Corrupted Workers Guide! 700k Melee & Invention Xp/hr & 6m Gp/hr! [Runescape 3 Menaphos Update!

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“Guys. My crew here this is my video on the corrupted workers. I spoke in in the last video. How i was going to test different things to do with workers and it turns out.

I was actually right corrupted workers are pretty overpowered. This will be a full guide on the corrupted workers and how you can. Get 6 mill tp an hour in profit and 700000 stream fake. Sprints an hour and 700000.

Invention experience an hour if you opt to do invention. Although if you do opt to train invention with this you will get slightly less than 6 million hour. Because of the extra costs for divine charges siphons and things like that anyway. I ll talk more about it in this video.

So let s get into it when i first started off. I fall. I try an aggression pot these with magic and soul split. They hit way too hard to actually consistently do it with magic and soul split with aggression box.

When you had 4 to 5 on you it was actually super dangerous and they could nearly one shot you if they all wit you at once. I definitely did not want to train like this always living on the edge and chugging. So many sharks here and there when a lot were on me. So i would definitely not advise using mage and i would advise using melee instead because as soon as i switch to melee things got a lot easier not to mention.

I got a lot more kills. An hour with melee than mage. So let s get into the melee method. So for the first method.

This is kind of the semi afk method that you re not trying too. Hard with i m taking an ax microrna that doesn t degrade and isn t augmented. Then for gloves and boots. I just have taller gloves and taller boots as they cost literally nothing to repair.

I need to take the vampirism trim shell because we re protecting from melee and we re using that to heal up any aura is fine. I take the vampirism or all dependent or most of the time you can also take xp boost in auras stuff like the illumination or that s around for the next three months and the desert pantheon aura from the premier club membership both gives you 10 maurice rinse for an hour and both can be really useful here just take the best cape. You can my mag skate avila souls is super helpful with it make sure protect for mail a stronger lot of the dewar s i would definitely recommend because it s going to give you a lot more chance at better loop and for your weapon. Just take the best weapon.

You can i m taking my site. But you don t have to take a sci fi dragon by the lance would work pretty well here too and again in my ammo slot. I have the trend wink wizard just for some prayer bonus moving on to the inventory setup is nice and easy and straightforward. We have holy overloads to last an hour aggression bots to last an hour prayer potions to last an hour a couple of shocks.

Just in case. We get ourselves in a bad spot a ring a bigger switch for when i m not afk. And i can switch to ring a bigger before i use meteor strike or if i want to berserk. I have one crimson charm in my inventory as they drop quite a few crimson chants and it s a good place holder and then the only other thing you definitely need to kill them is the feathers of my heart.


So you need to get those feathers in your inventory in order to kill them remember you can buy them from the guy outside for 1500 tp each when it comes to actually killing the mobs if you stand where i am in the dungeon. You ll easily be able to aoe five down at once and your aggression pot will pull them all towards you so if you did want to send me a okay you won t have to move from this spot. But you will have to pop your hurricane your quake and your meteor strike in order to keep up your hp and keep up your kills per hour also make sure you have cleave as number one on your ability bar as this helps so so much only a couple of other things to note. You can use devotion.

If your hp gets a little bit low that way they ll hit once and then you can easily heal back up whatever you need to even when you re afk in they can hit fairly hard sometimes. But the vampirism scrimshaw is super powerful when you re using this site. I did an hour of these with no issues at all i think i used a couple of sharks. When i was first learning it but all in all they hit barely anything and you heal so well.

Unfortunately. You can t really aggro more than five because anywhere else you stand you won t be able to pull as many in they ve kind of put them on one side and then a giant space in between them. And then all on the other side and both sides have about five mobs. It s a shame that there s not more clustered together because this would be even better.

But having five makes it really really easy to kill them and maintain your hp. If you were getting hit by more it might actually ruin this method. But that s how easy it is use protect from melee use turmoil pop devotion if anything goes bad and then just remember to use your hurricane your quake and your meteor strike. So i got free mill for an hour and six vital spots are inside that free mill.

So save the vital spots. The two inch gauge that s four point two milk for an hour and i could 700 of them. So i guess you have to take away how many i killed from that so if i killed 700 that s two point three. Mil.

Plus the one point. Two so it s 35. Ml profit three point five minutes for you as for the semi afk rates with just my weapon augmented. I got six hundred and ninety two kills in the hour for the melee experience.

I got six hundred and sixty one point seven thousand experience in that hour. I also got two hundred and eighteen point three thousand constitution. Eight speed this means that combining these two things with nearly 900 thousand combat threats. An hour.

Which is actually really really good. I also got the free point zero. One mill gp chair space loop price check pop up when i checked out the chest as well in that pop up. I also had six vital sparks in that hour.

So that chest value is closer to four mil with those vital spots. Unfortunately i didn t get any keys in this hour. But i think the keys drop rate is one in 500 to one in 1000. So i reckon you re bound to get at least one key every two hours killing this many creatures so now as for the slightly more optimal setup.

We ve only swapped out our chest and our legs. We ve now got an augmented tour. The plate body within halfs devoted free on it enhanced devoted free is super super. Important this allows you to proc devotion.


Here. And there when getting attack. My mom s this will allow you to easily sustain your hp with no worries at all even if your berserk in on cooldown. It doesn t matter that you re taking two times the amount of damage when this is constantly poking and making them hit ones anyway then i also have fighting on my chest for extra damage and i have scavenging free on my legs.

Just for all those awesome components. And i also have impatient free on my legs. So i can get more adrenaline. Quicker.

