Colours in French Part 1 (basic French vocabulary from Learn French With Alexa)

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“Bienvenue. I learned french with an exam today folks i would like to teach you you some colors. So i have titled this lesson lick cooler premi re partie the part 1 obviously i m not going to teach you all the colors okay they are hundreds maybe not there of you but today i m going to teach you seven colors okay let s start with the three colors for french people the main ones are blue white and red. Why because these are the colors of the french flag.

So here we go blue in french is blue can you say that blue brittle. Quite simply okay blue sevilla now white in french is blah blah. Now it sounds a little bit like blue doesn t it belong now watch out there is a c at the end. We do not pronounce the c.

So we do not say blanca by the way okay. We say blah blah. Okay. So far three colors blue blonde and the last color of the french blanc lucia lucia.

Okay lucia and that s red okay lucia now i emphasize with a sound. You don t have to do it this way you can say huija okay. But if you don t know how to pronounce the look sound in french. I can refer you back to one of my videos of how to pronounce the are in french okay l.

Look okay so blue blue lucia that the next color is na na and it s black okay no uh huh the oh i next to each other make the sound. What so no what what wow huh okay. You ve got this one excellent. Jean jean.

No jean. It s been like you knew yona jean that s a bit the same sound of course. We don t say yan. We say jean okay.


But so you can remember now the way. I remember it as well is by remembering the month of june. Okay and june. It s usually very sunny.

So the sun is yellow jean. Again that s the way some of my pupils remember it jean there that s green. There okay. Though there is a tee at the end you do not pronounce the t.

Okay you do. However when we use a feminine word that comes with it. But that s another story which i will explain in a minute. The last color is all homes ohana now oh ho.

She s easy. It s like orange. Says. With a scent with a french accent.

Oh gosh. Okay. Oh hans and that s orange. Now.

Let s have a look at the seven colors. Again blue can you say that perfect blah. Hadiyyah. Lah.


Boffin. No our pavo june. Try bia. They re wonderful.

Oh honza and that s orange. Okay have a look at the seven colors. Again kabir now this should be quite easy to remember blue and blonde sound. Very similar you could remember it this way.

I ll tell you what let s play a very small game here if i say blue. Which is blue you ve got to say blonde. Which is white. If i say blonde.

You will have to say blue can you do that here we go blue time yeah blue blue blue tavia blonde blonde blue blue sevilla i tell you what i m going to ask adam to play the game. With me are you ready adam play the game. If i said blue you ve got to say blonde. If i say blonde.

You ve got to say blue are you ready yes here we go bluh blah blah. Bluh. Bluh blah blah. Idea bravo adam whoa so did you manage to do that superb okay here s a few examples of how to use these colors you could say for blue look.

Seven blue a sea of la table look seven blue a sure la table seven is sape the blue shape is on the table look. Seven blue a solid table. It s quite simple okay now you will notice that we don t say blue soup in french. We say soap blue and that s how the colors come always after the noun in french these are adjectives okay adjectives.


Usually always agree with the noun okay except for my own which is brown. But that s another story now look. Seven blue is your life tab another example with another color judwaa diva lucia jaguar diva lucia blah. I drink some red wine again we don t say when red red wine.

We say wine red okay because as i said to you the adjective hoosier comes after the noun okay the colors come after the noun lou van hooser lu7 blue okay here s another example lose em a nor a blow lose em a no a blonde. The zebra is black and white the zebra is black and white noir. A blonde. Okay another example look okay a ver look p.

Okay. Hey. There. The parrot is green okay look bit okay hey.

There okay so what you need to know and i did mention that at the beginning of this lesson is that the colors are adjectives and therefore for all adjectives in french you ve got to agree the adjectives with a noun you re using so if you re using a feminine noun as in laughs okay and again i ve got the lesson on a articles la and la that i think you should have a look. If you are not certain about the these are definite and indefinite articles now look okay we ll have the same spelling colors. Which means that then we not be altered with however if you use announed that begins with a la then we need to alter the ending of the colors. And that is for all adjectives with use not only the colors for example below.

Which ends with a see when you use a feminine word. It will be blonde shut ch e. So you would be talking about the white table it will become letter blue blush and not letter blah blah. Okay.

And another one there for example you ll have to add an e. If you are using a feminine word using lab again as an example you say letter blue vector letter blue vector. So for feminine you usually add an e at the end of this color unless. There is one already for feminine plural.


You will have to add an e and an s at the end of that adjectives if the noun is feminine plural. If it s masculine plural just add the s not the e okay so i know it s very tricky. It s this lesson is just about colors by the way and i don t want to confuse you that s another lesson completely ok. So have a look at the colors.

Again blue below. Oh. No our jean there. Oh hush now here s my question second color second color what color is it second color say hoosier say whose it is rent so you can make a sentence like this one sure pot ah t shirt luge i wear a red t shirt array again we don t say red t shirt wash t shirt we say t shirt would so shabbat a t shirt liusia now what i would like you to do now is make your own sentence.

So i can correct it ok because i always do why don t you do that leave a comment corrector a bamboo or with your sentence. Ok consider all the points. I have told you and i will attempt to correct. It as best as i can ok.

Now remember sickle color. What color is this that s it for me. Remember that i have my shop online. And you can bind a business in t shirt.

Ok. And that s it really remember to subscribe to my youtube channel blah blah blah channel. If you want to be kept updated by what goes on at learn french with an exam and over voila a bientot bisou bisou. Ah.

Pdf this is a new thing that s why i forgot um you can now download the pdf file that comes with this lesson for a mere price of eighty nine cents. That s it for me au revoir. A bientot ” ..


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