Braun Series 5 and Series 7 comparison

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“Everyone as many of you know i ve done a couple of videos on my my braun series v. Shaver that i have right here and then i recently acquired series 7 shaver. So that s this guy right here. And yes.

What i m gonna do on this video is basically show you a few of the differences between them so here being the 5 and here being the 7. If you look at the top. The blades themself look very similar as far as size goes. So much i ll line the two of them up like that and you can see right there that blade wise they re about the same size.

The head. Though on the 5 is definitely larger and i think in part of that that is the both the width of it as well as the length going across these pieces on the side are a little bit wider. So if i pop the blades off on both of them you re gonna see that they re slightly a different size. So there s the 5 and here s the 7 on this particular one at the black.

So you can see that but i actually bought a replacement..

One that is also the same type of silver so as you can see the 5 definitely has a higher level of profile right there i don t know if there s any significance to that but i just wanted to show that that s but that s the case. So i m gonna put that aside and weight wise. The 5 is a little bit heavier as well on the blade as well as the entire unit. So i m gonna put that back on here and the same thing with my 7 and put that back on cleaning wise.

It s the same type of cleaning system you re going to have a clean and charged system. Which i actually have done a review on as well one for the 5 and one for the 7. Also showed whether you know the 5 works with the 7 and so on so i have those videos. The other thing is on the 5 you have your little trimmer on the back on the 7.

You have your trimmer right here on the front. I think i like the back one better because it s kind of out of the way and it seems like if you re using. It you d be able to see a little bit better. And so on so the personal preference.

The other difference is that the five simply goes on and off..

And the seven has a number of settings. So it has a number a number of different levels of vibration. So one two three so it looks like three. But i think i remembered it being five one two three four.

So you can get additional vibrations depending on the the level of thickness of your beard. And so on the ultrasonic pulses can be adjusted both of them the head will swivel and both of them have a lock as well to prevent the head from swiveling on this one. It s it s right here on this one. The lock is on the side.

So you would just adjust that turn that there on my particular one. I don t know if that s actually working it may have broken. I don t know the other thing is you re gonna see here on the back. The charging points are wide on the five and narrow on the seven.

If you put them head to head the seven is also shorter..

But the same charger will work on both here obviously. It s kind of facing the opposite way. But the same charging cord will work on either one. So that that s that s just fine.

So. The five barely but just slightly weighs a little bit more than the seven in your hand. They both feel about as as sturdy. This five is a little bit wider in the middle.

A little bit bigger overall with shaving. I haven t done them you know both back to back or you know half one side or the other that kind of thing. But i would have to say that for the most part. I didn t notice much of a difference they both give fantastic shaves and they both work very well so no complaints either way and like i said.

I would say this shaving head mechanism is roughly the same you have your your two foils and one main cutter in the middle on both and they look quite quite very much the same so i don t know necessarily that one gives you a better shave other than this having the adjustment of more vibrations..

I think that s really what your you re dealing with as far as the difference is so love to know in the comments section below. Which of these two you have or do you have a different one take a look at some of the other videos. I have i put together a playlist for these as well if this was helpful to you definitely give a thumbs up if not you know let me know why not love to hear that in the comment section. Below this one is a non cc model.

So it didn t come with the charging station and cleaning station. But as you can tell in my other video spoiler alert. It will work and this one worked on the five cleaning station. Which which i have as well so thanks so much for watching this ” .


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