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“They know that there is two players on a one on connector so that means means that there is maximum one player on beam. What the hell is actually getting cures eh a second one. But there is a third player. That s a 2v2 you may absolutely need to win that one for one makes me the four cure maybe a 5k.

Yeah. That s a nice thinking about streaming casually right after this game. I will be doing exactly that boom. Which with the aggression up in pilot open at sri finds a beautiful double and a triple looking for even more looking for the quant arena.

His spots alex making his way in towards the site to mitch. Once the players are close vest. The quad kill looking for the ace. Now blue mitch.

Oh. My olanta. What is happening ace. All five players goes down whatever they need to do and that is the instability is a brow or dalton in the machine.

You know right and the suena. So forgive my sister forgive me. Firstly. He s got himself a cord can he get ears.

No he s dropped. My boo mitch the bomb site is his for a night buck brothel in his way back inside of the site mercs going for the jump shot and she s giving away a kill to boo mitch picked up that kill boo boo versus one 50 seconds left boo mitch has plenty of time to decide how to play this clutch. In fact he could even go back to be. But this might be the wrong call as a silliness waiting with the deagle boom.

It s gonna walk through tix the fightin wins. It he s still very high hp. He s gonna run right through the door can he get the frog and what a quite frog through mitch. It s four kills and one strike supposed to peek back out adrene is there to support him in this round is over mobile fall at least which is some extra damage but boom ajiz gonna have to pull out something pretty damn impressive knocking down into the underpass is i think seized may be about to just come swooping in he s actually watching the angle nevermind that s it open up.

We re just gonna be pushing back around has to be careful from sure. Although into another one on one jewel. Now the position of adrenaline to make sure this rifle is kept into the next round. It s gonna throw out the little bit of utility has takedown dosia.


He has a legitimate chance to actually win this round and we know how deadly. It can be and there we go. He picks up another and now turns it into the 1 vs. 1.

The bomb is gonna be going down on that b. So there s absolutely nothing a train can do about that he s tanked 228 hp. Maybe a little bit overzealous from this ct side a drent back. What s that b site props over towards the marquee.

He s not gonna know these on there especially with the position of the bomb. It s very unlikely they ll be in this position and boom egde. It does he not spot him how does that happened that timing must have been utterly perfect. It should line up at the end of one o clock.

Some limits for kills instant bounce back on the a site a fast rotate by wind strikes they might even be able to hold off it they might actually be able to do it if they get one or two kills. Quick gets one. It s a second for boobage. They did lose wayland ever still blue much finds himself the double that s enough that s the bomb.

Dropped 43 seconds. Then he had been staying in connector towards short trying his luck. And he s done his duty. Quite well killing two players.

But fortunately no chance. The board hasn t really shot up either and he s just holding an angle in case. Somebody jumps into forest. How does hello okay.

No no he doesn t know that s a cheer away back into this boom. Bitch with a double kill that could actually change this round. Whoo church. You re gonna be waiting colleges look at the position of women.

She s waiting for them in middle managing to find one more they re gonna continue to push booming. It is gonna be for 300 oh my god jesus boom is that was wow gives himself a bit more stake in this round. They re sore man holding close. But boom itch.


Quick double is once more he might just prove to be the savior for wind strike. Advent good for one more and that leaves freeman in this one on two difficult. But not impossible you should know what boomer is well he just made noise towards that truck nine seconds. Freeman can try and stop the bomb bomb.

But boo mitch is covering the smoke. And the shot missed. The aim for the bomb plans of a didn t see boom. It on the left side.

He comes back for second servings wants another fight and this time he takes it quickly headshot instantaneous sprays. The door and gets lucky with it oh. But then nails mow as well and he ends up getting the kill. Oh my god another kill as well four kills on this round.

And it was just it s like you know those memorize you re moving pixels oh god boo mitch he just 100 won the round for wind strike there s almost no way they can lose this now. Oh my god and with a third kill. It s overkill now relax the last man standing versus three that s 23 kills. And i mean ready frogs going off exactly how i said he would right now folks gonna run past one bad improve.

It will drop the bomb almost a few hp is fnx and more portly. There s no time already gonna be doing it before damage. And he has to go over this bomb plant he s got no choice. But he will just about get it down push back in from boom.

Ages. He was just about to run away desperately trying to escape. And why fnx hoping to find the shot smoke. It won t matter.

Though boom each with a quad kill a k save any of the matches. They are a fan of inferno. As well. Which is a great second of grit third map.

However the mk finding some great pranks me to trade back one boo mitch being pushed around toward quads somehow. He s still surviving and even a chance to find the kill will be able to do so 1v1 now with byrne as he spots him cross to all the ct angle. He has the better hp right now and even some good bullets to work with he is flanking right the way around and will he know of this no he will not image with four frags pistol round moviestar on dirty side. They will have to smoke set.


One already used at four o clock. Six to flash banks at them all tone. Let s see how they use all flash macphail before god okay that pop fascist custom. Two lives are you kidding me moment now runs out of bullets.

And his teammate comes in to finish. It all wa. He go forward with us. Easy.

You re not gonna be given the chance for anything quite yet. But boom. It s in a good position elsa trying to put that there to try necking shut down this mid push. It s gonna find the first as it does get chase stein.

It s boom. Each this time with a single frag takes up a stolen ak. 47. There s the bomb dropped as well boom.

Each has this angle. Actually on lock. Diana s heats it eliminates his teammate. You can actually see the tip of this gun barrel boom.

Bitch already. Finding two frags has a good gap here gets tacked down or there s a third just swipe it back just in time. He s got this angle on lockdown as well his boom. Bitch.

Oh. My lord what a quad kill from boom h. And it doesn t get feather at that point in time flashbang ct. No aggression happening set very slight blue.

Which can utilize that aggression. Only exactly does that and that now should be successful in the way of q. We have for fraks coming. In segura estimate.


Espinoza chouette serious blobski intervention on ites mozgov. We avoid boom boom. Whoosh metal squares ability short novel treecko s issue beach in hawaii. Boom.

Which we can read round cuba fire. Avoided shoes to this year. By beardo in terms of comms in terms of the way they re playing the game. It s just not working out for them team spirit.

Though they are making progress on the a so they re actually taking a side control. But they don t check vomits a triple box. And i m pretty sure this does scream and here for spirit vomit with the taps. What is called in doing though.

I think it s not a spirit go. Which is informatics dear. Which is great dr. O attack.

Some existed. I certainly not playing the tune. Three guys. He is musically reinforced because that is assuming the solution electronically so suppose i assured him in the third movement.

A quadric you are anyway. It doesn t matter. It s a singular off the speed you ll take the head shown under waterfalls quite easily but through much what is this play just hops right in behind them. It will take three players down.

And that is that the b bomb. Sight it looked so promising for sprout right there and let s just test emission boom itch. I don t even know how he got up there so easily with like the t s not even hearing him dennis not in a one versus four has to pick up the scraps in this battle way up through the pop dog. ” .


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