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“A movie where i can screw up someone else s life and not my own own black mirrors. bandersnatch is the best choose your own adventure since beware. The peanut butter. But this modern take provides some twisted psychological scares and i m here to decipher every possible ending as well as provide some easter eggs along the way stick around til the end of this video or i ll include a link to a map.

Where you can find out how exactly to get every ending. So put on some tea and get ready to take the plunge. Because we have a deadline to get to the first and easiest ending you may have encountered occurs roughly 10 minutes in when deciding whether to take the owner of tucker softs development deal if you re a dumb dumb. Like me.

And clicked. Accept the game was completed in time for christmas. But due to it being severely rushed is given a 0 out of 5 stars on screen your verdict. No stars out of 5.

Terrible stefan has given up his artistic integrity in order to make a subpar product for a big expanding company. Stephen i should try again in essence. He s become a sellout in this distinction between artistic integrity and the corporate chill is personified by colin rickman and mohan tacker respectively. Mohan says of colin this man could afford a lamborghini.

But still prefers to roll his own cigarettes for colin video game design isn t about the money. It s about the art and just to nail home this dichotomy. Guess who makes the assistant go out and get them pre rolled cigarettes and a lion bar. The greedy ceo of course happy birthday and the lion will become synonymous with the packs demon who will get into a bit more later the second ending comes after stefan agrees to the deal.

But after weeks of frustration begins to break down. When his father comes to take him out to the pub were given the choice of throwing tea on his computer. Or shouting at the dude who just wants to give him a free meal. And since tea and electronics.

Don t mix his work is destroyed and we re forced to start over just like stefan. If you re one of the cool cats who decides to follow colin. You ll be treated to a psychedelic scene in which stefan takes a drug or is drugged depending on which one you ve chosen and undergoes a hallucinatory experience. The drug itself has the picture of the lion or pax demon.

Who stefan calls the thief of destiny. He s an enemy in bandersnatch who essentially kills you makes you start over and is referred to as a demon by the old lady in the jerome f. Davis documentary. Stefan puts on later.

The drug also parallels the experience aldous huxley. Had while writing his book. The doors of perception high on mescaline. Which mohan refers to earlier on while on this trip.


Colin tells us that time is a construct and that there are many different realities that intertwine and connect therefore nothing we do matters and this idea of nothing. We do matter is echoed as well by the old lady in the documentary. If we have no free will and everything is already planned out for us who cares if we become say a murderer. It s not our fault.

It s already pre planned and to prove that none of this matters because there are multiple realities. Colin dare stephan to jump over the edge and if you re like me and chose to go over well let s just say you get our third possible ending stephan goes splat our fourth ending is much more subdued after getting back from dr. Haines stephan is actually given a few choices as to what to do with his new medication one option only available to those who didn t do the colin psychedelic trip. Storyline is to take the pills if you choose this you get our fourth ending in which stephan completes the game on time.

But because the pills have stifled his creativity. The game comes out and is a dud. The reviewer on the show microchip saying that it was like the creator was on autopilot so in this version. No one dies.

Except the metaphorical creative vision of stefan in our fifth and arguably weirdest ending. If you answered that netflix is controlling stefan after he refuses to throw tea on his computer. He ll break down and tell his father that he needs to see dr. Haynes.

The doctor tells him why the hell would you pick the most boring of endings and to remedy. This asked. If we should add more action and of course. We re given only two options yes or fuck yeah.

But here s where you can get one of two different endings. If you choose to leap through the window. You ll get stopped by a crew member on the set of black mare. Who tells stefan that this isn t part of the script as the character truly has delved into the madness of this character and does not know who he is the movie has become his reality.

But if you decide to stay and fight the doctor. Stefan s dad barrels in and after a swift karate chop or kicked to the balls. Whichever you chose you sick bastards. You get the same ending of him being taken away by his father screaming hysterically that someone from the future has been talking to him then things start to get a little darker.

If you chose to kill your father with the ashtray and bury his body all the scenarios and in stefan going to jail. But with little twists in between for example. If you tell mohan you can make the deadline. Colin shows up and you can kill him in like the weirdest way possible because there are multiple realities.

He just basically submits now if you can t make the deadline. It s actually random who shows up you either get kitty. Who asked where colin is and the dog eventually digs up his body in the garden. Which was alluded to in the first scene when the father says this dog will be the death of us or you get mohan who is shanked by stefan off screen and colin is arrested for drug use and if you had the total indecency to chop up your dad stefan will at least have enough time to finish the game and get it on store shelves in time for christmas.


