Classic Deck Tech: Repay in Kind

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“Guys super secret tech here um. I played against somebody and they like the deck deck and so they wanted me to do a deck tech. So i m doing deck tech on my repay in kind. It s a classic combo deck.

Sometimes it s turned one sometimes. It s a little bit slower than that. But it has lots of resiliency. Which is why i enjoy playing this combo.

I don t have a sideboard for it because it is just a fun deck that i enjoy playing i ll normally play two headed in three headed giants with it because it wins you know and it kills the whole table when it went so let s start with amanda base. I have for city of brass for glimmer voids a bad lands to scrub lands and a volcanic island..

I m probably need to change one of those scrublands to underground seas. I ve noticed that only really need one or two things that produce white because only white card i uses angels grades for the man excel package i use soul ring mana volt mocks diamond for those mana crypt and for lotus petals um. The monks diamond is really for when you ve already started storming out and drawing out the whole deck and basically what the mocks diamond. Does is let you use the extra lands in your hand.

As mana sources. And sometimes you ll do it early just because it s taps for all colors like if you get a scrub land. So you get a scrub land a glimmer avoid and a city of brass early you can use the mogs diamond to eat one of those and probably the scrubland and then play with a glimmer void. And then you have two mana turn one mana morphos its mana fixing.

So i can fix for white and it s also card draw. Which is important because that helps me go with my alternative wind condition..

A ridah flame is just man excel. So is dark ritual. The reel combo piece is ad nauseam. What that card lets.

Me do is basically you re going to ramp up your mana using the various ramp spells then you re going to cast angels grace. You have to make sure you cast angels grace. First. Then you re going to cast.

Ad. Nauseum and you re going to draw it your entire deck..

Then you have two ways of winning you can either cast repay in kind so everybody s life total becomes negative. And you just instantly watch the whole table or if you don t want to go that route you can cast laboratory mania and then play a man amorphouse. A guitar. Seeing probe or a pre ordained to draw a card and win the game that way orion casted tendrils of agony.

The the reason. There s one of these is sometimes you need to not kill yourself. Because you don t have the angels grace and the tendrils lets you gain life back so you can angels graze in announcing again and win using a like laboratory maniac. If you re trying not to kill your partner and like a two headed john or three headed giant game as far as the card draw of the pre ordains.

The guitars iam probes. They re just cheap filters agate axiom probe..

Gives you additional information because you can see if your opponent. Can stop your combo or not so. That s really helpful the mystical tutors or basically to fetch whatever piece you re missing. You know whether it s angels grey s ad.

Nauseum or a mana ramp spell or mana fixing and then packed on negations just a free counter. And you don t really care about next turn because next time you re going to lose the game. Anyway when you re comboing off and so packed works really well in this deck. I hope you enjoyed it ” .


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