Boston Dog Company Award-Winning Dog Daycare

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“Dog started in november 2011. The notion was to have a dog daycare that would would like home where dogs could play safely an environment. Which is very open. Where s natural sunlight as well as having the opportunity to go outside every two to three hours to go to the bathroom.

Boston dog company is very different based on the foundation that we have a very heavy screening process. We have a three phase evaluation for each dog that enters. The first phase is the one on one in which our dog basically doesn t meet in greek..


Here and then they go to phase. Two which is the update with different danger. As long as they are social and they are very gentle calmed and very playful with the other dogs in the daycare. They can have opportunity to board with them and the boarding process is such that the dog is here during the day.

We have the opportunity to play and then stay with a pet sitter in there very tough attack. We offer a dog daycare dog for even as well as dog walking her dog walking services or one on ones. There s a solo dog list..


Which dogs have the opportunity to have a one on one service. They need that extra attention to deliver them we also offer dog running in darkness. So we do offer two sides to the daycare. We have a big dog section in a small dog section.

And we do find it very important that we do separate the dogs based upon their size. Small dogs have the opportunity to play and integrate with dogs that like to come out of their shell. They might be a little more shy and that way they re not trampled by big dogs..


It s very important to us that dogs have the opportunity to play with dogs of the same temperament and seeing social engagement. So we offer pet taxi service or pet taxi services. Very popular for the working individual who might not be able to bring a dog to daycare until we offer a service that picks them up at their home. And then drops them off here at daycare.

They spend the day here and then at the end of the day they need to as well they can have taxi service. I guess what makes boxing dog different is the fact that we bring special attention to each dog that we have in our care. We are very close with all of our clients..


We are very honest here you want to make sure that every dog that enters in goes home. Very happy very healthy and we make sure that you know they re learning in a very ” ..

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