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“Hey guys welcome back to a rams life today we re gonna be doing a a campus tour but it s not gonna be just like any other campus tours m gonna give you guys an insider scoop and giving you guys some information about my favorite places on campus. Don t forget to like and subscribe for more videos on tsu skin and i hope you guys enjoy okay so to start this tour. We re gonna start off where i start every day in the morning from corbett hall. Corbett hall is the biggest hall on campus.

With about 900 students. I believe in at the center of all of the different wings of corbett. There s this outdoor area that i m showing now in this place is really popular when it s warmer out. This is the corvette lounge.

This is a great place to study and get together with classmates. It s also right by the front desk. And the dining hall music music. The only thing that separates corbett from the rec center.

Is this street. Which is plum street. That you can see right now. And the walk is not too far.

Which makes me a lot more motivated to go to the gym. These are the intramural fields so this is where a lot of the intramural sports will take place and csu offers a wide variety of intramural sports. Right now it s covered by snow. But it s usually induced by a lot of people who are just hanging out or are in their intramural teams.

This is outside of the rec center..

So this is where all the treadmills are and the bikes are so people have a great view as they re working out of the mountains and the intramural fields. Now. This is the entrance of the rec center and right. When you walk in to the right.

There s a huge rock climbing wall. Now right outside of the rec center is one of my favorite places. Which is the sand volleyball. I think the sand volleyball is really fun especially as a first year because you have an opportunity to meet a bunch of people and playing a really fun game music this is outside of the morgan library.

Which is one of my favorite places to study. There are four levels to the morgan library starting with the basement. And then there are two flights of stairs to go up there s a huge variety of books and librarians who are eager to help you find what you re looking for there are also many views which i find very calming and relaxing during a hard day of studying on the first floor of the morgan s library. There is a coffee shop.

Which is called the morgan s grind. This is my personal favorite place to get coffee because it s right in the middle of campus and the people who work there are very friendly right outside of morgan s grind. There s also this fireplace which i find very cute and cozy. One thing.

That fort collins is not short of is bikes csu. Has received at the top bike friendly award and is at platinum. Status there are over 15000. Bike racks on csu there s a retail shop in the student center and there s also a network of bike enforcement officers.

This is the back entrance of the lory student center..

The lory student center is a place where a lot of campus events take place. And is where most campus tours will begin behind the lory student center is my favorite view on campus. So far it s over the mountains in the rec center. I passed this every day on my walk to and from class and absolutely loved it snow is pretty common at csu.

However most paths are completely cleared music next. I wanted to show you guys the college of business. There are two connecting buildings of the college of business. There s rockwell hall as well as rockwell wess outside of rockwell west.

There s a large variety of seating outdoors. This is inside rockwell west and as you can see rocco west is a pretty new building. This is an example of one of the typical classes in the college of business. I actually have two classes in here.

Allison hall also connects to rockwell west. This is the oval which is one of the most photographed places on campus. It s a large grass field with a bunch of trees on it in a really cute path. But that s in the shape of an oval.

I ve gone to the oval when it s warm out to have picnics in the grass and i ve walked in it when it s completely covered in snow in the day that i was filming a lot of people were walking and biking around just enjoying the view music. There s a lot of outdoor seating available all around campus. These tables are right outside the lory student center music. I then filmed in the dining hall called the foundry.

Which is connected to both corbett and parmelee..

The foundry has a large selection of food for example passport has foods from different areas of the world and it changes every week. This area specifically is for gluten intolerance. The foundry serves wohlers ice cream. Which is a local ice cream shop as well as a variety of other desserts.

This is durrell. Which is another dining hall at csu and behind durrell our two residence halls. It in front of doral is the mobi arena. Which is where a lot of the indoor sports take place this is the canvas stadium.

Which is where the football games take place the canvas stadium is very new and was opened in august of 2017 my absolute favorite place to study on campus is in the natural resource building. Even though. I m a business major. I like to switch it up and study in different buildings.

I love the free seating in the natural resource building and how fresh is with all of the plants inside. There s also lighting that comes from the ceiling. Which makes it feel like you re kind of studying outside this is the sidewalk that goes through most of campus. All the way from yeats to pass the lory student center.

This is one of my favorite pieces of artwork in the whole campus. The quote on side reads if i have been able to see farther than others. It was because i stood on the shoulders of giants. And it s by sir.

Isaac newton..

Music. This is outside the chemistry research building. The chemistry research building. As well as the biology building.

Were recently remodeled and renovated the inside of the biology building is definitely worth taking a look at there s a full sized aquarium on the walls of the biology buildings. There s a lot of information about different plants and animals. That is very interesting to read and look at there s also a full sized bear. Many different types of plants and lots of more information on my way back to my dorm after filming.

I saw that lights had been put up on the trees outside the laurie student center. I think the csu is one of the most inclusive and welcoming campuses that i ve ever visited and i have loved every moment here some of the things that i love about csu is that it has brought me some of my best friends is very environmentally conscious. There are over 300 days of sunshine. There are so many amazing programs and csu is always looking to improve and you can see the mountains that almost every time you take so i think i can safely say that i am very proud to be a csu ram make sure to comment.

Any questions that you have down below or ask me on instagram at jamie bot itt for any questions that you have about csu. If you are considering csu. I would highly suggest going on a tour. I m going to leave links down below.

That will have more information about tours available. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don t forget to like and subscribe and comment. Any questions that you have down below this is ” .


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