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“Guys how are you to make the instagram icon animation move without stopping in the the video. It s very easy you can make it using apps kinemaster please. Watch tutorial video and for those of you who haven t subscribed to the syam kapuk channel. Please subscribe first now open the kinemaster apps.

If the kinemaster apps are already open. Then click the plus icon next select for a 1 1. Ratio. Before continuing you click the grigi icon on the left to select editing.

Then select editing next scroll down and in the when you go to screen section. You click then check next enter for the icon image from instagram at the top select media then select the instagram image that you have created for the background. It s up to the color you want and to make it easier not to make it again please download the image on the link in the description of my video next for the image you enter must be more than one or five and can be up to 10. The more good the guys hehe and for the duration.


It may be longer. I enter for pictures here about 10 images. Then if you select tick next you slide it back first. Now.

Just right. Here. You notice. The transition in the middle click this white transition icon then you will take for the 3d transition ok choose 3d transition then here you can choose several types for the animation.

It s up to you to choose what you like and for example i choose flip 3d. Only then for the speed you set it to look slower here i make it 45. Do all the transitions in each picture okay to shorten my time just fast now for all the 3d transitions. I ve made on all the images then select check next step now back to the picture.


Then now you are at least for the duration of each picture. Okay for the first picture now you click then continue to the next image here you click again and for the duration you slide to the left to be a minimum like this you do all the pictures so that each of the durations is short okay. It s done of the total of 10 images 1 minute. More now you play first in the beginning.

So you can know what the results are like okay for images to rotate like this so your video is finished then to save it now click the share icon on the left side then choose export okay for the animated video from the instagram icon. It was successfully created now continue to put the animated icon from the instagram. Open kinemaster apps. Then select the 16 9.

Aspect. Ratio. Now choose media and input for the video to be affixed to the instagram icon for photos. I choose this one only then select check next slide.


The video to the beginning now to paste the 3d icon now select the layer then select the media. Okay for the video from the instagram icon image. I chose then you specify the size first for the size and placement you set it in the lower left corner for the icon position. What you want now on the tool on this right you swipe up and select the chrome key to remove the background from the instagram.

Then select check to activate it next to the chroma key color. You click and look for black. Then select check now you set to remove the black color and certainly does not eliminate the original image next for the facilities. You reduce.

So that it s not too clear so it looks like a watermark. Then select tick. Then you click again. And for the animation you set it to look more elegant or smooth select entry animation select entry animation i will choose the one that turns clockwise and looks rotate then for the.


Speed i choose 15. If we then check it out next you slide a little for this video now you enter for the instagram account. Name select the layer at the top then select text for example i. Entered it for my instagram account syam kapuk .

Then choose for the font type then select check for posiis and also the size you set next for opacity you set too select alfa then lower it ok like this and looks like a watermark then for the incoming animation you select the one that pop up now run it first to see the results. It s okay for the results and you can see the instagram icon rotates continuously without stopping until the video is finished okay friends how easy is it not to make instagram icons move on your videos. I hope this tutorial is useful and thank you i say to all of you who have watched don t forget to subscribe like comment and share this video to your social media. Thanks you ” .


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Mungkin kita sering melihat video di tv maupun di YouTube, terdapat gambar atau logo Instagram bergerak di pojok layar.

Hal ini sengaja dibuat oleh pemilik video dengan tujuan untuk mempromosikan akun Instagram nya sekaligus berfungsi sebagai watermark agar video tidak dibajak oleh orang lain.

Untuk membuat logo Instagram bergerak pada video ini,kita bisa membuatnya dengan menggunakan aplikasi kinemaster.
Silahkan simak video tutorial nya,dan buat yang membutuhkan bahan gambar Instagram nya silahkan download di sini atau disini

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