Car Front & Rear view cameras, Single & Dual camera setup (Unboxing, Wiring)

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“Here s the entire setup as you can see my hand is in front of of the camera and displayed on the monitor. So this battery is powering. The monitor ignore that whole mess when the same battery is powering. The camera notice.

Only the red is connected you can connect the black hose. But it s working this way also okay and then from the camera. The signal returns to the monitor. So that s the whole thing if i disconnect let s say this red camera is disconnected.


It has no power and if i disconnect that home then the monitor is not receiving power either and everything is stopped so basically these two can be here. Because the same source will power both the camera and the monitor so if you connect you if you take the 12 volts from the reverse light. Then when you insert it into reverse. Then the bob powers on and also power is sent to the monitor and the camera.

If you take it out from reverse the bob turns off and also the monitor and the camera turns off okay. So here s the entire setup here s the power. The plus and the minus both the plus and the minus go to the camera and to the monitor also and there s a common the yellow rc cable. Which goes from the camera to the monitor and if i move my hand in front of the camera.


It s visible there on a monitor you can unscrew this one the front element and the other one will move around so you have to rotate to the left or to the right. The camera itself and the image and the monitor will also rotate and it does not have a fixed point to know exactly where is horizontal. So you have to adjust it according to the picture on the camera. There s some silicon there otherwise the lens will come off and this is only for the holder element for this metal just tighten.

It and now the camera is on horizontal. But the image is not horizontal at all so you have to we have to rotate the base until the image is horizontal and then tighten the front so let s put it onto horizontal objects are horizontal and then tighten the front element and the image is horizontal. These red wires. Don t need to be connected at least not in my setup.


They do not remove these color lines either and they are touched here s a dual camera setup. Here is one camera. And there s the other camera. And the lcd has two inputs here s one input one yellow and other input other yellow okay and by hitting this button.

Which is the 1v2 video our video. I can switch between the two cameras as you can see so this is this camera. And that is that camera nothing is shown here over here switch to the other one nothing is here. But here these lines are not identical.


This has blue green yellow and red and that one is more expensive camera and the other one the cheaper camera. Which is this one small one this has only three colors not four okay and at bright light. I like the colors and clarity of the cheaper camera more than the other one and blood image wise in darker conditions. They seem to be pretty equal maybe the expensive one it s a little bit less noisy.

” ..

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