BotW#169 – Getting To Hebra Tower Made Easy & Curry For What Ails You

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“Back once again folks all right so earlier on in my walk here. I pointed pointed out this guy about the curry and i said it really wasn t worth because he had to buy the curry. Which is essentially goron spice and then there a word for giving it to this guy is only fifty rupees. So really only we only make about thirty rupees in the exchange.

But we re here and i just figured why not all right so we actually heading on route to our next hour and we re gonna take this northernmost road out of out of the stable area here so we re gonna head directly east in off into the abyss there and while we re here i wanted to point something else out we are gonna need lots and lots and lots of bundles of wood. You re gonna need about a hundred and ten for tarrytown alone. And then if you haven t already done so you need about another thirty for hilly and homeowner so just all in all you need lots and lots of bundles of wood in this game..


So take full advantage of these logs that are are kneeling down for you just to kind of help you know save time running around aimlessly for a high roll chopping down. Random trees and getting firewood that way alright so that s pretty much all i have to show you here at rideau stable and for those of you who care. There is a big hearty radish right around here somewhere as well alright up here s some waiters there you are alright so let s go ahead and get a move on and we re gonna take the path that betta likes to usually walk up and down the northernmost. We re out here and this road will literally take this right to the next tower and the reason we want this tower before we proceed on with the rideau village slash.

What s name it s not root ah. I m so bad with names maddow meadow or whatever before we proceed on with the meadow. A portion of the champions blot..


It s really helpful they have the map so we re gonna we re gonna get the map. So we re heading into the snow region and i think this is he bruh so make sure you dress appropriately for the cold. We re gonna be going by some stuff. There s a little village ruin here and for you hundred percent is this is another area that you re gonna need on the map to get your hundred percent completion rate.

And i think there s some treasure in these ruins and a couple of croc seeds. Even a yellow flowers around here somewhere and a ball and chain with you red rune for it crocs eat as well alright. So the obvious tower and there s a ton of ice blocks here..


But don t waste your fire and wood and all that melting in the mall. Really all you have to do is get one down a bit. So you can kind of squeeze through or you can just use rivoli s scale and fly over it you know whatever you want to do. But i said here it melts at all these ice blocks one so found absolutely nothing for my trouble.

So talk about being heated alright folks. So you don t need to watch me climb. This hour..


Here. I ll go ahead and get us up here get the map. And then we will proceed on with our champions balad. ” .


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LUR s Breath of the Wild Complete Walkthrough #169
Best route for getting to the Hebra Tower to uncover hidden treasure, Korok Seeds, Big Hearty Radishes, and other pickups on the way from the Rito Stable. Includes the Curry For What Ails You Side Quest and more! The best possible route with tips and secrets revealed for a better overall game experience for beginners and experienced alike. Happy Hunting!

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