Comparison – NEW Nintendo 3DS vs. 3DS & 3DS XL

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“How s it going everybody its josh thomas here from the bit block and once once again we re going to be talking about the new nintendo 3ds here as can see i have it in my hands this time we re going to do a comparison between the new nintendo 3ds the original nintendo 3ds as well as let me grab it s the nintendo 3ds xl which is it still a giant beast alright so we re gonna start with comparing the original 3ds with the new nintendo 3ds my goodness i swear i just cleaned this and it s the fingerprints it s nice to have shiny things. But they don t last when you re touching them look at this up anyways alright. So as you can see very similar systems in their design. The new nintendo 3ds is a little bit bigger lengthwise let s see we can match that up let me hold it up for you yeah so maybe about half an inch bigger.

It s also i would say quite literally probably the same thickness. So yeah. I feel like i m holding two sandwiches. There s quite a few differences.

Though in terms of where things are laid out i touched on it a little bit in the unboxing video. But so first of all we ve got the two cameras. Those are the same the 3d cameras on the front your notification light is still top right corner. But that s kind of where the similarities end i mean we ve got our left and right triggers but the new nintendo 3ds has a zl and zr trigger so we ve got two more triggers here so if you re really excited by triggers you re going to be happy.

The stylus isn t a new location the stylus for the new nintendo 3ds is down here and for the old one it is where the heck is it oh right it s in the back. Which is annoying especially when you re like playing a game. And you have to get to and you have to fiddle around with it so really nice new placement for where the stylus is by the way. I mentioned this before stylus a little crappy.

It s not extendable and it feels cheap. And i don t like this i don t know if you can even see it..

But there s like a new top to it and it s you got to put it in right so it s kind of a but not terrible the power this time is now here let me see if i can get a shot of that probably not because there s more detail on the background. Okay there we go this is the power button right here not crazy about the power button cuz. I feel like i don t really feel like i m pressing a button cuz. It s really close to the surface.

But it does work i mean. It s not a real huge complaint you just don t really get that button feeling when you press it of course the power the power i m the original nintendo 3d s is on the inside so it is neat to be able to turn on your system. Without opening up opening it up all the way so that s kind of nice. But this does feel like a button like you can actually press that it s not something in the let s open this one up so we ve got the 3d slider in the same location on both versions.

You know top right here. The volume on the original on the side volume on the new one is actually on the top lid. So kind of nice what else of course. We ve got the c stick.

Which is brand new very very cool it s like a c stick button. I m really amazed by it it works. Quite well alright. We ve got our colorful a b x.

Y buttons on the original. We ve got really boring..

Same colored buttons. As the actual system also i hate the glossiness on the top. It s really kind of distracting from the game. Here.

No glossiness just just pretty screen. So i really like that um home button is down here to get a shot of that yes. We ve got a home button. Start and select or over here.

Whereas on the original. We ve got our home button. It s this really crummy sort of sunken in weird buttons. That i m not really that big of a fan of so yeah.

I m really happy they change that up and you know start and select you re on the same down area here. But i think for the most part oh also a really important feature game card is on the bottom of the new nintendo 3ds. So it s really nice like if you re playing so easy to just use your thumb and boop and then put it back in i catching a lot of glare on the screens. I m sorry about that but we ve got a lot of studio lights on right now.

So it s kind of hard to avoid it and then of course. The the game..

Hard here is all the way in the back. Which is a huge pain to get at especially you know you re playing. And it s not really good i love this system don t get me wrong sounds like i m putting it down quite a bit. But they ve definitely improved quite a bit of the buttons and locations here on the new nintendo 3ds and of course the new nintendo 3ds you can collect face plates to customize it with so i have some of those on their way to me so stay tuned for that video.

So yeah. I think it s pretty clear that one s the superior system. The new nintendo 3. Yes.

Let s bring in this bad boy here size wise. The new nintendo 3ds is obviously a little smaller than the 3ds xl which is to be expected you can of course buy a new nintendo 3ds xl but you can t use face plates for that so what is the point in that face plates is like one of the main. Things you re gonna want to do i think but let s see probably a good inch inch bigger the nintendo 3ds xl compared to the new 3s let s open it up here same thickness i would say power. But it s actually got the same power button.

I would say but this one s a little bigger. But the same idea of it being sunken in which i don t really like this has some smudges on it as well let s open these up so screen wise. Yeah definitely bigger in fact i can t even fit this beast in the frame. Very well it s interesting because the white of the white new nintendo 3ds is actually kind of an ivory color when compared to this which feels like a more pure white color.

In fact that you might be able to see that on the video. Even but a lot of stuff is kind of laid out the same d pad circle pad on the left over here of course you ve got your volume on the side volume on this is on the top colored buttons are obviously knocked on the 3dsxl..

This is actually almost out of battery. But yeah i mean i think you can just see this is different you know your home and start and selector different locations yeah that is a quick comparison of all the flavors of nintendo 3ds. Quite a collection here it s now had three different versions three different iterations. Honestly i think the new one is worth it if you want to upgrade so far in my experience.

It s been quite nice alright guys keep it locked right here to the bit block for a lot more coverage on the new nintendo 3ds xl and the regular one and what not do it a lot with the system. So keep it right here. Wait a minute also just for the fun of it let s compare the boxes that the nintendo 3ds systems have come in through the past so this is the original box for the nintendo 3ds sold in north america. It is honestly kind of crappy even the like build of the box.

And the design is not particularly stylish. It s very basic boring stuff on the back kind of large. So yeah. I don t know didn t really like this too much then the japanese nintendo 3ds ll box which of course would be the xl box smaller made out of a better cardboard and finally the new nintendo 3ds box which i ve mentioned this before is just gorgeous i love it so colorful stylish cool back talking about the faceplates amiibo.

Support. Probably same size as the yeah it s about the same size as the japanese nintendo 3ds ll box let s hope that when the new nintendo 3ds comes to north america. We don t get the ugly box like that one over there and we get something very nice and sleek and colorful and stylish hey thanks for watching this video from the bit block. If you want to stay up to date on tons of exclusive nintendo content be sure to subscribe by clicking here and if you don t want the fun to end you can check out more ” .


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