Castlevania 1 x 4 Reaction! “Monument

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Man. Gary you make sheriff case. You better bring it so every time joke video huh you know by first jocular is my anyway we re back with the season finale of season. What of castlevania and wow these three episodes their fire shall let me shut the fuck up and let s get into this so solly to begin in a halo wicked heat.

The w7 ashens crazy bro look at that lug me yes yes kiss ass hey..

Let s say you shook right now bro. I ve expect those things. It s all you lie in your lives. Oh shakes his spikes on his back you scared.

Now. Oh. My god yes yuri is a snickers. Yes is too bad this show is kind of crazy bro.

No my darling. I can t search. Oh yeah. I see this guy yo let me kiss you it ai.

N t his face. My boy. Trevor. Still.

Didn t play. Got. The stamina. Yeah.

Oh sheldon oh. It doesn t matter. She s. An alchemist.

He s sighted. I did not know i was gonna be doing this shit today salt works boy charm is going to have a killer demon tutorial right oh shit yah yah. Oh. Now she s nice bro.

Oh. That s a different one from the church. Oh oh oh. Well it s a strong woman.

I have i m so surprised on you for episodes of fair season..

I m surprised another watch this oh shit. I ll see what the hell is going on how deep is the catacombs it goes even deeper never fall out again bro not this time true no not to ten let s pick a little salt on the demons. Oh. I ve been feeling like a walker to the tight move just like as long as you get across.

I figured out it s just gonna swing. Probably what there s no way bro for god s sake. He d be so calm in the world s falling apart. Oh.

You know everyone so much pulling right now be there more than me jacqueline. So no bhosle you fell wrong. Eight levels. No oh.

The thing so let s see if the hero was here little dracula or rectal. He s a vampire to sleep yup. The balance from five until this around yeah. Do you think you can if you re really a belmont or not son run running around the family crest.

You might be able to oh shit here we go oh yeah that s like the sapphire. Yeah hey no bullshit oh motherfuck it s a nigger. I m a fighter start the fuck up. Oh good oh good shit wah.

Wow. Sitting and now lay. This is really some animation. All right good.

Oh. Oh please. Oh yeah. Oh.

I don t know oh. Damn. Oh. Wow.

That mess..

Oh. Last thing is relative. Think about it. Yeah.

Is this something. Oh wow. I think since one way. Yeah.

That is a fire squad. Oh shit wow. We can destroy it wow really good series imagine watching imagine. The first time you watching that with four episode of season one and having to wait matoba season to the drop you know what though so it s is so dope so fun fact he s actually.

The sun is actually is actually in one of the castlevania video games and he s actually the main character under the castle video video castlevania video games i just forgot which one but yeah touches some stupendous that was a great season. It was just the first season to really get the team assembled yeah. Exactly yeah. That was really the action of fighting like the story like even the characters like i really liked trevor even though she was jackie lisanna liked it he s just super cool.

He s like me after all. Yeah. Yeah. I like the plot source of it.

I like the fact. That like when dracula fought his son. It has showed the ending of that fight so that when you see dragon would come back you presume that he killed his son is shit so have them come back at the end of the season won t even know that son yeah yeah we right but we just knew that dracula was gonna destroy the world raka tell you right now bro if i was watching this like as it began out of this so now for episode. That s like a little over 90 minutes like you know put it like this when i watch this the first time i went on i saw.

I said before episodes are showing four episodes they got wet on google might get better to see them to went on google for like a month straight. They re like season. Two is gonna have the this this is one of the best shows that i watched like best cartoons. Yeah.

Like that i ve watched. No. This is fire. Oh yeah.


I do see that with netflix. Whereas you know on this type of level and they already cleared the season. Yeah so what do you guys think what do you guys expect to happen next you know this out another thing you notice that we didn t see dracula until. We didn t see dracula.

Like yeah. I think said all the zombies shut up yeah. So whatever so when he was out yeah so what do you guys say you guys are gonna see we re gonna see uh lieutenant monsters well you see how we get like we had like that um strong monster dolls and uh with the eyes and shit like that i think we re gonna see like other top tier monsters and it s gonna face basically play as like boss level monsters and then we re gonna reach to that hey dracula thanks yeah because i think next season dracula s gonna catch wind and sun is awake with two of the people of belmont and the magician and maybe he s gonna set send some people that kind of try to take care of that yeah. And that s what we re gonna be seeing the group face next season.

I digged up no show for voice. My father and son is gonna be fired okay all right well like the girl s brother. I know nothing about them so yeah this shell fire so i can t wait to start season 2 you guys man. But if it s your first time.

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Rick it morty playlist comeback november and the cartoon play this no one ah you got shit cracking boy. You pass you got see like down. Here bitches every night came on nigga that s my nigga in that music video shelter castlevania query. Know what it is trust my hey since akbar say my bully.

Yeah yeah. No i would be the only maniac. I know t and you know shoot boy was you can follow me add wells on the squad come on rosie anime can t castlevania yo. This is yo.

This is borderline anime this yeah if you guys brought with this video man make sure you check out the other ones. We got down my tail right there that way this way tuesday wednesday. Okay what they need to do they need a clip. ” .


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