ComicConHQ Winter Series Showcase Red Carpet

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“Hamill s pop culture quest local up and enjoy the ride. Rob s now an an emotional turmoil where d it all go so pear shaped. Damn thank you whippany m out if you d introduce me like that i had a punch you in the teeth. You do not bite.

The hand that feeds you and you sure as hell don t let it give you a tug job no have you ever heard of artistic integrity. You re a generic brand of a forgotten shelf marked side by actor half price comic con hq like you re all over and i feel like i don t even like your list of things like i know it wouldn t be it s so funny. When comic con hq asked me to host their live sdcc coverage for five hours every day. I was like absolutely and that it was it was just hilarious.

How many of my friends were guests on my own show and then con man was a guest on my show. And i was like i m asking the show. I m on questions about it and it feels weird laughs. It already know the answers to all of this it was an experience.

It was definitely a very meta experience between my acting and my hosting career so like like you do acting you do hosting you do all this stuff is there every time. We re like this is the real world for me. But they like you do something you talk to somebody like oh. Wait.

No i m a geek. Oh you know all the time. I m like a friend of mine. Just told.

Me he was shooting. A film in alabama. And i m like where and he said where and i was like go visit space camp in huntsville and he was like what and i was like spit there s their space camp in huntsville. I went there for four years it s awesome like that that s in my blood.

I wish i went to space girl everyone should wish they went to space camp. It s awesome. I have to admit like i m not only from will you guys because i m afraid of supernatural. Okay so coming from a standpoint of someone who s not foremost for natural.

What s the draw for king joke on their people from supernatural in it boom drop. The mic. So you re saying. People who don t know supernatural was it.

We know yeah. Yeah..

I was doing. Oh. Yeah. Sure yeah.

Rick richards. Good with the questions um. The thing is our show is it really is about it s a comedy. It s about the relationship between these two guys and and this it s this really you don t have to know conventions to like the show that s the best of wallpaper.

But really the story is built on relationships. The comedy is built out of what the guys do together in the same way that 30 rock is not about a television show. It s about the people behind the scene making the show and arch is about the actors behind the scenes going to the cons. So i know you guys mentioned that a lot of stuff happens.

The koreans and that s what s fondest was there one particular story that got the ball rolling not really we kept amassing a list and finally we re like rob s a writer and director in his own right. I am as well we re like will we be asinine not to tell these stories because these are funny yeah. This is more conglomeration of just tons of stories and after why we re like this is we got it put this into a script you know there s too many things so and it was so easy to write you know we we hang out a lot because we go to these conventions. Together.

And so there s lots to tell and we play you know hyper versions of ourselves. And even more i yeah bitch is kind of a dick. But he plays a real big get on the show. It rubs a broken man and on the shellings.

Even more show on the show. My complete basket case. You re so talented so many spectrums. The comic spectrum.

The show itself the books will holla read. But they look fantastic by the way where d you get your inspirations it s like so amazing drugs and alcohol. Yeah. Don t know my children are watching daddy s lying right now lying yeah face of the show.

Which is like so better up on meta. What we re like your main influences for the comedy. Other than like firefly and all i could love so for spectrum because spectrum lives in the world of the softwire it lives in the world of my books. The challenge was to take the story that al and wanted to have of the characters that you know was loosely based on firefly.

But then stick it into a world that i had spent 10 years trading with a political situation. A religious situation anna and a good versus evil..

So the challenge was is to be true to what alan had in his head. But then also make sure that i don t break the story bible. So there was a lot of massaging to make that work and then one last thing. I know that you re really into the kids be to read fundraiser.

What would be a book that you recommend to get anybody to like read. A science fiction ender s game. Yes ender s game is a great book. I don t know about to move it that book is great anything by hyndland i love hyndland stuff.

It s a little older. But if you really want to get started just get some of asimov s short stories grab one of those books. Another one is every year. The sci fi industry put and fantasy world.

Puts out the best of and they do all these short stories start to get your appetite wet and find out what genre you like and what you like to read and then go pursue that a huge collector of items before the show started was there any particular item. There like i always have to show people this thing oh i have a couple of things beatles memorabilia everybody likes to see the beatles flip your wig game the silly there s sillier the better that s what i say and then right now what s like your favorite thing to collect well i m using the show to collect other collectors. Because i don t have any room for any more physical items. But this gives me the opportunity to meet people and find out what they collect that s the most exciting thing sometimes.

The collectors are more interesting than the items that they re collecting. I think yeah what was your most surprising like event that happened while filming your show well i thought jim lee drawing the joker on camera was spectacular because we never get to see him at work and he creates this thing right before your very eyes. It was a thrill for me and hopefully for the people to see the show and then what s the coolest thing for you to work with comic con hq with your projects and everything well. I just love the freedom that they give us i mean they let us go off.

