Dawn of War 2: Retribution #1 (Co-op with Catsworth)

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“Is invited to place some wall amma welcome to cats worth and smites campaign. Workers workers you re not flying the prologue mission. It s two nerds fighting the demon s awful take my word for this it has nothing to do with this wonderful man right here well this wonderful work i want to click on everybody to see how much worse their animations are then that org hole swings a sword i m just sore yeah let me smash it get you can play on normal. I guess because we re looking for a good work eat i m not some ridiculous try hard mode right yeah we blood ravens destroyed the demon al khair ending his schemes to walk sub sector aralia to a bestirring hills.

We thought our victory would mark the end of the wall for the sector new demonic incursions relentlessly plagued her planets aurelia called eros meridian in response. The imperial guard. The hammer of the emperor was deployed on mass to the scepter to secure her to defend her. Yet the incursions only grew in number and soon were worsened by insurrections madness among the gods ranks now the sector sits helpless wrapped by constant we are space marines we are the blood ravens.

We would act yet we too are locked in warfare with one another azariah kairos. Our chapter master and chief librarian has declared the heroes of aralia to be renegades now we are hunted by our own brothers brothers. Unaware of the chapter masters secret allegiance to all care a corrupt space marine chapter master a militia crippled by disorder internal demons renegades a sector that knows oh the imperium has had enough one solution remains for the sector. A solution with which i am all too familiar the ordo malleus approaches the holy imperial inquisition their colossal ships bare the munitions to perform exterminators cleansing every planet of the sector of life zeno s and human and innocent.

All is not yet lost. However adrastea inquisitor of the ordo heretic as has entered the fray. She knows the truth of kairos is heresy. But has not the power to halt the coming storm short of destroying the traitor herself with the authority to combat the enemies of man by nearly any means.

She is gathering. Any force she can muster allies among forces still loyal to the imperial and even enemies with a common interest of preserving the scepter we can only hope she binds suitable dollars. But hope is of course the first step down the road to disappointment such slightly for you to was lagging for me. When they were showing guys moving yeah pretty janky.

I think it s a picture. It s for the tensor. Yeah the worst thing is it was porky at all antalya yeah. There s no works.

Where s the where s the or control. Mister ten years and some dummies did some shit here. We go jinkies pods. Okay.

Mr. Nell brain let s do it i like how we have a device to tell us a status report. I gots ticket bob. I just pick them up and throw them whoops.

I don t even kill a lot was thrown. Yeah. This guy is our mr. Brady s already dead times as good as cyrus yes.

I forgot they went back to a little bit more of the traditional donna war game play with this one we got a requisition stuff. Which we ll learn about later you can pick him up when i hear that dialogue. It s the birches okay we have to upgrade them now guess i ll improve their health. There it is yeah.

Oh we ve been i have infiltration and i have yell. I don t have any skills to deal with this riot. I have nothing excited yelling and disappearing. Yeah.

That s his yell bilities. Yeah. Yeah. Oh don t you sit hum.

Shoot. You like that i get behind. A mess over there. Oh yeah.

Maybe i ll actually try and take care of used to cover this game. Yeah i m getting masking to see all normal. We actually drop the plate a little..


But at least right now eventually maybe towards the end. Oh okay two or three grenades. Okay. Yeah.

That s some work mister. No brain run captain get out of there alright. I m gonna i got michael aids up again all right never mind we got these cats all right esker kwanzaa boys. Yeah.

One second let s turn things up a little bit okay alright now we can buy very good boys for 250. Where s our spending hours. It s it s right. It s right above your character abilities.

Let s get a burner and i shoot up bail them fools down. They re stuck in the water. Why would you tell for it they re shooting guns at platform. That sounds like oh.

No no. Mr. Dale bridgewater. Please pinball s oh shucks.

They also have yellow well does my word boss. Any of this those skills at all okay they can repair they got grenades. I couldn t i couldn t repair vehicles. Also and buildings oh and grenades so just like me oh problems are done you talk to a contains department.

Gets people going yeah. We ve got a hurry to the diner. Yeah. They haven t had me use infiltration yet.

I wonder why i m sure it s some time they ll show it off oh no sweetheart boss. Some good ol karma save this for ya yeah thanks guys brac musician. We do this that s used to buy guys with you won t you get a squad worth. The population cap right now.

Oh damn yeah. That s okay popular because we discovered yeah. We we just got more guys right now. I guess not i only have my own squad.

A long walk. But worth it apparently just walk yeah meandering about it s whatever is great walks walking in swamp. What more do you want we re not too far from the ngo look. I m gonna go to the one with heavy cover.

I m gonna just walk right up there that s what i do in the war boss. Because our reason you re like really tall. Now they gonna think that needs to need you share your nights can be thrown over walls. The costume and eyes that i yeah not too much it s it s more of they ve long cooldown you re basically uh tarkus level 20.

Yeah. That s what you are yeah. They don t they don t require like special stuff anymore so i can just fuck. It no your works a diet.

I can t get through kids. They re walking in half goodbye. Works. Now you can buy some more and have them walked over here.

Even you re doing if you want we got okay. I got two guys huh. No population cap..


Rich so stuff about 22 out. Of 30. Oh now yeah. It notice oh dude because they take ten reach.

Oh. I guess watching all right buildings already been garrison their minds lick himself the only other standing still apparently damn. We re gonna be coming with that oh like well gretchen yelling whoo okay spoo comes you need to actually shoot your shotgun. Plain boobs.

Go on smoothly. Good job buddy. Oh shit. Oh shit give it a mine.

Get them. Spoken. There s the tank. The baby tank spill comes is gonna stealth.

