Chromebook Gaming with Wireless Xbox One Controller

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“So i did a previous video on the chromebook running with game pants. And i i tried seven different game controllers and at that time the xbox one controller did work. But it does now so if i turn on my xbox. One controller you can see it starts flashing.

If you want a pair for the first time you need to press and hold that front button on the xbox controller and this light will start to flash. Now if you go down to the bottom right hand side and click on the bluetooth settings here you can see that my xbox controller is connected when this is flashing. It will show up in that list to click on it and it will accept it very very straightforward doesn t really need much of an explanation. Once that s connected you can then find some games that work with controllers and if you look at my other video.

There will be some other games in there. But i was going to show. I ve got a playstation 1 emulator here which runs and the reason. I ve got it running on the tv.


I thought it d be nice to do a screen capture of it so if i click on dave mirror. I can resume from where i got to so now. If i click on that and click on that so here. We are just to show that it s working with the controller.

It s actually using the analog stick. I wouldn t use the analog stick on this game. But i haven t had time to configure the d pad for it obviously most games work better with an analog stick anyway. But as you can see it runs perfectly fine looks pretty decent even on a big tv.

A great emulator so if i quit that funny sam you ve got i ll play around the mouse. So at the moment is configured that if i go to the top of the screen. The tv screen it comes up on the chromebook if i go down to the bottom of the chromebook. It goes on the tv screen.


So if i was to click there i should be able to exit out of this maybe i do it through the menu. Yeah so quit out of that so i ve also got bomb squad which runs. Really well and doesn t need any configuration for the controller just picks. It straightaway.

I ll say no thanks to upgrading. I gotta wait. Although it is a great game and especially as a multiplayer game it plays really well so just to show you all the menus and everything work fine and the games. I ve tried don t seem to be affected at all by being run through a tv.

There you go so there s me lat. So that s bomb squad. Let s quit out of that so let s try a snooze emulator load game. I ve only got one game on it.


But it works fine. It s nice and responsive and nice that this is truly portable. So you could be you could be playing this on a train with your wireless xbox controller obviously this tablet goes in tent mode. So you can set it up on a table or something and have a whatever.

It is 11 inch or so display. But you can see that all that s very responsive. If i quit out of that some of these games are more difficult to quit out of my cats going mad and the last one i was going to show was roblox there you go so let s pick it up. Where s my mouse control.

There it is pick a game from there i hit play. And there s various different ways you can configure your screen. But this is working fine for me. It s showing the game as fullscreen.


Which is exactly what i want so let s click on ready and as you can see i can look around i can jump and everything seems to be working fine. So now you get into the cows. Although that seems to be it seems to slow down a bit now if you want to turn off the xbox controller. If you ve got it connected to a chromebook or something like that all you have to do is press and hold the light button and then when it goes off it ll be unpaired there you go so then it s switched off okay.

So if you want to see more about games you can play on a chromebook. I ve got a few videos. I ll put a link in the description. But thanks very much for watching please like and subscribe.

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