So then we can build up to those meteor strikes to those berserks and to keep up enough adrenaline to keep hurricane in and waiting on cooldown making. Sure that we re being really consistent and doing as much damage as possible other than that all of the setup is the same as the previous one. But the enhanced devoted free is the super key thing here it helps so so much as for this method. It s near enough the same as method one you use your protect from la with your turmoil with your vampirism swim sure.

But this time you ve grown hands devoted free. So you re going to be getting hit for much much less due to you getting hit less means you can berserk more often i also brought a ring of vigor switch because i was less afk doing this method. I would berserk and then woke up my adrenaline use hurricane use quake. And then woke up my adrenaline to meteor strike.

And then repeat. The process over and over again. Normally when you hit one of the big 100 thresholds. The other threshold is 50.

Done so by the time you work up to 100 again. It s off of cooldown. So you can just cycle between meteor strike and berserk as your big cooldowns. Whenever you hit a hundred percent of journalling while using hurricane and quake between all of that time the only problem with doing this is it doesn t actually increase your kills per hour.

Too much more there was quite a few times where i completely cleared the area of all five mobs and had to stand there waiting for them to respawn. You do hit a lot harder by using berserk and things. But because you re killing them faster and all at once they take a little while to respawn because they re capped at five you actually get too many more kills per hour in this method do you still get more kills. But not as many more kills as i was hoping i will go into those rates in just a second what you ve got to remember on this method rather than the last.

One is now you have augmented armour. You re going to begin a lot more invention experience. But you re also going to have to spend more on charges. If you just have your weapon augment it it s only a couple 100k for the hour.

If you have all of it augmented. It s considerably more so. Yes you can have to spend more money with augmented armour for those extra kills. But you ve also got remember you re going to get quite a lot of invention experience in the hour.

And i won t out to be around 700k. If you re siphoning your site or third place body and place legs still a very very good rate for invention alongside the 700000. Strengths experience well i go key after after tons and tons of killing i go key. But that definitely helps with the gp per hour and stuff say you get key every two hours or something that d be really good and if they re selling for free mil that s going to be great right at the end.


I got another i got another key as a second key. He just finished killing my last one now and there you go second key. I m going to go see how much they sell for after looting my chest 28. Millisecond vise.

So that the vital sparks are pretty consistent at like 67 in the three hours that i ve done. But the loo is kind of consistent as well i killed more this time. But i got less only by like ganja in 20. K but still very consistent because if i.

Killed 700 that s like. 21. Milk us two vials for another 35. Ml hour or something pretty decent let s see if they sell for free.

Milling okay instantly sold for 35. 5. Mil. Over three and a half mil for the.

Key so i am going to stick the second key in for 45. Mil try my luck overnight. See if it selves. Today is my lucky day boys.

I came home from work and the key had sold for four point five mil so one instantly sold for 35. Million. This one sold for four point five mil which means just from the keys alone from these monsters. I ve gained eight mil pretty damn awesome although on the other hand the vital spots are not selling for a hundred and nine tak each.

So i m going to sell one and see how much it instantly sells for so. It s still instantly sold for a hundred and forty k. Which is more than enough so as for the more optimal gp nhb rates for these corrupted workers. I got seven hundred and forty eight kills in the hour which is over fifty more kills than y got in the previous hour i also got seven hundred and fifteen point two thousand mele experience and 236000.

Constitution. Eight ruins this then adds up to over nine hundred and fifty k experience. An hour. Which is absolutely crazy i got two point eight eight mil gp chest in the base loop.

And i got seven vital spots in the hour plus two keys like i said before i reckon these keys drop. Fairly. Often it feels like a 1 in 500 drop rate to be honest. But it could be a 1 in 1000 drop rate and i was a little bit lucky.

But talking to some friends and doing some research. It seems like it s about one in 500 on the average drop for most people if it is a 1 in 500 drop rate. These are insane money so now i m going to go into the big breakdown of the loop. So as for the overall gp breakdown.


I got 1400 of 40 kills in the two hours. I did with mel a i m not going to include the major hour. Because i just don t think it was good enough. I got three point eight five mil gp ches base loop.

The feather cost for the two hours. Remember. The scrimshaw also got 850 kg p. An hour to use so you need to deduct this from the amount.

I got 13 vital sparks that sold at a hundred and forty k. Each which was 18. To mil and then my two ki sold for a combined amount of eight mil. This makes.

11 point nine seven mil total profit in the two hours with the scrimshaw amphibicopter deducted. Obviously if you re going to use fully. Augmented. Almost.

You re gonna have to take away maybe another mil or so from this just for divine charges. But this is around six mil gp an hour. If you re able to get this consistently with mellie being able to kill over 700 of these mobs in an hour makes key farming. Very easy and vital sparks fly like they re nothing it kind of seems like vital spark.

So maybe like a one in 100 drop rate and then the keys are about one in 500 to one in 5000. All in old seems really really good. And it s going to be super consistent money by doing it in this method. I m going to make a loop video of maybe five or ten hours of these mods and see if it s just as consistent in a bigger sample size like five to ten hours.

So watch out for another loop video in the next day or two. And hopefully. The rates are the same so keep you all updated with the rates and i am sure i m not going to be disappointed as these seem absolutely overpowered thanks for watching. I hope you did enjoy this new method of training your mele.

It seems really really good. And it s very consistent right now with the prices of keys sparks and all of that good stuff. Give it a video like if you did enjoy subscribe. If you re new for future content.

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