DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 – V (DMC5)

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“Guys welcome back to more devil may cry. Thank. You so much for all the the support. This series has been really good.

So. Far. The story is really good action. The gameplay everything about it it s just i think flawless so if you want more this game.

Quickly just destroy that like button and let s do discuss alright left trigger why use one stock to make shadow tax increase strength or oh. So you basically instead of using that whole thing erasing walls like a hill right there okay phil s the battle you ll line up into tax. While doing this to be careful confused like why would you want to do that ever. Oh here we go some of the big guy whoa let s get it he s gonna warpath.

Oh pump down the speakers all of your hand and eternity in empower nice artists over it s all about style points in this game. That s what i love we got up there can i get up here. I m gonna guess you can i just. Don t know if i okay.

Yeah. Yeah. Let s try to get from right. Here.

Almost wait what the world human blood is the source of supply steps right over there let me get all this stuff i ll come back to this alright blue orb fragments increases maximum vitality nice i haven t really had a problem getting hit this game too much probably gonna bump up the difficulty soon. If i feel it s too easy. I just picked it normal huh anything back here. Oh nice here we go thomas there we go almost messed it up.

I don t know if you can break those things and they go away for everyone fuck you were supposed to come back here all right now we can continue. I guess i guess the only way to get out of here is to go up the steps and hop out. Oh here we go no hold on try to get right here all right bring it on now pierce well returned. Yeah.

Got this. What a nice couch yep turn. It tibbie hi. Get all right not bad not bad stylish points.

Almost redone almost you look around i m gonna miss stuff. I know it might be a dead space all over again dole them a ceiling. You have to like be right up under them these things are actually just high enough to not get hit alright supposed to put that in there..


But let me double check back here before we do that because this looks like one of those secret type areas doesn t it already scorch them. So you know this so much going on in this game. Sometimes. I m surprised like the game is held up at 60 frames a second i love that you can t get carried too far.

But probably should have saved that thing all right this might be tough to the see pierce sportsmen get our boy out you know he came in that time. No another s here. I believe unless i take it past. This guy.

No might get it here. Oh. No nice nice that was actually uh. Surprisingly.

Not too bad apocalyptic retreat. Now. What is is this the different area from the one back. There cuz like back here.

We had that let me just see maybe you know what let s try it go back. If i put this in just to see if if it actually does anything you know cuz. I didn t want to like completely miss it but at the same time. I felt like this might have been the main way to go.

But maybe. It s not maybe. It s just like a side thing. Because you don t necessarily have to grab this it felt like more the hatchling came from a side area.

So. Maybe. This is also a side area gonna find out. Oh.

This was the side area. Okay oh. It s a double thing. I do have two of them now hold on how nice let s put it in so had i not collected those too early on and not been able to have even got back into this area.

You know trained over here good gracious. I think that was it i don t think up there s more hold on something else secret mission let s get it guys start mission collect all the red orbs. I wanted to try this out i don t know what this is like but here we go alright here..


We go looks like they want you to go from left to right one. There three four five go back here. Maybe i don t feel like you have enough time. How do you can break everything.

But let s go up here one two three here. Oh my god oh my god am. I gonna get them no the last two right there are you kidding all right. I think i got a rhythm.

Now all right so i m gonna get the ones on the left side first kind of how the camera pans in i m gonna go this way can t make a promise as i get this it seems like it s very simple i thought those secret missions were like actual secret missions. Probably gonna save on time right here. But you cut in get these in the middle. You could use the attack maybe like the the y attack or triangle whatever you want to call it and there s gonna be oh nice no oh my god oh barely just in time guys let s get it man let s get this i think i ve gotten three so far.

Me that might have been number four action ever months. Now once cleared all right nice get a whole extra health bar. That s nice. What did you just pop back in like here.

We are again you know all right which way was i going i think i went to hopped up again. I can t see yo. It s so dark right here. Good.

Gracious is it supposed to be this dark. There we go oh. My goodness. This was kind of weird actually might now be run out goes straight.

All right here. We go yeah. I m glad i went there cuz. I hadn t planned on doing in his secret missions while playing the full story.

But i didn t know they were so short you know like i thought they might have been something like an actual secret mission like where you maybe kill a bunch of enemies. And there s a boss or something that was pretty basic. But that was also the first one i did so it s gonna be enemies here in a minute. I guarantee you it s to calm.

You know come meet me. I meant. Yeah..


Yeah. Yeah. Keep your panties on. I.

See you already be right. There. Where s the sometimes when you re next to it it doesn t pop up until like after you there for a second devil may cry. I remember being on the bar in the first game.

It was so cool alright now we can actually unlock skills. Where it s 0 for everything block. It man. I bet this characters a lot of fun to play with a few max out everything so have to get get more orbs three times.

So if i buy it on nero and dante v. Doesn t have it i don t know about that fifty thousand for this what does that say oh that s sick though i love how the more advanced stuff nightmare combo be i wonder what that does oh it s just a ground attack shadow combo. What is this one it s just like a oh that was nice do i want to use any of these though hedgehog. Oh.

My goodness is struck whoa. We re getting that we re getting it while on the grounds hold okay head talk to i guess. It s just more distance what in the world yo. We re getting that look at that alright.

I wanted to get one attack for shadow. Now griffin. I need to get something flank attack maybe. It s kind of a launch double check.

Let s check this or not mmm. So you can reduce the time so it s like a passive trait. What s blockade let me. See yeah maybe we should get that round robin let s get the blockade.

It s something basic. But whatever i wanted to upgrade this character ever so slightly. What does this thing do let s see we re getting it all right. I don t want to use all my red orbs.

So there we go we re good. My guess is we re about to have a boss fight that was a thing over here. Let me grab it get a few hundred for that so all right let s not even mess with this guy v..


It can t even leave the client fight anyway just to clarify parasite not in this lifetime as the heir to a bird odyssey to a fish. So is contempt to the contemptible if the fool would persist in his folly. He would become wise youngest boss. Fight pretty chill actually characters like really powerful awesome to grab that like projectile spamming.

Uh. Next to whatever might be the way to go. This finally hey kristen. I just so much damage and you bump their attacks with that left trigger thing or whatever.

But the main yeah all right get it a week. Oh i got it are you kidding. I generally do anything to him put you on spot like yourself shipping away. That health club.

Nice should be done any second now hold on all right silver. Unless you have to pick out the last few heads turn back i just might do it gonna a to end it off the cut form could give the crowd. What do you say extremely badass. That s what that was oh okay um.

Like that s not good. Oh. That s not good whoa whoa. Hey.

Wait where where are you going are you running away then that s not a good sign. I m afraid then that s a little bit more than i can take on right now. I was a fun mission. I wonder what the rink.

I got on that was stylish points. I got an s rank nice all right i think on that note. I m gonna stop here before we do mission five thank you guys so much all the likes and everything you drop on these videos. It really really means a lot.

And if you want more of this game quickly just keep destroying that like button and i ll talk to you guys soon. ” ..

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