Cheap Way to Play Vinyl Records on Sonos

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“Years ago. I bought a turntable with the intentional needless to say that did not not quite become a reality. It s actually way harder than it looks with the of becoming a scribble jammed dj battle winner smashed pieces. I simply used this to well play play records.

Then many years passed. I mean music streaming became a thing hardware were thrown out to make room for new hardware. And i found myself with a turntable..


I couldn t use because i didn t have enough meanwhile. I really came to like the convenience of having a sono setup in the apartment being able to control music in several rooms is great. But unfortunately that left my turntable just collecting dust. I figured there must be a way for me to integrate it with the zonal setup and there s a way or actually three ways.

According to some of themselves neither of the options seemed very attractive to me with the play. 5 kinect and the amp all going for several hundred dollars. I just want to be able to play vinyl records every once in a while i surfed around for a more affordable solution to my problem..


And i found exactly what i was looking for a tutorial on instructables on how you add auxilary to your son s. Setup using raspberry pi. So let s go ahead and bring the sweet sound of dust on a vinyl record into every room without having to set a kidney. You will of course find a link to the instructables tutorial down in the description all right first things first we need a way to connect the turntable to the raspberry pi for this we ll be using this 20 bucks usb audio interface from behringer that comes with an integrated phono preamp wiring is what you d expect the white cable from the turntable goes into the white input and red to red on the audio interface the third wire.

I connected is the ground then i plug the usb into then it s time to prepare the sd card. We ll be putting into the raspberry pi. I downloaded the operating system installer noobs format..


The d sd card and then put all the files for noobs on there. I installed raspbian using noobs and the first thing. I did after some initial setup was to enable vnc this allows you to connect and control. The pi from another computer instead of having a monitor and keyboard hooked up to the pi with the usb audio interface connected to the pi we want to check to see that we can actually record using this interface.

So i plugged in the turntable and indeed everything worked now. It s time to install some software dark ice is a live audio streamer. It will record the audio coming off from the usb interface can code it to mp3 and then send it off to a streaming server the streaming server will also be running on the raspberry pi and is called ice cast after we re done configuring dark eyes..


We ll create a script that will run whenever beep eye has been restarted and this is to make sure that we automatically start all the services again when the pi has booted. We can browse to its ip and a configured port for eyes cast to server and by appending. The mp3 stream filename to the url we can see that the stream is working just fine in the sonos desktop app. We ll add a stream as a radio station and that s it we can now play the stream and go put on a record.

” ..

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