BOSE QC 35 II Unboxing, Product Overview, and First Impressions

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“Guys mary lou here and today we are going to do an unboxing video. Most most of you guys already know i am a gadget girl. I love tech and we are going to unbox the bose quietcomfort 35 to over the ear headphones are you ready meet you so these are the limited edition triple midnight quietcomfort 35 to bose noise canceling headphones. I ve been in the market from noise canceling headphones for a long time a lot of you know i travel on airplanes twice a week every week.

Most of the year. I ve been looking for something to help ease the pain of being in airplane noise. All the time also i can use these for editing. I can use them for listening to music.

Audiobooks. Things like that full disclosure. I did already have an open version of these that i had purchased first they try them out for a day for a travel day and i loved them they were great i just trade these in for a new color. They come in black silver and online.

You can also customize the color so lots of options here now that we got that out of the way let s so when you get these they are in their plastic. And the this is my first time buying something at a bose store specifically and it was really great a really great shopping experience. I let them know that i am on planes a lot and they gave me demo that that s basically what sold me on it the gentleman turned on the tv that they have in store to demo how their sound system sound with movies. When he pulled up an airplane and was playing airplane noise and he s like we re gonna turn this up really really really loud he put the noise canceling headphones on on the highest level and i was like take take my money take my money so i think i did this wrong.

I think you re just to open it from this side first. But here we are this is what it looks like inside. First let s take a look at some of the features on these headphones they are compatible with iphone android. They have bluetooth you can use it with your google assistant and your amazon alexa wire free world class noise.

Cancellation noise mic array for clear calls and this i will say i tried it and i talked on the phone with a few different people let the conversation go for a few minutes. Then i asked hey do i sound weird to you they said. No you sound fine you sound perfect and that was very very exciting to me once you open up your package..


There s a quickstart guide here make sure you get the app for your apple phone or your android and it shows you where you can turn it on real quick. And i will vouch for that it was easy to set up then there s this little protective sheet right here that we don t need and then it has this really really beautiful case. The other pair that i had that at the rose gold logo on the side also had a rose gold logo on the case so this because it s the blue on blue. It has a blue and blue logo here i saw the same in other unboxing videos that the black ones have black case with black font on it and there also is some information on support underneath.

That packaging is what looks like your warranty information. And i guess i ll open. It i m new to unboxings. Ok inside.

This pamphlet is some literature. With some warnings and your warranty information now to the fun stuff inside this case. Which. I was super super impressed with it s really sturdy.

So you don t have to really worry about it getting squished in your backpack everything gets squished in my backpack. So i have to watch out for that. But this i think is going to survive. The marylou test.

We ve got an aux cable. We ll talk about in just a little bit. You ve got your charging cable comes with a really flimsy auxilary cable. But this is something that you re gonna need if you re listening to the entertainment on an airline.

I ll show you guys how that works in just a moment. But it comes with this this feels really cheap. This is probably the only thing in the whole setup that feels really cheap..


We ve got some protective packaging. In here. Oh these are so pretty look at this and i like that they fit so well into this case. I also like that the case has a little illustration that shows you how they lay in the case.

Because i would forget i i just know me i wouldn t remember your little pocket on the side. Here. And you have a pocket on the back. And a little holding strap.

Here this was really helpful for when i had it buried in my backpack. I was able to grab this and slide it on out now you have your beautiful beautiful beautiful headphones. This is the one in triple midnight. And i believe the black and the silver has the same texture the headphone cover here is a matte texture.

The bose has a texture that s a little like iridescent as well the ones that were blue and rose gold were glossy and i like i like this better they re really flexi and they re really soft the insides are really really soft and it does show you on the inside and r and an l. So you can know which one is right and left because the other headphones that i ve been using for years. I was wearing backwards all the time on the headphones you ve got buttons here you ve got your volume up and volume down and also your selector this button is used if you have an alexa or a google home set up with your bose you can use these to activate your home assistant. But if you don t have that you can use this to toggle york noise cancellation here on the bottom you ve got the spot where you will charge it and then you also have the spot.

Where you would put in your aux cable and you can use that if you re listening with something that doesn t have bluetooth capabilities. Like the entertainment on the plane that s the only time i get to watch movies. But they re always pretty good especially on delta. The earpads are really really soft they re super squishy.

I like him a lot really comfortable. I wore this on the plane for the 12 hour travel day and they were so comfortable. And i felt so cute there s stylish could wear it over my hair..


It looks nice. I was wearing glasses and it was it it s that perfectly it was wonderful. I was able to fall asleep on the plane with them on i wore them all day. They did get a little bit sweaty when i was moving around a lot.

The gentleman at bo s offered some alcohol prep pads to me. They just gave them to me and they said that if you re wearing them for working out or you get sweaty to just wipe. The inside of the cushion. With this and you can also buy replacement cushions at the bose store.

Although they did mention finding the blue cushions may not always be an option. So if that s a problem for you then i would buy the black ones if these went out and they didn t have glue. I feel like i could put a black cushion on here and not feel crazy about it even though. I think i would prefer the blue because i like it so our last button is the power button here on the side you pull that over for three seconds and then you will see the blue lights start to flash.

And that s when you are ready to pair with bluetooth. The app. That you need is called bose connect available on the apple store and google play store. The setup is super.

Easy my phone quickly recognizes this through bluetooth. So you can choose that here and you can set up your bose headphones to multiple devices. I had mine connected to my phone and my computer at the same time and was easily able to switch from listening to media on one device to another the app gives you a really great product tour. I knew what i was doing with these headphones within 10 minutes.

I had them set up and i was listening to things and just noise cancelling to my heart s content. The top right hand corner you have your settings on the bottom left. You ve got your bluetooth connection..


You ve got a music share. Option where you can share your music between two bose headphones. And you have your noise. Cancellation options and you can really tell the difference.

When you re listening to it between off low and high. But even when it s off the noise canceling. It s pretty good okay. It already does just like as a physical barrier is pretty good low cuts out a little bit more so if i m just sitting at home low is probably fine.

But on high it s nothing like i don t even i might be screaming at you right now and if i am i apologize. So great like i don t even hear any of the cars that are outside and i hear them now and now i don t hear any of it this is great i love these things. According to the sales rep at bose the way that it works is through noises that are kind of constant noises. If you hear a loud clap.

It s not going to be able to adjust to that but a hum or cars driving by something that s kind of constant it can adjust to i highly suggest that you get these if you travel a lot i don t think i could live without them. Now. I am going to have them with me always and i look forward to traveling with them more usually after a travel day i feel really exhausted and i have a headache and i just feel wrecked and i felt not completely ok. But less wrecked.

I definitely felt less wrecked so if you re a traveler or you listen to a lot of music or you work in cafes. A lot i think that this would be a worthwhile investment. I hope you guys found that helpful if you did please let me know in the comments like and subscribe. If you haven t already and i will see you guys in the next video bye bye.

I don t hear you it s nice look at this look at how ” ..

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