BEST WIRELESS IN-EARS? : Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Momentum Wireless REVIEW

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“Right what s up guys. Today. Is very special. This is an exclusive first look look at sennheiser s brand new wireless in ear headphones.

Today we are looking at sennheiser hd. One wireless all right right off the bat we re looking at the box. And you can tell it s simple sennheiser black and blue the pictures do not do this justice at all all right so first off. We re going to start with accessories like we always do and for these to be in your headphones.

You wouldn t think accessories are really that special or you re wrong right off the bat you can look to see that there is a microusb cable. Because that is for charging these earbuds get 10 hours of battery life. Which is very impressive. You also get many different sized ear tips so that you can find one that fits.

You i ve found that the ones that came on it fit me perfectly all right so we really just need to take a second to admire how impressive this case is like most wireless earbuds. You get a little pouch. Something very small nothing special to put them in this is a bonafide hard case. Everything is trimmed out where it s black with red stitching that same thing follows all the way on to the headphones himself.

Which we ll get into in a second once you open it up you can see that it s actually kind of has compartments built in so the headband rests here and your ear buds fit in here everything fits very snug. They don t move around this is one impressive case all right so check out the look of these all right. This is black leather with red stitching. Going all the way across the neck big that is honestly one of the most comfortable neck bands.

I ve ever felt so when it s around your neck. These right here have enough weight that it keeps them from moving like i d never felt like they slid any i mean they stay put the whole time now that is important because most of them have issues with sliding and all and i never experienced that was easy the cable that goes to the earbuds themself is a semi flat cable..

That keeps it from getting like really tangled up amongst each. Other the flat cable is always a nice plus. The material here on the left side you see a sennheiser logo on the right hand side you see where it s spelled out as sennheiser your cables come out more towards the back end and again. That s about where you want them to be because that s where they come up to where your ears are all right so it s simple on the right hand side it doesn t look like there s anything.

But to be honest. That is where your nfc pairing is if your device is capable of that you just simply tap it on to this side and it will pair to your phone automatically now on the left hand side that is where the brains of this whole thing rest now i did want to mention this neck band. One intriguing feature. If you re listening to your music and somebody tries to call you while you re listening you know sometimes it plays a tone in your ear.

And you hear this neck. These will vibrate these vibrate. Whenever you have an incoming call. Which of course on the inside part of the left you ll see your control.

So you can answer your calls here you can skip tracks forward and backwards. Which is simply by holding the correct button for two seconds your power button is also located in here along with your indicator like now i like that they put it on the inside. So you don t have anything outside flashing just alerting people so if you re listening into the dark. None of that s an issue.

All right also on the left side on the very end of it that is where your microusb. Port is for charging you just simply just pull that little plug out once it s pushed in i mean. It s not noticeable that that s where your plug is at all all right so. The earbuds themselves.

These have a very unique impressive look like it is a chrome polished. It has a shiny look to it even the logos on the outside kind of has a holographic shine to them it kind of looks like a cd on the bottom of it used to if any of you guys know what a cd is but the simple sennheiser logo is here the ear tips that are on these they the ones that came on it right off the back had a perfect seal..

I didn t have to try all the other ones. But you know in case you need to it s nice that they give you so many options and again the way this mechanism is on the back part of the earbud you see a little hook. That the cable goes through that alleviates a lot of the pulling and yanking is just designed these the way these things are designed you can tell that there was a lot put into alright. So the most exciting part about this the part that i ve been waiting to tell you guys about because honestly why are you here you want to know for 200.

Because that s what these retail for are these the best in ear wireless earbuds headphones. Whatever you want to call that you can get now i can say through my testing and i tried it with my pc. My phone. My tablet.

The gaming system well the vita can t use it on console. Because bluetooth. I have to say and i m usually not the biggest in ear headphone fan. I love over the ear.

Because of what all it gives you these are honestly the best wireless earbuds. I have ever heard the soundstage sennheiser found a way to take their high end over the ear headphones cram it into an in ear headphone and give you such good sound separation bass is so punchy and trebles are so bright that it almost gets to where it s too bright it s that good there they found that level. And said ok we re going to stop there. And we re going to give you so much punch.

The mid range is great vocals and everything i was so impressed by these that i am tempted to take my favorite over the ear wireless. Headphones and put them to the side simply to use these full time. Now. That s impressive coming from somebody who always uses over the ear headphones.

These are really hard to explain how great the music sounds. You can take both and go ahead and put that to the side take beats can go ahead and put that to the side sony even there in ears..

Don t compare to what i have heard out of these you re paying for luxury. Obviously with the leather. It s a step up you re paying for an impressive. Hard case that you don t get with other in ear headphones.

But sound. I honestly take away the case. I take away the leather stitching take away all of that stuff. None of that is honestly to me that important whenever you re paying for headphones.

Because what you re willing to pay for is sound and i think for 200 this is a steal because you can consider them noise cancelling. They re not active noise cancelling over to your headphones. But when these are in you don t hear anything at all other than the music you re listening to and you are in your own world. And that alone is priceless.

So the bottom line is that sennheiser knock it out of the park with these and in one word. Yes. Yes. They did they made something so impressive and now i am so curious about hearing.

The hd1 wireless over the ear headphones after hearing these and i think these are the ones that are replacing the momentum s and i m blown away guys like i right now and recommending these over any wireless headphones that you re looking for and especially. If you have you know no price limit. 200 is amazing for what you re getting so. Thank you guys so.

Much for checking out this video. Thank you guys so much for checking out all the other videos and as always guys make sure to stay tuned for more this video is sponsored by sin heiser..

So i want to tell you guys about sennheiser. If you re in the market. Looking for headphones and you probably are if you re on this channel. You might want to start there they have everything from in ear headphones.

All the way to high end studio. Headphones and in. Fact they even have my personal. Favorite the sennheiser 440.

Bt. Which competes with models two to three times as much if you re looking for a closed back studio headphone. The 598 cs is the way to go. But if you re looking more for an open back headphone go with the hd.

599. Let s just say you re looking for a gaming headset. And you only have 100 to spin the gsp 300. Is amazing.

The bottom line is i review a ton of headphones on this channel. And if you re looking for headphones sennheiser. ” ..


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