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“And welcome to dukas copy tv. I m andru sax mcleod. Chief executive officer of of finance feeds and today joining me in the studio here in geneva. Switzerland.

Is graf hi. Burt andrew hobart. Is partner at media group worldwide. Which is a specialist marketing agency for our industry and the wider financial services sector and manages the london operations of the company that s right today.

We re going to talk about non paid marketing among other things. It s an interesting term and certainly is what is that exactly i don t mean to coin. It or something like this i m sure. It s that there are better terms for this.

It s just to say that there are a lot of subjects that we can talk about with regards to paid advertising and as certainly the the majority of focus for a lot of companies and in terms of acquisition. There s a lot to be said about non paid marketing. So social media content marketing content corporations pr in general sort of more old school. So all of these things have in common that with good content and a proper operation.

You will be able to get in front of customers without without without paying for it that s amazing nope a content marketing. That s an interesting that s that s obviously something we we all know about non paid marketing area it s kind of something which would make you sit up and listen right is that everybody wants to know how to do that content marketing without any cost. How can that how can that work well..


I mean. There s always some cost and some of the better operations obviously also use advertising to promote their content. But just perhaps to back it up a little bit an operation like dukas copy like daily effects from fxcm like the trading floor from saks event. Yes.

These are all content focused operations that that user content to sort of be a thought leader in the in the industry that cooperate with other publishers that that make sure that the customers know and trust them because of this content. I think are doing a great service to their to their acquisition. Yet not certainly. I think fxcm gets a large part of their new customers through their daily effects doing this whole unique content as well so therefore.

When it wanted to upload onto the internet. They think google crawlers are seeing that efficacy and big public company. They know there s lots of contents all unique therefore. There s no possibility of having any downgrading because of this well it s a separate website.

But but still because they often link to their site and other reasons. There s a lot of benefits from an seo point of view is indeed yes and then secondly of course they get to advertise to this audience that this audience knows that this is an fxcm analyst. That s speaking here and and this sort of work is is it s pretty common. I mean people in banks have been putting out market research for ages.

But in in the in the new ages of internet and and the the digital market space. It s it s gotten a lot more efficient. There are a lot better ways to put your to put your content out there and rather than relying on other publications to do the promotion for you companies are becoming publishers themselves..


They are indeed. It s a very nebulous there are this go dates back to the older days of in the early part of the 2000 and the millennium. You had comes like thomson reuters spearheading this kind of way of doing thing you have guys to her well known the injury. Like jamie coleman.

Who is he would spend ten years at thomson reuters. As as a managing editor. So they were turning effectively a institutional company into a publishing house right and then he went off to do ethics meet. Which was a voice very charismatic kind of voice mark there sorry markets yeah thoughtful about the market and so forth very interesting indeed this was the early days.

Now you have social you know as you as you mentioned content marketing can be married to social media in a way. Because sector bank is one is a good example they they launched earlier in the year sexist rats. Which is effectively that kind of content marketing. But put out to its audience via twitter right so i think social media.

Are great as a as a distribution tool right if your audience is on facebook or twitter. They re gonna be interested in your content. Yes. It s an amazing way of getting your content out there.

But there is something beyond that there is there is the interaction. There is the there the customer service and the other aspects that come along with it that help a company succeed in the in the among the millennial audience. But also the the other generations that are now getting used to getting public support yeah and the millennial rodent..


We ve certainly this subject. We ve gone into before the millennium audience. We ll look at social media and content marketing and from an interactive point of view rather than passive right they weren t necessarily i don t really i m not an expert on how this particular aspect works but social media such as twitter. There are experts who work in some of these companies you work within the marketing departments who work out how they can increase their reach via social media and so who can else can pick up their social media channels.

However what if that s passive. I think that the millennials will want it interactive. So that that s a way of their customer reached by the company and then kept engaged and if you if there can be a way of putting that inside the trading platform. Then you ve got a very good retention tool.

Oh that there are some that are trying this i think sucks as an example tears with a new go platform right yes. Well. The the thing about social media. Is that it s a democratizing tool.

Especially the millennials feel that they should be on the same level as as analysts as a writer whereas before it was sort of published publications and authors that were that were writing to an audience from an ivory tower. Yeah. That s right like people feel much more on a certain equal level and that s why you see lots of interactions on sites like this if it s done well and also in social media. You most certainly do and i think that s probably the few jesus aware if if the way of the distribution can be worked out properly.

And it can be interactive right massive money saving. Yeah. Well so you say that but there are lots of companies..


Now that are pushing out research that are getting sort of lost in the in the vast and of content. That was being sold out by brokers. So now they start to pay for promotion of their of their content vice native advertising. I see and this is a very fast growing industry because of that so advertisers became publishers and publishers became advertisers and i think it s going to end up the other way around at some point again that s very interesting very engineering.

I m very much looking forward to seeing how that works out thank you very much for joining us again. Bob. That s barber graph. Partner at media group.

Worldwide. I m andrew sachs. Mccleary. Ceo finance feeds you re watching dukas copy tv.

Thank you for joining us see you next time goodbye. ” ..

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Forex Industry Talk Show on FX corporate marketing, Bart Burggraaf, Partner, MediaGroup Worldwide.

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