If you do this the game will receive a five star rating. But will soon be taken off the shelves. When stefan is found to have chopped up his dad. And is promptly sent to prison.

This is my personal favorite ending because we then flash forward into the future to find. Pearl rickman. Colin and kitty s daughter who we saw as a baby now all grown up and taking on the task of updating bandersnatch for tv platforms. Like netflix.

What we are experienced. What we re watching right now is her work we are watching bandersnatch and like its previous krater. It has caused her to go mad you may have also noticed the concept drawings of lions in the background. The symbol of the bandersnatch while experiencing an error were given the option for her to throw tea over the computer or destroy.

It just like stefan was given both of these options in the show and finally let s get to the safe. And the mysterious passwords because one of the leads to a hidden ending. Although you re only prompted with two passwords. There are actually four in total two of which can only be accessed.

If you visited colin s house and completed. The psychedelic storyline. If you chose toi is your password you ll get to revisit the flashback scene with your mom and change the past by putting your stuffed animal underneath the bed. So that mom won t be late for a train in the morning.

Thereby missing the train that will eventually crash and lead to her death. But this can t be a black mirror episode. Without some morbid twist. And when his mom asked him if he wants to go and you say yes.

Which is a new prompt now you end up on the train. Only for that one crash so either way it looks like the ending. Proves. Colin and the old documentary lady right you can t change fate.

It will always find a way to correct itself. But what about the other passwords for example. If you type in pax. You ll be treated to a jump scare of the bandersnatch demon before being awoken from your nightmare.

You ll remember pax is the name of the demon in bandersnatch. Who stefan calls. The thief of destiny. If you chose jfd you ll get another jump scare.


But this time by head decapitator and bandersnatch. Author jerome f. Davis. J.

Ft of course being his initials and finally pac pac referred to by collin as a government conspiracy program called program and control pac actually opens. The safe. Where stefan finds. He s been part of this government cover up program as a test subject for years.

He s constantly being watched given doses of some unknown substances and his traumatic memories seemed to have been manufactured in a film studio. Not to mention. It looks like dr. Haynes has been on it too the two people.

Stefan is trusted. Most in his life. His dad. And his doctor have turned out to be the most deceptive.

I hope you stuck around for a special post credit scene in which stefan puts in a tape entitled bandersnatch demo into his cassette player on it is a bunch of unintelligible static in high pitched ringing and for those of you like easter eggs. This show has a ton like the metalhead poster a nod to season four episode featuring killer robotic dogs the program nosedive the same title of seasons 3ds opener starring bryce dallas howard and saint junipers the hospital. Where stefan visits dr. Haynes sounds.

Oddly close season three s san. Junipero. Let s not forget. This symbol.

Here. A picture of jerome f. Davis s glyph. Which he used to map out bandersnatch.

Which looks just like the white bear mass. Some of the patrons in season. Two s white bear episode would wear dr. Hanes first initials.

The letter r and the owner of season fours black museum was in our haines could they somehow be related in this paper clip is chock full of surprises. Including an article titled the love machine referencing a futuristic love machine like season fours hang the dj space fleet. The favorite show of uss callisters meth daemon and 15 million merits which references a show called hot shot. Which was a show in season 1 in which contestants would battle it out to gain their freedom briefly at tucker soph.


We see a poster for pig in a poke. A reference to season. One s national anthem episode in which the prime minister. Michael callow.

Must have sex with a pig in order to save his daughter he s also mentioned later in the news ticker winning a celebrity bake off right next to one about a prototype pollinator drone. Which was used in season three s hated in the nation. There s also a reference to liam monroe. The character who controlled a cartoon bear named waldo who becomes a dictator in season.

Two s the waldo moment and finally a nod to season fours crocodile when uk police test groundbreaking memory recall device which is used by police investigators to nab suspected criminals. But one of the things i loved about this episode was its attention to detail for example depending on which cereal. You chose at the beginning. It will play that cereals commercial later on when stefan tries to hook.

It up to the vcr. I also enjoyed its underlying discussion of fate versus free will you have colin. Who essentially argues fate controls our lives therefore. Nothing matters well in other hand.

We have dr. Haynes. Who believes. There is free will.

But nothing we can do to stop the past or you can take the dark approach of the documentary lady and say the only thing. That exists is the illusion of free will black mirror. Doesn t tell us what to think about these hefty topics rather provides different mirrors for which we can reexamine the world we live in. But if there s anything this episode has taught us.

It s that our actions have consequences and we can go back and change them. But life isn t like netflix. And it doesn t have a replay button. If only it that simple i hope you enjoyed this video and give it a thumbs up.

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