Boros Aggro Brawl Deck (MTG Arena) Tajic Legions Edge Commander

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“That s one way to die. Wow. Let s just take it all that s s what she said. See what happens here did i lose everyone thanks for tuning joey moss with a bad boy gaming and we re gonna be playing mr.

Legions edge tasak tajik. Yes. He s pretty sweet card. This is gonna be our commander or our brawl leader whatever you might call it four threes got haste and the mentor prevent all non combat damage that would be dealt to other creatures you control.

Which is really slick and then produce we can give him first strike pretty cool so what cards do you we want to build around with him anything that s really quick. Honestly we re trying to win matches. Fast hasty for the most part healers hawk. Is great remember we do have mentor abilities to mentor is huge for those of you little newer.

What mentor is whenever. This creature attacks put a puzzle puzzle. Encounter and target attacking creature with lesser power. So something like hawk would be great get in for the damage in the sky and life game.

I got shocked for a removal integrity to our creature get supposed to pose to it s a pump and then we can deal free damage to anything. Which is pretty cool. That s how a win actually won one of the matches of doing that bounty agent. Just something destroy target legendary permanent.

That s an artifact creature in sh m. It not bad for a removal brought back to bring things back charming prince cuz. It s flexible hero of precinct. One because we do have a plethora of multicolored spells type taker because i can slow people down a little bit lava coil.

Very cool robber of the rich to maybe steal something real quick and we can put to good use sure strike for a little bit of pump action at first strike gotta love first strike spells boras challenger because of the mentor and also you can pump them up giving a pulse impulse. One it would be cool. If that was a pulse impulse. One counter.

I could put on himself. They d be really neat just a strike target creature deals damage to itself either it s powered just because we need removal legion guide mage guilds mage. Really was hesitant about running this. But it s a 2 2.

For two and it has other abilities on it you know so i thought all right. We ll give it a shot and performance wise. It just did ok nothing really too spectacular out of it has kind of expected response resurgence. I like cause it has removal and the second part of the car you control gain first regen vigilant of turn and after this main phase.

An additional combat phase. Followed by additional main phase. Pretty sweet skynet to get into flying damage. Swift blade vindicator double strike vigilance.

What do you want 10th district legionnaire. We re not gonna be targeting a whole lot. But he has a haste and that s why he s in there. I think there s maybe three or four cards that will target prison realm for removal and breakable formation.

Because we could splash pulse with pulsed ones making destructible bonecrusher giant. Which is good for removal chandra s acolyte a flame because it s shadrach light. A flame and it could bring back an instant or sorcery basically krang coat in street kingpin is legit. Because it gets big you ll see legion war boss.

Again. We like spreading out a bunch of tokens that s great feather. The redeemed just because it s a flyer three four. I thought yeah i d be a great.

Inclusion and also it whenever you can since your sorcery. Spell. Etc. Etc.


We can perfect that a little bit. Skynet legionnaire cuz. It s flying hasty. It s in the air buddy.

That s that s enough right there deuce deuce chandra s fire anderson. Which is cool just for more stuff. Cosmic tronic wave. Great for just blowing up the board.

Especially if we ve got something like tour burnout. You know that could really get ugly. There i just want damage each creature pose control cruise your opponent s control. Can t block.

This turn that s pretty phenomenal tour. Brin just makes everything nasty a really hogs mpi of justice is pretty cool as we can even comment on your turn one target creature. It s about the mentor. But it really it s a flyer in itself.

It s a four drop not bad not here ii now. I didn t really use an abuse. And i hear he too much in this one yeah. She she has some cool little abilities.

There. But i really like the first strike for trying to be very aggressive to our opponents. So i figure if if it s early game turn four. We could play in a hurry and drop.

This only has little creatures out still ideally we could just swing. It and they re not gonna block and if they do they re gonna lose those creatures. It s kind of like what i was going for there i m not sure if she is a must. But i thought should be interesting to play outlawz merriment.

Really cool very flexible keep dropping a creature every single turn true fire captain a fun way to close out of match. Let me tell you i posted s. Minotaur and berkeley. Because it s a beast.

There s our land base here and nothing too crazy. One castle member. If i didn t run the other white castle. Because i don t like cheap burgers.

So there you go alright guys. There you have it yeah. Enjoy let me know your thoughts on this deck. If there s anything else you d swap out of it i d love to hear that too i mean.

This is magic. It s full of ideas and that subscribe by all means go ahead and the ones that are appreciate you guys oh. I didn t see you there alright moving forward. We are going to play.

Oh. Mr. Hayslip pace. Probably go changing next time.

I mean. It s a pretty wendling move a permanent. I guess the app goes into a mountain phase. Oh.

My god i forgot all about feather. How about that huh ai. N t that something ai. N t that something probably a lesion would be great here ninte jake next turn is it tadgh ik daisy taji.


I don t know his armor sweet. We re gonna fella pick up some of that armor more than likely gonna use removal here no all right i m sensing opponents frustration picking it up on all waves. Right. Now everybody want that double mentor.

Oh yeah uu9 no you know i don t i m gonna need my shock. But tony s like a flame sweep right now all right that s something be ashamed somewhere to happen to it oh i kind of want to go i m breakable. But we re not gonna okay. We should we shut my meaning should we show you guys alright.

Let s go let s go out that way let s do it instead of lava oil and all the other crap hey. Who are you got em good trap our wings guard definitely boris first maybe we should go ties digger. Yeah slows them down a tiny bit well not really a little bit something it s doing stuff phone. Crushes immediately all right.

I think i ll go in yeah. I never just put on fire 20 kanaka chandra. Me another red never been fresh brought back also give him he s down there too yeah. We ll take it needle and baby needle and divine gotta land not the one we want.

