CAMP CHEF VERSATOP Flat Top Griddle BBQ Grill Box & Artisan Pizza Oven Complete Unboxing RV Cooking

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“Little here from rv habit. We re gonna try and get this video in it it s off and on rain and humidity is literally a hundred percent with gnats after talking to a whole bunch of our bears everybody loves their new 17 inch black stone griddles. It s all the rage. So i wanted to try it out.

But i didn t go with black stone. What i went with camp chef. And it s called a versa top it s a 14 inch grill and i m gonna show you everything that comes with it and that s why i went with it but first we re gonna unbox everything so this comes one unit. This is diverse a grill you can buy this separately and we ll open it up let s look at the box open comes with a product catalog box of ports.

This is the box open box. And it s got one knob automatic pzo lighter. Though as they say and this is the griddle portion. Let s see if i can open this okay.

And this is the griddle top. And it s pretty heavy now the camp chef this comes pre. Seasoned and it s it s running. There just like that and if you look at the bottom.

It s got a wind guard also greece goes in here and i m short as a draught it goes in here to collect the greece again that s the versa top it s a 14 inch griddle actually pretty nice looks like it s in pretty decent quality and we ll open this box up see what s in here..

Okay. So we have the propane regulator. It s gonna go on the side here and looks like some adjustable feet. Let s screw into the bottom.

And a grease cup this grease cup. It goes right on the side here. So not bad let s turn it over let s get the feet on and they just screw into bottom here. Okay.

So the feet are on and again they re adjustable. So you can get this as level as possible you want to cook it on a griddle. You want it to be as level as possible the inside has an oval type burner with one in the center also for even heat and like i said a piezo igniter. And that is first the top grill.

Now what s cool about this is you can buy this all alone just as a griddle. But you can also buy some accessories for it that s what i ve done and i m going to show you them now so the first accessory. I have bought for the versa. Top grill.

Is this barbecue grill box and basically..

It lets you grill you can remove the griddle and put this grill box on so let s open this up. And see what this is all about ok nice black box got a lock on it a temperature gauge and that up it s got actually a lot of stuff in it stripping straps. It looks like another product catalog. And some instructions this looks like a handle that s just what that is to handle that we re going to install on the front here.

I think the grates or underneath. They are so it s got this grease like evaporator tray there and then it s got this big. These are supposed to be cast iron. Let s take a look a pretty heavy cast iron great to cook on again.

This is just a box. So basically you want to use a grill. You remove the griddle and this box will sit right inside the first top grill just like that so i have the handle on attached that was easy just to two screws. It s got a cast iron grill.

So if you don t want to griddle. Something. And you do definitely want a grill and a barbecue you can get this box. And it goes right on top of your burner and we ve got a clip for it so you can keep it closed.

I m going to remove this and i ll show you the next thing that for so..

The next cooktop. I bought for the versa top is a pizza oven. This will this is guaranteed to make friends anywhere you go so let s open it up and again. It s supposed to fit right on here.

So i have it as a box same thing product catalog. An instruction booklet read them later again this is pizza oven. And it should fit right on top here and again it uses a diverse atop grill and this i m gonna assume is the package of stone that goes inside here again this is packed pretty well right board. A lot of styrofoam and there it is the pizza stone and this will slide in here.

And there s two little clips that hold it down. I m gonna have to get a driver and do that later and the last box. I purchased just a couple accessories. So what a grill set spatula scrape or some squeeze bottles a carry bag for this one is for the barbecue box.

This one s for the pizza oven. And this is the verse. Atop grill bot. So a bag for the bottom.

So everything can travel with me..

So everything has a bag and i have a spatula and scraper kit for the griddle and holy cow. There s a deer coming right towards me. I got it i gotta show you this let me see if he ll run away you want to help me cook. Now you want to eat something i m not cooking.

And that s something okay. See you later so in total. I got the versa. Top grill.

By camp chef. And that comes with a griddle top pretty pretty heavy and it comes preseason. I bought the accessory bbq box. So i can actually barbecue also and that comes with a thermometer and a cast iron grate and of course.

I bought a pizza oven and that comes with a thermometer too who don t like pizza. And i bought accessory bags for everything and some utensils everything s from camp chef. I m not sure what to do with my hand next video hopefully i can cook something on it and we ll test it out i appreciate everybody watching if you haven t subscribed and ” ..


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