Over here and see what s going on this oh shit than melee huh. Thank me there fight the wrong oh this is a dangerous those are what those are dangerous. We re spoopy. Yeah.

I want the fuck where d he go spill comes us wandering fuck. It went way back to huddle. It up. Oh god he s way down here.

That s not what i told him to do at all. I told him to go left. But i guess since the wall was up he decided to just leave no mister. No brain yes.

I ll take care. This guy got me a rocket launcher once pookums pookums really stupid and whose won t listen to me at all that s maybe. It s because of the weird maps latest. I want to stealth around and de amethyst.

I want to go behind them. And just shotgun on my guess with swings. Okay. Hi.

Sticky or just scary. That whoops. All there s more huh. After long oh.

No level up all right nice all right we got new thingy. What s this doing this is this one point now we can spawn whatever here. We got all kinds of units a and even tell us about we got knobs. Which are heats.

We got weird boy. Oh shit. So may f. Some sort stone boys out the jumpers looters are the gunners and work boys are they crappy melee yeah look we need a lot of them we don t have unlocked so we probably have to earn the ryeom between missions yeah or something.

Yeah you attacked us firstly. It s got the best words. Oh shit oh sick oh. My or i should go it just changed.

Her mind. When she realized we didn t care. Mr..


No no whoa. I just saw pookums put down his shotgun and try and headbutt er shotgun. And her like it terminated this sure is good food now for long. I got this get back in there.

I m john no. No i spoken. He doesn t like my one. Liners.

Yeah. She has no appreciation for the fine arts. Oh. God well alright maybe i ll take care of these nerds who got a boot.

They missed me that time just barely she has permanently attached spookiness. She s in love yeah. She is wouldn t you be spoofing says. The best.

I m okay i got stay in this building. I m very low health. Yeah you shall be washed away in the coming hot marius scary boys that s learning if your not now mr. Neo brain.

I m still sasson de stop pressing and heavily armed captain parlay captain blunt drag you have made quite a name for yourself looting. The petty lords of this sum sector you have also been known as a mercenary under their employ. I would like you to kill chapter master kairos of the blood ravens. Perhaps you are familiar with him because if he isn t eliminated this entire sub sector will be obliterated then who captain will you fight.

I can t say that it d be good for me in the boys getting your money is pointless giving. You technology is obviously out of the question. But i can give you a fight you do not really think that the eldar shot your ship down fighting just big jug of fungus beer. Yeah and i read all the descriptions.

If it don t blow them up at least. It ll blow off them their feets grants and get her minds. Ability now this is better or better. Than a farmer anyways for the golf s everything is here to be hit.

And it else is much about all right that s our gear. Yeah. Satisfactory. Oh.

I have to reward. We want a good burn out of there. She s just trying to just come to this now is all in a same truck. Okay breakfast.

Who the hell are you it means you come no lower the rocket on your back all right. He s that he s a strong boy let s take a look at your stuff frenzy. Getting stuck in the center of a y all are turd. And hard okay.

Well. Obviously. Meili. Guy here.

We actually this game is way better than the first two we played with the system yes. It s not any screwing around with giving me racers on a meili guy. And you know yeah. The stats are way better to damage and knock back to the area like its energy melee were health for me in this guy.

It s not oh you could go range for some reason it that being said. I m still gonna just go melee and health starting with me. Because i won t stab ya havin blood flag..


What are you about everybody getting stuck in with the boys that s good hmm. Oh wendy cats with sorry. Let s see oh i ll see if i can do some of the rest sometime. I m just reading my skills here a rocket launcher real good stabbin yeah take a deep breath and all the enemies get pulled in what who hmm.

I got a. I got a bb def gun. Oh. It s not just meili.

It s offense in general. I noticed that yeah looks like had a gun in the first mission. But it upgrades to in that tree i don t care much for the man of stuff. I m gonna worry too much about it are you gonna use breakfast then and i use forums.

Yeah. It doesn t matter to me okay. That s fine. He s not cyrus.

He s a shotgun dude. Me cyrus isn t insanely bad if you actually play them right. But that guy is way more interesting now he s a rocket launcher. I have an ability on blood flag that summons a bunch of mutinous scallywags and you don t know what they re gonna do you could just tack us with the outcome skills that well.

I m i m gonna go ahead and get the heal we needed that a little bit. And it stomp okay now let s take a look at our actual. We here we got a shitty huge chopped off. We re gonna replace that with the can opener here.

Oh yeah. That s nice looking i get huge java hmm. It was a great work who talked with chapo and put an engine on it yeah. I like to look at the bottom right to see how much worse or better.

That is but it s meant for heavy infantry that big axe and this one s better for nearly everything looks better good god you already take the healey juice. No ok good have it i can t even read the description. One lucky teeth like that bush was that this thing is shiny and sparkly oh. It s all mine and if i was finding oak.

What grown ass teeth like this i d be getting even more oh do you ever find juice for me. It doesn t matter who takes that i gotta. I don t they have a slot for it cuz. I had to wear the commander item here i ll i ll take it suppress my resistance increased health for nearby allies.

So we ve got some spare teeth. This is a one one time experience boost. I ll hold on to that or whatever now let me look at breakfast his stuff here. He can wear the gu japa huh.

You want to give them a disarmer. Yeah maybe better nothing. I think yeah. I figure.

If you guys are the ones go to the ballet. They should take it holy shit local flag looks awesome okay. I m ready let s see one quick do officers and regiments that may be receiving. We re through with imperial command.

If we have to fight we re gonna do it for ourselves from now on you want to call that defection fighting. We were dead men anyway at least the colts promised something in return this region is ours now we see anyone anyone within a mile of here. We ll don t don t we can either the regiment s holy armor isn t that particular about the ” ..


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