But it is something gorsh or eight. He s gonna get some angels out it s crazy how this grew into a 4 4. Spirit. That s nice well no you can get oh he s gonna get whoa whoa hey buddy whoa hey buddy buddy hey that creates one of his friends should be game my math was all off there manses for blockers never try concentrating on on math.

When when you re attacking there s just no point our cards are all blazing meds. We ll take it out now now we got a lava coil. Big boy here next time. That s wish we were doing more things than that things are good.

I just don t know what would be beneficial. I like amber cleave a lot. But i don t know trying to get around to it there s got it at five clever needed that with great hands out. We re gonna be ugly.

Now here ii will give us first strike. So what first strike and double strike. What does it all mean nobody knows what it means. But it gets the people so if we have first strike and double strike wouldn t i really recommend out together.

Oh. My gosh. I think that would have us just roll over all right oh. He s got it he s got two things man you strahl my gosh guys.

And we can get torben to stick on the battlefield next during we go nah hearing. That s gonna be scary stuff. Let s swing in so you got first strike. Oh just double strike.

So if i would have waited till next about then you would have been even bigger you know then we got crap like this to do this alright. So we didn t take out two creatures for one i mean i d say that s pretty legit and we can always use tech. I probably got to go in a hurry. Though you got enough draw do you need more boosh.

Needing a hearing and he can cast that again. He has a lot of cards in him holy crap. Are there any more creatures you d like to play man. When you get something like this in a brawl game.

It s basically over and there s no coming back like i m telling you when someone drops a great hands on you in brawl you re gonna lose. There s no way it s just non stop creatures coming at you thanks for being tardy is all hack bro could have used you like five years ago. Well. That s one way to die.

Wow. Let s just take it all that s what. She said. See what happens here did i lose hmm.


Oh yeah up against shah s up against mr. Shah. He s gonna be dropping big creatures. We re gonna have to save her a giant killer for down the road.

If swift isn t dealt with it s gonna be pretty sweet. That s all i know pejic loves. The vindicator really. No answer yet.

I like oh. Incoming well better than losing franco. I ll say that chief former removals. I think i gotta get it out.

I got a try we got to at least try. What franco escape that s a lot oh boy nothing really insane. There okay. I guess we go change it yeah.

But if you dropped abby s whisper. We can justice strike. It there s thorn man on to crank. Oh.

No on wow. Okay. We can prisoner um. Can you justice strike.

It can giant killer. It we can do a lot of it s that s three though we had three different ways to kill it i was debating on which one to go with whoo hey. Stu. Luckily.

There s free mulligan s cuz. That was bad. Oh. That s better new little oxford.

Offered online daffodil garak. Oh boy all right so we got to get there. I m sure you get a lot of removal up until that point the matchmaking system so funny let me tell you you got haste. All right won t fight you and then you next turn.

She s a random. I guess this was about to go to those baseball s oh. Because i can t mentor each other huh like i meant are you you i ve got in nineteen. If only sweet of really.

I had hey stern sleeper guardian. Who is going big and then we do i guess we drop all of these that s pretty insane excuse you gotten that ham bro say nice because you re gonna sweep us right now it s like noise rich whoops ooh. Oh yes ah only we can give him haste. Well.

I guess. This is gay. Okay everybody we got this aurelia just target anything does it matter. I guess we should probably give it to him because he has a mentor there should be game ooh well play it well please no men thought for me.

But it would be out one. And then mayhem will kill him and lethal. Oh. That was nice that was nice very quick.

Very little thanks molly. I mean that s bad too. Where s all my one drops man thanks to drop boy scratch. You there i have not seen him ever.


We re just gonna keep things how they are i have not seen. My hawk in any previous match that s insane because he s that good i mean i gotta roll. It leading a war boss brother when you can get him in you get a room. 22 next thing.

We can healer and more boss in a perfect world. I don t get waiting for us to die. Maybe yeah. I guess get to damage in well.

We can t huh. I get counter here there is not a damaged one torgren can ruin my friends day ritual site because of course take top check. It noticed jonathan dreams alright gg. We went hari seal.

The deal. Hey. Thanks. Let me close it out good.

Game. Home. Oh oh. Oh spaghettios.

We really needed true captain out a shock. Be funny on it what do you do now bro. What s your plan. Now bro broski.

He s like that s that s a good one now that s pretty good. Mr. Icp boy good the game you see guys when he s dealt damage. Oh forget.

He knows gets trampled right cool. Now it s gg yes good game. My friends who got a win in a very rushing fashion with this build. So there it is i hope you guys enjoyed this one a lot of fun really fast.

I mean if you re looking for a really fast commander build that s exactly what you re gonna find with this build now there was a match or two where i was using venerated laksa don. But i mean we need things to be faster. We really really do and that s why venerated is in there our venerated. It s out of the deck.

Now so if there s anything else i mean you think we could be running that can make this deck. Even a little bit more hasty or quicker. I mean i m all ears. Didn t come across our sure strike once which is kind of weird.

But whatever we re gonna do a lot of haste like stuff everything really built around haste for the most part you know we want to come down and just swing away with haste. We don t have a lot of instance and sorceries so that s why we re really not running a bunch of cards um like like was this awakener. No doubt that the other card. It s a cool card.

Though but the other one sure we don t get a lot of instances sorceries that s all i m trying to say i mean we got maybe a total of six eight 300. We got eleven that s not too bad so i mean. It s a little bit of something. But i didn t really there was what matches even draw one of my instance their sorceries.

I was like really i don t think so anyway. Joey monster glasses and braces. We ll be out of here. Brenda bought me out make sure you guys leave a like it does help out a lot i ” .


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