Bluetooth Neck Speaker UNDER $20

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“Is going on everybody welcome back to phones and drones. I actually stumbled upon this this on accident. I ve looked at boses version of these kind of neckwear design and for 250. I was not interested in them at all i actually found this at a local store called five below for exactly what the name of the store is called for five dollars.

There is numerous different models of this and versions that amazon actually sells on their website and i ll throw a link up to those as well in the description. But my thing is how well does a five dollar next speaker compared to what the 250 dollar. One offered from bos. Obviously.


You are gonna get some discrepancy in quality. A it s bose beer spending a hundred times the price almost of this device. So having said that i want to go ahead. And just do a quick unboxing for you guys and check it out what really kind of piqued my interest in this is that this actually does have bluetooth 50.

So it s somewhat modern it s somewhat up to date obviously. It is bluetooth so it will work with any device that has bluetooth so iphone android phone tablets computers whatever you want this will connect to the only thing that i m kind of concerned about is the playtime. It says. It s only good for one to two hours so we ll put that to the test.


We ll see obviously it has a smaller battery and it does charge with usb micro usb port instead of usb type c. But beggars can t be choosers for this five dollar price point. Let s go ahead and get this open and see what we get all right so in the box it looks like you have the next speaker you have your yep microusb port charger and our instructions and that looks to be it not too much else is really in the box guys not too much that you would really need looks like it has a little disclaimer sticker on the bottom. It s almost peeling off.

We ll go ahead and take care of that already as well looks like you have your control simple on and off on this side with the adjust with the charging port and no other controls on it at all so it looks like you re gonna have to control the volume from your phone. I don t even see a pairing button on this but let s go ahead and turn it on and see if there s any battery. Oh not sure if you guys heard that it sounded pretty good. Let s go ahead and unlock.


My pixel here and see if we can connect to it so i m assuming it s gonna be no i was gonna say i think it s the lm for 401. But it is not let s see what s gonna be called nope don t need you google assistant bluetooth. The remix speaker there we go alright so we are paired you can see the solid blue light there and let s see what we can get to play all right so i just went to bend sounds really quick to see what we can have play here alright not too bad actually i m not sure how well the sound is coming through for you guys. But let s play something a little bit more upbeat and see how this sounds so there we go not too bad for sound.

I know you guys aren t gonna be able to see it. But i m gonna put it on really quick does feel a little more awkward and bulky than the bose when i put on in the past as well obviously like i said. There s no flexibility here it s pretty large large piece of equipment as well. But that is really it guys let me know what you guys think is this something you d be interested in for 20 bucks or less like i said i paid five on this the most excuse me the least expensive one.


I ve seen on amazon was about 25 bucks is it worth. It is this a pointless piece of technology. What do you guys think leave a comment down below thumbs up this video. And don t forget to subscribe to the channel thanks for watching guys.

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