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” s false o clock. Baby. Meet me at launchpad. So mallow on has that laser laser on lockdown.

There s no way your drop pod would get through security. But ve got a state of the art atlas friendship with cloaking. So. The plan is to fly up to the orbital platform and take out that laser before kanagawa knows what hit him hey.

You made it my ships. Right. There state of the art atlas. Cloaking.

Baby. This way. No. No no gotta go uh.


Buddy. Given that unconditional surrender. Any more thought or do you need another love slap from your old pal laser roy to change your mind. Sir screw.

You when you re ready just swing by with the paperwork can t wait to absorb atlas into the malla wan family. Oh and you can bring zero. I ll bet. He s interested i die before i hand over atlas to that corporate asshat.

New plan new plan. We steal a mallow on shuttle with security protocols. Here take this. So.

The viper drive is atlas state of the art. Remote hacking. Now. We ll use that baby to steal a mallow on shuttle.


You in already do it in my mind. And the moustache spoil betters. Got a story focus just just find yourself a mellow on shuttle and pop in a viper drive. I do the rest.

I don t care. What kanagawa sex this merger will happen over my cold dead body. Which is probably the point you know last time a vault open on promethea atlas rose like a phoenix and then i died like a phoenix does kind of torn both ways on this one that girl mustache to inspire my troops that s leadership right right just as atlas was getting back to form mallow on shows up in invades. I mean what the hell man why me all i ever wanted was a corporation.

I could call my own this is my shot vault on it you can t throw away your shot hey. It s you like it on the ouya via the end of the name. But i know that winning gun. So that s my good buddy zero.

Doing atlas would be rubble about him. He is climbing the corporate ladder is exhausting you know sometimes i just want to climb a real ladder. You know if you see my main man. Vaughn back on pandora.


Tell. Him main man. Reese said. Ah tell.

Him reese said. Yeah people in the corporate world are all go go go not you go. It s um. Oddly.

Unsettling. Well you may not have brought an army of thousands vault hunter. But hope you can get like one i used to work for hyperion corporation. But well that story s got a long tail ah venus huh.

Yeah. I ve been meaning to visit but haven t had a chance what we gonna join corporation and everything just haven t found the time i don t care what kanagawa says this merger will happen over my cold dead body. Okay time to try out the viper drive well done vault hunter. Thank you for saving my bro that time is finished you disappeared on a cyril.


I was on the hunt could not give myself away radio silence like i said zero. I super trusted you the whole time and it was completely justified as for you vault hunter. I owe you everything you fought off an all out corporate assault saved my company and killed my creepy business stalker. But before i give you this key fragment one last thing to ask of you i might pull it off this mustache for what it s perfection itself.

I am happy they re proud to call you my mustachioed brother wow. Okay. That s it s a lot to take in hmm. Thank.

You well. I will remember that here you go one vault. Key fragment as promised bring it to me on sanctuary and i will assemble the bulky music. ” .


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Meeting rhys in borderlands 3

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