Dell S2340L 23″ LED IPS Monitor Review

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“And welcome to another video from salzburg calm in this video. We shall be looking looking at tilts s. 2340 l. 23.

Inch led monitor to start us off this inch. Ips panel comes packed in a colorful imprinted box with the logo on it and some specifications printed on the side. The contents are packed in styrofoam packaging. Where there snug fit and the monitor was held quite securely inside another functional is that the display side of the monitor was protected by additional layer of foam.

This time installation is relatively simple the base screws into the vertical bar. And then the monitor slide into position on top of that the only adjustment possible is until it does not rotate more the vip swivel and as you can see the surface of this screen is glass. And it is very reflective. This is something we are already accustomed to using by the use of smartphones and tablets and so forth.

Yes. The polished surface does that in the prints easily. However. It also plays a big role in making the display look good as we shall see further down the video.

The back of the monitor is pretty simple black with a dell logo prominently in the center. The control buttons are on the right side of the monitor. Only the power button has a power logo next to it the other four buttons. Changes function based on the on screen display at the bottom of the screen.

There is brushed aluminium running across the screen. The i o panel consists of audio out hdmi in vga email power image. There is no displayport. There is plenty to be said about the image quality starting with the complete darkness to the full studio lights turned on in both circumstances.

The display looked fantastic. The contrast and the color reproduction was stunning to say the least to highlight the difference. I put my work laptop next to the monitor. And the difference is immediately apparent.

There s nothing wrong with the laptop display just that the monitors on display is that much more vibrant next is the viewing angle. No matter which angle. You look at it change. The display was still pretty good traditionally it most monitors.

If one is looking at the display from a steep angle. The brightness or contrast is uneven. This monitor. Very clearly broke away from that tradition as expected playing games on this monitor was pretty good as well the color reproduction was excellent.

And it was quicker free to demonstrate the quality of video playback. This video..

That is being played was recorded at 60 frames per second the black area was truly black and the bright areas the amber s and so for did not believe any trail. The menu system is pretty straightforward. I m glad that dell has used physical buttons instead of touch sensitive panel. Once the menu button is pressed there are icons next to the buttons indicating.

Which buttons perform what function working with this menu system was not complicated at all there are many functions that can be performed. And it can be done so for easily before i turn the monitor on i was looking at things like the stem. Which could have benefited with rotation or height adjustment. The many buttons felt a little more quality than what bill normally makes then i turned on the mannequin and from that point on none of that mattered the job of a monitor is to show you an image and boy does this monitor do that job well thank you for watching this video hope you ve enjoyed it your comments and seditions are most welcome.

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