Cubicle YueXiao Pro M Standard and Lite Unboxing!

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“Guys what s up it s jr cuber in this video. We have another unboxing unboxing from the cubicle. I m assuming that in here will be the usu pro m. Light.

So let s go ahead and open. It up looks like we ve got two white boxes. So that s pretty telling sign that i was right so let s see what we got yep. It definitely is we ve got this one looks like it s the the standard magnetic.

One and then this one is the light one you can tell by the logo. Well i am really really excited to get into these puzzles. So let s go ahead and start out with the light one so if you guys have seen. My review of the standard youtiao pro.

I thought that it was a decent cube. But it was a bit too slow a little bit unstable. It wasn t my favorite cube. Really but from what i ve heard the magnetic version is actually quite a bit faster and also much more stable.


So i m really excited to try this puzzle out it s also been restored. Which is nice this one my standard one doesn t have my shades. And i actually got so used to solving with this puzzle with these darker shades that when i went back. I thought that my blue was really light.

But after i got used to it again. I realized how much i prefer it anyway. Let s go ahead and get on with first turns. What i do wow.

That turns really well so the magnetic strength is just about as strong as the ggs to em light just as pretty much what i was expecting. I m sure they use the same magnets. So even when you re turning slowly like this you can barely tell it just adds a little bit of a more stable feeling. It s it s it s marginally noticeable for sure.

It s not a huge difference. Though i can tell though that it is faster that s one thing for sure and it feels a lot more stable. I think that has a lot to do with how it s been set up. Though i set up this puzzle on my own and i m not the greatest at setting up cubes.


And so it s not all that stable of a puzzle. But it is really really smooth and i can definitely tell that this one is a bit more bumpy. What magnetic cubes do that s really nice is they the magnets kind of allow a lot of the turning resistance to be more on the outer portions of the pieces rather than deep inside the core and usually this kind of equalizes. It a little bit with the the force that it takes to turn on the outer pieces as well as on the inner parts.

So it actually does you know make it more stable that s kind of the way. I think about it i guess well the light version of this puzzle is already feeling really really nice so let s go ahead and check out the stronger version. The standard version so this is just the usl pro m. All right so here is the puzzle.

Let s go ahead and go right on with first turns yep. So this one definitely has a stronger stronger magnets. It s pretty noticeable in this one. And this one feels a little bit slower actually maybe that s just the loop breaking in yeah.

I think it is it s getting faster. But this one feels even more stable so in this puzzle. There s more of a defined click. When you get to the end of a turn with the light.


It s not so much as a defined click as just an added bumpy feeling. So you can see how it doesn t really click into place at the end of every turn. But if you look at this one you know it kind of does so this one is definitely gonna be more stable. Yeah.

And i can already tell that it will be it s it s a really stable puzzle. And i know it s it s gonna get faster with braking in it it s already gettin faster and yeah so already i m liking these puzzles more than the standard non magnetic version so i will be making a comparison video between all three of these puzzles. So i ll basically just be looking at how they you know how the performance is different and stuff like that so of course. The feeling between all these puzzles is going to be about the same you know of course.

These two are gonna be more bumpy and everything like that. But yeah. It s really gonna be looking at speed stability and all that kind of stuff. Which will affect performance quite a bit so yeah these two puzzles are really really nice.

I m already liking them a lot out of the box. And i don t know maybe there s a chance that these puzzles could become my main. I don t know i really liked the youtiao pro. It s just that it wasn t quite fast enough for me to be able to do really long sessions with it and so that was the main problem.


I had with it really because i can do you know. Several hundred solves in one session with the gts too but but not with not with this puzzle. If i can do that with these puzzles and they are fast enough for that then i mean. There s a decent chance that this puzzle in one of these puzzles or both of them could be come my main.

Because i use both of the gts two m s quite a bit usually the the light has more of a warm up cube and then i switch over to the standard one so yeah. I m really liking both of these puzzles. I m really happy that the cubicle came out with these anyways that s really all i ve got to say about these two puzzles. Thanks of course.

The cubicle for making this video. Possible and that s about it for this unboxing. If you guys like this video. Make sure you give it a like links to all of my social media.

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