And just do the show. We like i mean they give us notes and so forth. But they re not they re not like dictators they really let us do what we want to do. Which is i m grateful for that and then i m pretty sure everybody keeps asking you like about star wars and everything like like when when the force awakens came out like were you like how how did you feel like afterwards about the fans reaction to it well.

It s always astonishing to me that the passion is as strong as it is after all these years because he finger at some point. It ll just go away. And i d ever expect you to go back and do it again. I thought they did a new trilogy be all new characters.

But so it s like pulling a pair of blue jeans out of the closet. You haven t worn in many years you find a twenty dollar bill in the pocket. I know and it s more valuable than her then twenty dollars because you didn t know you had it that was the feeling when they asked me to come back and do that again and personally. I ve always been happy that you were the joker cuz.

You re always when i hear a joke. I always hear your voice thank you keep your voice a lot of games..

But i didn t know who you were until i watched con man so i m going to reverse late at this point. So. After people. Which comment like what husband.

Like your favorite fan reaction after doing the first season. Uh well you know so many people have known me in different things. I you know i ve been fortunate enough to do tv and film and stuff. But i really came even known through the animation and gaming and uncharted exactly and my favorite reaction is when people come up to like a tack on to get an autograph and there were in a con man shirt and then they see that the pictures of the characters.

I do and when someone walks up to me goes. I didn t know you did you do voiceover. It just makes me so happy you know cuz it because usually there s 20 people around going. What what are you here for and and you know so it s nice you know but i tell people you know it s a lot like you don t ever hire.

A plumber who will only do toilets. You know he ll do you say kiss your fridge your shower your toilet. You re saying anything yeah. The kitchens bathrooms.

So you know i just don t believe in like being that you know one thing one thing. I yes i m just a. I m a i m a plumber basically for hire. And i m curious cuz.

I binge watched a con man um last night and this morning. Actually wouldn t suit really smell bad that first episode you came in the alien. I was yes it did what saw me con man like it s so met up on meadow pond meadow. What s like your favorite memory right now of like doing comment first season.

Now that we got season two coming up my favorite memory is our very first day of shooting. This is something that alan has talked about doing for a long time. It s it s ideas that he kept mulling in his head that he couldn t let go. And when alan says.

He s going to do something. He does it s really admirable one of the most amazing qualities to see him give birth to this idea to see him make it happen. He wrote it he wiii crowdfunded. It we organized it we got pj involved he put it together we he directed it he starred in it it s it s quite a monumental accomplishment for your your i m going to try doing this you know your first crack out of the box.

I mean con man is amazing. It is i i mean i was surprised by it to be honest like cuz..

I m i love you in dr oval sing along blog and i just watched the last season her reach it to you i waited all these really so what can comment. I was like okay let s see what you guys do it s really amazing what you guys have done um. It s wildly clever alan is an incredible writer well you guys are were afraid that you might have like over stuff anything we re guys worried about any fat reactions like oh they re gonna think about this or did you i just went all out well here s the idea. We were going to go to a production company and have them fund.

It for us and we were going to partner up with somebody who had the money to make it happen. Because it couldn t happen on a small scale being that it s cons and we one of the quality to be high it mattered to us when we started talking to people it became apparent to us that they didn t understand the fan experience. The idea under they didn t get it that this was a love letter to fans and not so much we re not making fun of fans. If anything we make fun of array nearly and how he can t appreciate what he has he really he s got an amazing fan base.

He s loved he s got everything he really needs and has wanted he defines success as something else he puts it way out there in front of him. He never knows what it is and he can t appreciate what he s got yeah. I mean we all we all appreciate very much the fans. And we didn t want to hand this project over to someone who didn t understand or appreciate that it was for the fans by the fans with the fans i mean that s what we did we funded.

It with fans we had fans in it with us you can see all the credits. We have all the producers with it matters to us and we wanted to make sure that that s why we did it the way we did is because the fans matter to us and we didn t want it to be in anyone else s hands and now that season two with the help from comic con hq. What can fans expect now like what to look forward to i think a little more about the i m gonna talk like this am. I correct well in comment and every time just tell everybody i m actually this talk.

I m not this talk come on this time. We re gonna see a lot more of let s talk about what s important in con man season 2. Its jack. More and maybe maybe life isn t as glamorous as ray nearly thinks.

It is for jack more maybe maybe jack morris got problems just like the rest of us. He s a human being damn. It it s good he s got a heart. Yeah.

What s up fangirl nation. Hello fangirl nation hello fangirl nation hello fangirl nation. I am because otherwise it s this hello fangirl nation hello fangirl nations. Nolan north were here with the con man screening premiere party season 2 and she s giddy.

She didn t know as i was tickling her you this number five okay oh that s why i m enjoyed many people inspired your you i just seriously. Met mark hamill and nathan fillion. So that was a hermit carpet for con man for season two and kings a con and and in the whole bunch of stuff that comic con hq is putting out so definitely go ahead and check it out. Oh my god i can t breathe.

I can t ” ..

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