Common Turbo Diesel Problem!

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” s up y all. So welcome back to my channel. If you re new to to my channel. Please consider subscribing for weekly automotive mechanical content for the average shade mechanic alright so in this video.

I need to do something with these alright now before i get into that a few things i want to talk about so so big dog you are my 800th subscriber shoutout to you thanks appreciate it not only to you but all my subscribers that i ve received from my entire channel. So thanks appreciate it please continue watching my videos as my channel continues to grow alright another thing is that my truck hit 10000. Miles. So is a little different seeing five digits on my odometer.

So as y all. Remember from my previous video. I received some art oil so i m definitely checking this out and i m looking for any differences that the truck will offer me after or after trying to art all for at least a few tanks. I ve only done one tank so far.

I m on the second and so i still have some work to do but i definitely want to look for some entry definitely want to look for some differences that the truck will perform so here it is so i had to go to my local walmart and pick up some peak diesel exhaust to it as you can see there so this stuff was 1288 on the shelf. But i got him on sale for seven dollars and eighty eight cents for the two and a half gallon jug so no peaks the good stuff. Sue protects the not so good stuff. But the difference between peak and a super tech is almost nothing look water sixty seven point five percent urea thirty two point five percent.


So why pay. Twelve eighty eight for each two and a half a gallon of de f. When you can pay seven dollars and eighty eight cents so shout out to peak diesel exhaust fluid alright y all so i just want to show you what popped up on my screen. The other day boom look at that speed limit speed limited to five miles per hour.

And 192 miles refill d. F. I filled up my tank once and that was around 4800. Miles because i received my truck out about 3 4.

Tank of df. This is some cool that my scan gauge does it actually tracks the amount of df. The tank has so 23 level for my df. I m keep going to show you what quality it shows so 34.

It s usually between 32 to 34 percent quality and i assume that is just the urea alright. But as you can see there s the quality on the bottom right and then my level 23 percent. So we got to do something about this. I have 5 gallons total dvf.


So i just wanted to show you all what my truck what it actually says if you get down that low. But if you saw the df gauge. It really wasn t that low it looked like i probably have about 1 8. Left in the tank.

But it ll put you in lit mode. Before the truck won t operate alright so i guess. It s it s just more so of a safety. A precaution that chrysler ram does for the trucks.

Oh yeah. So i m just going to go ahead and throw into 5 gallons. If you have not seen my previous video on the df make sure you check that out i ll go ahead and put that in the top right of the screen again this is where i show you the numbers. How you understand the numbers that comes up comes on these these these gallon containers.

So that you are grabbing and buying the most newest df that s on the shelf be aware a lot of stores keep that whole stuff out do the fact that they really don t know. There s not many diesel owners and so they will keep the old stuff out and put the new stuff towards the back alright. But the thing is is that the df these gallon containers this this fluid has a shelf life of only one year. So it s important that you know about the numbers.


And what they actually mean so go ahead and check out that video above so i just finished filling up. And i put the entire 5 gallons. I just wanted to show y all. Really how much it s added.

And compare the differences of what. The scan gage said. Before filling up all right so my dia message went away. But check that out def gauges topped off it shows 100 now the other thing i wanted to show you is boom d f.

So. Now i m at a hundred percent level. For de f. All right quality showing 33.

So y all can see the difference. I topped. It off. Luckily.


Once you get that message saying. Okay hey. In two hundred miles your truck is going to go into limp mode. And you won t be you ll only be able to drive five miles per hour.

Once you get that message or the low d f. Pretty. Much it s five gallons in order to top it off now. There was probably just maybe a couple inches within the the neck of the fill up tube of for the de f.

But other than that it was pretty much topped off and as you can see the scammed gauge showed that it was a hundred percent. But pretty much your truck won t ever run out of de f. Before putting you into limb mode. So i just wanted to show you that hopefully i give you all some good info.

If you have any questions comments go ahead and let me know again if you re not subscribed on my channel. Please subscribe on until next video ciao. ” ..


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