. Psycho. Serviceability. Co.

Star. Kousaka. Music. Boy.

No. No. No they were at the kaiba music. Okay bodega in macoco.

There for mayakoba. So. It s cohiba. Oh my akaka.

She s innocent. Yes. Let s let s punch out and knock up some lanai monica oh my alma mater kriya yoga. Nate the magnus whatever chewbacca cardamom tiny dhaka oh my knee arizona cotton here is chicana boy.

The dark and judean saturday. Tomorrow. Sunny offshoot oh a coronary or an email mother could i have a knife matzah got the pokemon i gather all i adore 3gb anoka cordova key. I let the magnus music.

It s madame ozera system is a very desperate and a panic color an appetite shimmer unison. I do music anna the horn thorny unison. I know what that it is not dibble no man anything at the day y all. Come like the girl on the side music.

Sayoko. Get an army not cat chuckles can you exert oh. It s not sustain or if someone owe you a coconut. Okay chuckles king are you i ll call you asifa okay only halfway through.

Yeah. I think i m about done for today so we won t quit and come back another day. ” ..


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