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“What s up guys. This is brian from whisper status 74. We are at a a costco s you can tell by the warehouse. The reason.

I m doing this is a lot of you guys are asking on places to buy displays and you really can t be kostol for that warranty as they have you know extra squaretrade if you want it what they have a 90 day no questions asked return policy not credit but money back or on your credit card. Which cannot be beat by anybody in the industry stuff definitely not small you know family places best buy offers between 15 and i believe 40 days. If you re an elite member and target is actually only 15 days for tvs. If they really read the fine print on targets.

Costco 90 days basically three months that you ll be able to take the display home even if you don t like it bring it back why is that important well one if there s anything defective to you get to really see if you actually like it displayed lives up to your standards. The probably the biggest drawback for costco and a lot of these stores bj sam s club are their variety now that sounds ridiculous. If you look at how many displays are in store. They have a lot of lg leds.

A lot of samsung s ton of samsung s c9 vizio m. Series bra vias the challenge is there is only two or three high end displays the quality drops off substantially after that initial group so and this display in this place right now i can tell you that what you have here is a lg c9 vizio quantum f2p series that is the limits of your high end or highest and i should say then it drops down to some really random six series and you they have tcl 4 series nothing wrong with these displays guys please don t take it that way i m not meaning it in an elitist way. I m just saying that when you do purchase something from costco you will see the highest end that they have but then if you don t like that display for some reason. There isn t a lot of options so we ll take something like the vizio.

Quantum xp series. If you did buy that from say best buy and you don t love it you don t like it..

You have the qat your q. 90. Your sony 900 f. 9.

50. G. There s a lot of different you know options for you. For instance here they have a tcl.

6. Series which has a really random number on it i believe that s there you know costos number. I think that s just last year s yep last year six series there is a few options. But not many it drops off substantially and again.

I don t mean that in a bad way guys. I mean that from your upper high mid to your upper tier. For instance. If you buy an lg c9.

Here your next step down is a vizio quantum xp series. We re in a best buy that would be your q 90..

Would be the next one down. You d have several different oh lids to choose from they do have sonio lids here. They don t have the a 9g. So we have last year s version b.

I don t love the different numbers that they have that don t always correspond look here. That s clearly an 850 g. But some of these other numbers don t line up with what you see out there as i mentioned before the tcl six series. I only know that s the 18 because of that but they had these out fun by the new displays you can get the squaretrade extra 400.

They have obviously the cards. But it s really the 90 days to me that s actually the most attractive than any of the other facets to it now for me. The vizio quantum xp series is something i was looking to buy way before watch had some financial things with the house and car that came up as well as not taking american express. Which was my main credit card.

I was ready to pull the trigger on it and it was 3500 it is done to be as low as eighteen hundred. It is now 20 199. It may drop again. I will say this display people were very saw we re on it.

The reviews were not what a lot of us expected a lot of us really thought. We d have a q9 fn..

Kind of z 9d from vizio off of last year s 2018. But i will say it is very impressive and considering the early reviews of the mini led from tcl considering that that s also going to be 3000. This is looking like a bargain as you have the amana zones huge amount of zones 3000. Nits dolby vision so to me this display is actually more attractive now than when it released the biggest drawback probably is hdmi 21.

That it does not have that many of you want to me that s not the most important because considering at this price. It s not the end all be all but to my point. If i bought this display here. And i didn t love it the next step up is a c9 at 77.

Inches which is 5000. Pretty big difference consider i can buy two of these for that price this year. Actually looks pretty amusing in store. I m not gonna lie as far as no matter how close you get you really can t beurling.

But this display is back on my radar guys that definitely is especially at that price. And you know it s like that old term you don t even missus right it just misses right now that s kind of what we are looking at with some of these displays they have become kind of not throw away. But they have become you know they don t have to last. Us forever i would feel better about buying something at 2199 versus 5000.

You know the c9 is probably my favorite displayed this year. But again guys this is not a vizio quantum xp series video it s a costco video..

So i recommend buying from them. Especially if you re obviously a member you need to be a member get the square trade. But more importantly take advantage of that 90 days but again keep in mind you know kind of a convoluted inventory random numbers displays kind of thrown together and you know you only have a few higher end ones to choose from so back to what i said before i take advantage of that 90 days gif. It display you don t like you don t love the display pull your money out and go someplace.

That has more options so right now just to reiterate the highest and ones. They have here are vizio. Quantum xp series. And an lg c9 on the website.

They do not carry a q90 our aqa tr. I don t believe they even carry the q7. I m pretty certain it s the q6 and down. But trying to get these numbers to correspond can be a nightmare alright guys i am brian a twister sad if 74 costco is definitely something that i recommend and definitely looking at the quantum xp series again hope everybody.

” ..

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