D-Link Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 1080p HD Camera blogger review

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“Everybody. It s chris loblaw for the best buy blog. And i ve done a a quick review of the d link full hd wi fi indoor outdoor camera that has low light capabilities but that s what you re seeing there those are actually two red ir leds that come on to provide the light for low light and works pretty well up to seven meters in the darkness. It has a screw mount down there in the bottom that s the way you want to go.

But it s really designed to mount via the magnetic mount plate that comes with it speaking of the magnet. There s that happy little fellow. So you would mount the plate on the wall and then you bring the camera over to the magnet. And you make sure you re a careful one place get together.

Because it s a very strong magnet..

You would hope it would so it doesn t the camera doesn t fall off and that s how it mounts to the wall. Mount and then you can adjust it to point at the angle. That you would like it to do so that s that s very handy and gives you a good amount of control. And hopefully you have strong enough hands to pull the magnets apart.

When and if you need to move it it s very simple. Altogether mechanism here at the bottom of the camera is the rubber court that covers the sd slot. So if you want to keep the recorded material locally uh within your own hands. That s where it would go and you can also see the reset button is there the administration setting page is all done through the app.

The might d link app..

It s very easy to use very simple pull up your presets and go straight from there in addition to this. Camera. You could have a series of d link items that all can t be administered through the same thing. And then this is what it looks like when you call up the actual camera you can just press on the microphone and show commands or say hello to whoever s on the other side.

So it can function as a internet doorbell. If you need to have it so this is under low light. There s only a small lamp. That s running in my very dark basement.

So you can see a pic so fair well in that situation..

But it s not military great. There s a very simple one tap setups. We can do i m going into the app and being able to to jump really easily from one thing to another you set up schedule as if when it s active and when it s not i had no schedules running. Which is why all the circles are empty.

But this is where all those schedules would go so. That offers you a little bit more flexibility than recording 24 7. Because the camera will notify you so you can send a push notification to your phone or other mobile device. When it s activated and that could be a lot of notifications.

If you happen to have maybe a nest of squirrels in the background or what have you you can also adjust the sensitivity of the motion..

Sensor instead the other option instead of a local sd card use cloud storage. There are limits on how long it ll store. It the free account gives you three cameras and 24 hours worth of storage and you can pay a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription to increase that amount this is just picking the sensitivity of the areas that will be captured by the motion capture so all in all very easy to configure camera. And he easy to use no matter where i was at a very accessible device for more details and of the camera and my take on it please come read the best buy blog.

Thank you for watching and we will see you ” ..

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