Dell latitude 3480 Review

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” ll youtube today. I m gonna have a look at a business series laptop from from dell dell three four eight zero this laptop was selling around 25000. In indy. But now you can get it for twenty eight thousand five hundred where amazon this is a fourteen inch laptop.

It is a sixth generation i3 processor. It s got 4 gb of ram. It s portable. It s got a 500 gb hard disk.

There s no cd drive with this i have used many i7 laptops and you know finally. I couldn t continue with the i7 left off because of bit going bust so i had a hp laptop with the i7 before but you know there were so many problems coming with their laptops. I thought i just go for a new generation in dl cpu and until after because you know the last time. I hotel was you know the thin series laptop from dell.

And it was a big failure for me. So i thought of just going for the business series this time down..

So i went for this as it was priced in the mid range and had a good six thunderation processor and since it was a business laptop. It can be used for other purpose. So i bought this from amazon. I ve been using for the last three weeks and i m very much satisfied with the performance.

It is as the cumulative i step in first generation or second generation processes the desire to it s fast it s cute. It s not really really good for your graphics and editing purposes. But still it does the job. So now i switch it on shout out how this fastest boot.

The screen quality is pretty much average. But it is good it s not like the old windows laptops. Where you see a 14 inch. Screen is completely been out of proportion with the modern standards.

But it is good. But it s not as good as some of the hp laptops..

But it is really really good. The keyboard is pretty messy and you know the touchpad is really really good to actually use it it s it s not very thin. But it still i m using a belkin laptop out of this it doesn t get much hot you know it s very normal. I ll use a chrome browser.

It s pretty much comparable to i7 processor first generation or second evolution processor. I had slight issues with my wi fi router latching onto quality levels with my opera browser but not with my chrome browser. I use a lot of devices on my wi fi router. But still this was had a slight issue when i was using opera browser.

I m just gonna go to youtube and share how fastest it s pretty much good if you it s good for multimedia. It s fast. It is got a good keypad good touchpad as well it s sleek. The battery life is on four hours after full charge so all in all the very good laptop for the price you re paying for and the sixth generation.

I through process as good as in a former generation high five for i7 process. So for people who want to have a normal laptop for the use and for office bike or even for multimedia..

This is good enough. Only thing is it doesn t come with a cd drive you can buy a cd drive from amazon for 1500. So that itself is not a big disadvantage. And i think you know i m very much happy with it so this is my judgement of the del 3 4.

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