Call of Duty: Mobile 10 Tips to BECOME a PRO!

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“Of duty mobile. Has been out for about a month. Now and while the game game seems pretty straightforward to understand. There s a lot more depth than most casual.

Realize so today. I ve compiled ten of the best tips that parole players use to greatly increase their skill. We re gonna be covering everything from custom settings. The best loadouts and how to win more and more gunfights now.

If you liked these types of videos show some support down below by liking the video subscribing and turning on notifications to never miss in upload the first thing. We re gonna be going over is having the proper sensitivity when i first started playing call of duty mobile. My screen was way too fast. I was constantly missing shots my accuracy was awful and when i tweaked a few things in the sensitivity category.

My accuracy got a whole lot better and i started to win more in more gunfights. So navigate your way to the settings. Select the sensitivity tab and the first thing. I recommend is switching it from accelerated sensitivity to fix speed what this means is when it s on fixed.

No matter. How fast you swipe your screen or turn to a different direction. It s always going to be the same speed when it s unaccelerated if you move your finger really quickly you re gonna turn even faster and if you move your finger slow then your guy in game is gonna look over more slow so by having it on that fixed speed. I just found it helped with my overall accuracy and to improve your aim even more for me personally i started off by just switching to the lowest of low sensitivity.

It helped with close range gunfights if the enemy was across the map. I was able to lock on to them without missing any shots. So by having big sensitivity and low that should be enough to improve your aim tremendously. But there s so many more advanced settings to go through so i suggest starting with fixed speed and a super slow sensitivity and then you can kind of go from there if flow is too slow for you you can increase.


It once you kind of get a good foundation you can go through the rest of these settings and tweak them until you have the perfect aim. The second tip is pretty damn basic. But it s to play the game with headphones on footsteps are very loud half the time if you re not running dead silence. It sounds like you re ironman.

So make sure to play with your headphones in i don t suggest playing music. Through your device or having any distractions around you because having those headphones in gives you like a sixth sense you re gonna start predicting enemies. You re gonna start hearing enemies. You would have never heard before and this is by far one of the most important tips moving on to tip number three this is going to be utilizing the different control layouts in your settings so navigate your way on over to advanced controls and hit the edit button you can customize your controls to which ever play style.

You would like i know a lot of people prefer the claw play style. If you don t know what that is it s when you still use your thumbs as your main source of navigation. But you also use your index fingers as well to click on some extra buttons. If your left hand oriented opposed to the right hand you can move all these buttons on the right.

And just switch them on over to the left. So i definitely recommend you play with the controls and find what works best for you because the odds are the default controller layout may be simple. But it definitely isn t the most effective tip. Number four is to utilize the mini map.

This is one of the most crucial things in call of duty. And it offers more knowledge than just showing general map. Information first off if the enemy shoots with a non suppressed weapon. They re gonna appear like there ll be a big red dot and it s easy to navigate them.

And if you or any of your teammates call in a uav and the enemy isn t running the ghost perk again they re gonna appear as a big ol red dot on your mini map now tip number five ties in to tip number four and this is going to be how to use your mini map to predict the enemy locations. When you re staring at the mini map. It s going to show the location of you in all of your teammates and looking at my mini map you can see all of my teammates are on one side. And none of them are on the other so since half of the map has none of my teammates.


It s safe to assume that enemies are going to be spawning. There so if you want to find some people head to the spot. Where your teammates aren t and be prepared for gunfights tip. Number six is called strafing.

If you re unfamiliar with the term. It s essentially when you walk around while zooming in i m not saying to walk around the entire map. Zooming in and never not zooming out of your gun. But if you re utilizing that mini map tip effectively straight to where you expect enemies to be so for example.

Let s say you re about to walk into a building zooming your gun. While you walk around the corner. Let s say you re approaching a flagon domination zoom in before you approach the flag it s a lot quicker to kill an enemy. When you are already zoomed in compared to if you see the enemy last second and then have to zoom in before you shoot now sure zooming in only takes like a second or so.

But in a game like call of duty every second matters especially in a gunfight so. Please whenever you re about to walk into a building or you re walking into an area. Where you expect an enemy just be zoomed in and expect an enemy to be there at any moment. Moving on to the next tip.

This is using the right weapon for the right map. Example you don t want to be sniping on a close range map. Because more often than not a lot of your engagements are gonna be very close range again submachine guns or assault rifles and if you have a sniper rifle out it s gonna be very hard to kill them another example is you don t want to be using a shotgun on a map that has tons of long distance areas. You want to choose what s right depending on which map you re on a general rule of thumb assault.

Rifles and submachine guns are pretty much good on every map. But to get a little bit more specific let s say you re on a map that has lots of long lines of sights such as crossfire or raid. It may be smart to pick a weapon that has lower recoil so that way you can attack enemies at long range. But if you re on a map that has a lot of close range combat such as kill house or new town a faster fire rate weapon maybe the better pay moving on to the next tip choosing the proper perks is so crucial in call of duty.


If you re in a game mode. Like search destroy dead silence is always a must because as i stated previously enemy. Footsteps are just super loud it sounds like iron man stomping around so in a game mode. Like search.

Where there s only one life you want to be as stealthy as possible and having dead silence. It makes your life super easy and on the other end of the spectrum. If you re playing search destroy don t waste your time using vulture because since your ammo restocks every round. The odds are you re not gonna run out of ammo within a single round of search and destroy if that s the case.

I don t know what to tell you in game. Modes like domination then flak jacket and tactical mask will be your best friend. When you re capping a flag. There s tons of explosives going off people love to throw grenades so by being able to soak up grenades and not be affected by tacticals.

That s gonna let you cap and continue engaging in gunfights in terms of appart to toughness is pretty much one of the best perks in the game it reduces. The flinch when people are shooting at you. And that s gonna let you win more gunfights. But let s say you re playing a respawn game mode.

And you need ammo. Then using the perk. Vulture may be a solid choice as well truthfully. There s not one best set of perks and there s tons of great perks in call of duty mobile.

So if you would like a dedicated video to the best and worst perks in the game. Let me know down in my comment section below moving on to the next tip use a powerful specialist. There s tons of specialists to choose from and there s in my mind that stick out from all the others and those two being the war machine. And the scythe so out of those i would say the war machine is my personal favorite.


It s a grenade launcher and it one he kills everything one tip. It is smart to use flak jacket with the war machine. Because sometimes you may shoot an enemy. That s close to you a teammate may walk in the way of your shot.

And you can accidentally shoot them so by having flak jacket on if you accidentally damage yourself you won t blow yourself up and in terms of the scythe. This is essentially a long range minigun it doesn t kill as quickly as the war machine. But it definitely has more range and in terms of the other specialist like the tempest. The purifier.

The sparrow. Those are all okay dependent on the map and your play style. But in general the war machine and the scythe are always going to be good no matter. What kind of player you are and no matter.

What math you get now moving on to the final tip for today s video. This is gonna be using the right graphical settings for your device under the graphics tab in your settings. There s a bunch of tweaks you can make the lower the quality. The more smoother game will run most newer devices can handle max quality with high frame rate.

But if you re running an older device that may not have the best hardware or technology. It may be smart to downscale a bit and sacrifice some quality to have a more smooth experience so feel free to test both high and lower settings and find what works best for your device and your play style. Now that was the final tip for today s video. If you learned something new be sure to leave a like down below subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications to never miss an upload thank you for watching and i ll see you next time ” .


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