Darth Vader Dualshock 4 Controller Unboxing PS4

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“Back guys game boy true here with another unboxing today. The star wars battlefront game game came out. And i could pick that up for xbox one. But this today an unboxing for the darth vader edition.

Dual shock. 4. For the ps4 looks really cool. He s excited to get this.

If you look closely on the box. You can see it says star wars all across the box alright..

So this is the front of the box. See you got your playstation branding up top. You got sony up here as well the side of the box. You can see a start vader kind of hard to see there alright and here.

You see you get the dualshock. 4. Controller and instruction manual here on the back side. Some more branding up at the top once again darth vader edition.

And you know you get your touchpad your built in speaker your dual analog sticks we all know what all that does you ve got your light bar share button and whatnot other side of the box once again. It s got darth vader and you can use this on your ps4 playstation tv and playstation and now service alright..

So let s open this up. I cut. The tape on the side to try to make it a little bit easier save some time one unboxers. I did a unboxing a couple days ago above call the human addition controller.

I got for ps4 as well and it pretty much does the same same patrol present. A little bit differently with the box on the outside. Alright guys here s the controller looks really good look at the touchpad. Though the touchpad says star wars.

And it s like how like cut out almost it s not like flat. It s not screened on essentially like my nails like running through all the letters really cool so of course you got red d pad here red circle button your other three face buttons are grey along with the dual analog sticks are grey alright l1 is red r1 is blue the two buttons on the back here..

The l2 and r2 are black. So this is a shiny black here and then it s a matte black on the backside looks really cool so yeah definitely glossy fingerprint magnet which stuff like that bothers me. But i had to get this controller it looks really cool. It s a different that touch pad is pretty cool so your options button here and your share button here are black as well it looks like hard to tell on this light got your playstation button.

It looks really good so. This will be replacing a blue dual shop for that i am currently using so my two primary ones will be my call to duty limited edition. Don t shop for in this one. And i think it looks really good well worth it this is a walmart exclusive purchase this on saturday and then paid a couple extra dollars for faster shipping and it came in today.

So so yeah i picked up battlefront for the xbox one. But i picked up the controller because i didn t see one for let me see any limited edition..

Ones or special edition controllers for xbox one. But i m definitely going to be using this one last thing is the instruction manual here and it s the standard manual that comes with all the controllers. No we re not nothing special. This thing looks awesome glad i picked it up alright.

You guys have any questions comments let me know ” ..

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