Changing a Rim Cylinder on a Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

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“Devon hardware presents changing a rim cylinder on a jimmy proof deadbolt you ll note note that we re demonstrating on a mock up display and not a real door performing this operation at home you ll have the door open for most of the operation. So that you can hold the cylinder in place. While you loosen and tighten. The cylinder screws you ll need a few tools.

A linesman s plier. A slotted and a phillips screwdriver would be recommended along with two slip. Joint pliers. You may also want a hacksaw handy before removing the cylinder and lock make sure the lock and key are operating properly if they re not stop and give us a call before you move forward your lock is held in place by screws.

Which can be easily removed with one of your screwdrivers. If you have one way screws holding your lock. You ll need a one way screw remover..


You can get that from the hardware store remove the four screws holding the lock to the door to reveal the back plate the back plate will have two screws through it holding the cylinder. You remove the two screws holding the cylinder and remove the backplate on the outside of the door be prepared to catch the old cylinder and collar as they fall you at a minimum bring in the old cylinder and screws to the store when you purchase your new rim cylinder. The tail of your old cylinder will either be oriented vertical or horizontal the tail of your new cylinder will need to be oriented. The same as the old cylinder before installation.

If you need assistance with this procedure. Please ask the clerk at the loc counter. The new cylinder. You ll purchase will come with a collar.

A cylinder two screws and a backplate. The new cylinders tail will need to be cut. So that the overall length of the new cylinder and tail are the same as the old cylinder set the new and old cylinders on a flat level surface using the old cylinder for reference mark..


The tail of the new cylinder to indicate where you ll make the cut. If your mark is on or near one of the perforations on the tail. You can use your slip joint pliers to make the break you could also make the cut with a linesman s pliers or a hacksaw. You the new cylinder screws must be cut to the correct length.

As well. If you can make these cuts on the cut line provided on the screw go ahead and make the cuts with your hacksaw or linesman s pliers. If they need to be cut on a thread. You may want to bring them in and have our machine shop make that cut if you re not sure ask a lot counter associate.

Now that your new cylinder tail and screws have been cut to size you can put your lock back together orient your cylinder. Correctly the key hole in tail should be towards the floor take the collar slip. It over the cylinder and place it in the outside of the door..


Ensuring your orientation is correct you can either reuse. The plate you had before as we re doing here or you can use the new back plate. Which may be more forgiving when realigning the lock during reassembly replace the cylinder screws and realign the back plate. Once the back plates in position.

You can tighten down the screws for the back plate. You once. The backplate is on put the lock back in place push. In and hold the shutter guard.

As you place the lock back into place over the back plate. Make sure the tail piece goes into the hole in slot in the back of the lock. Hold the lock in place and work the lock to ensure proper placement..


You once you have the lock in place put. Two screws back into the lock and work the lock to make sure it works correctly. When you found the proper adjustment. Put the last two screws in note that over tightening.

The screws on the lock can cause misalignment. If this happens back off the screws slightly and last check the lock and key to make sure everything s working properly you if you have further questions. Please don t hesitate to contact clark diwan hardware s lock department. When it s time for hardware.

Its clark devon. ” ..

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