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” s going on guys killer. Six back with some more borderlands. 2. For you guys.

Guys. And a lot of you have asked me to show you how to farm infinity. How to farm the sand hog. The pimpernel.

We ll get to all these things i ve covered most of these before but we re going to do kind of a refresher because i know. There s a lot of new people over here in the borderlands community and i want to be all inclusive. And i don t want them to have to go searching too far. I want this to be a fresh video and to show what we know now and also to show the game as it exists now so what you need to do is you need to go to three horns valley.

You want to go here to the happy pig motel area and those guys are right here is going to be your best friend you stand right where i just stood toward the front of the geyser and it will launch you up in the air..

Now you cannot do this with creek creek is too heavy. He he he lifts bro so uh his muscle mass is just too damn heavy for him to do this. But as you can see with guns are super. Easy with zero.

It s easy with sar and it s easy with mech romancer. It s easy with commando. It s easy you just got to hit that guy s or just right. And you ll land right up.

Here. Now this one right here weird weird all this on op0 at first using op8 weapons. That s why i m able to shred him so fast just for you know complete disclaimer there if you will uh huh. However we re going to do some op8 and i m going to show you that you can absolutely do this i am not the most skillful player.

So i m not going to try and claim that i m you know that good at this game..

I want you to guys to be able to see that sometimes you fail like right here i fail this jump. But this is what we call a happy accident because look what we got over here that is a tubby scag. Now for those of you who are new to borland s a tubby enemy or a chubby enemy. If you re on the the lower levels.

The normal mode levels of the chubby s and tubby s are rare enemies who can drop better loot than normal. So as you see here we kill this one he drops a legendary that s right there on the ground. We just finish off this little annoying pops keg get out of here kid holy cow. I got and pick up the iridium so we can see what we re doing and we got a assassin class mod.

And that s pretty good don t need it because i m a gun sucker whatever and at emp tpms are pretty good pistol. So which is kind of ironic considering we re farming. The infinity. Which is along the same lines as the tmp the downside to the tmp is you have to reload.


But it is very very powerful a lot of people will say that it has higher dps actually than the infinity. When you compare the two i m not sure i believe that as i said the infinity you never have to reload. It so that s what makes the infinity. So good you just hold down the trigger and people die.

And you know as long as you re having fun playing the game. That is all that matters if people want to complain that the infinity is the most overhyped item or the you know whatever there s people out there that just hate because they like to hate and so be it i don t really care if you if you want to play with an infinity play with an infinity. If you want to use a bee shield use a bee shield. If you want to be hiding behind cover and sniping people from you know across the map.

That s your thing do it man have fun as you can see here we finally get the infinity to drop and uh. It is a rapid infinity rapid prefix just means it shoots faster not the the most ideal one. But it s good you know it s all it matters. So we ll take a look at it here and of course gearbox game being gearbox.

We get an opie 7 version..

Since around op8. Which makes perfect sense. If you are bizarro superman. Now the infinity pistol.

Does also shoot in a infinity symbol pattern. So if you were able to see the bullets right here you would see that they were going in the shape of a sideways infinity symbol actually all infinity symbols are sideways otherwise would be a number eight win it anyhow so i hope you guys enjoyed this if this was helpful to you then make sure you click that like button. It is super helpful to me if you re new to the channel. And you want to see more borderlands content.

More overwatch content as well then make sure you hit that subscribe button. If you have suggestions for other things you d like to see me farm post. Those in the comments below as well thank you guys for watching take care. ” .


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This is a refresher for Borderlands 2 on how to quickly farm the Infinity Pistol from Doc Mercy. This guide is directed toward newer players, but might be insightful for the old players as well.

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