Best Wifi Router 2018 – Netgear Orbi, Eero Pro, Google Wifi, Amplifi HD

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“For the past couple years. We ve been seeing new wireless systems pop up all all over the place now what i have on my table with me. Today is of the most popular wireless systems out there now i ve done a lot of testing with each one of these so i do want to talk about it so we can figure out which one might be best for you so stay tuned. So here with me today.

I had the net gear or be the arrow pro second generation google wi fi and ubiquity amplifi hd. Now. I did have a linksys develop as well but i ended up omitting it from this video because i ran into too many issues with it now if you re not familiar with these new mesh wireless systems they work just like regular wireless routers. But they typically come with additional wireless access points.

That allow you to spread your wireless signal across a larger area so i ll have a two story home that s about 3400 square feet including my basement i have verizon wireless gigabit internet so we have plenty of bandwidth to test with and for the wireless test i m using my samsung galaxy s 9 plus now keep in mind internet speeds will always be limited to whatever speed you re paying for from your service provider. So if you re paying for 100. Meg down and 10. Meg up.

Getting a new wi fi system isn t going to magically. Give you a 500 mega connection. All right so first let s start with the netgear or br bk. 50.


Which is priced around 320 dollars. So the our bk 50. Comes with one main router that connects to your internet gateway and one access point that can connect to your main. Router wirelessly or can be wired directly for more stable and faster connections.

Now out of all systems are tested though or b definitely provided the fastest speeds overall. I got great speeds in all testing locations including outside in my driveway now aside from speed in coverage or b. Also has advanced network features that you won t find on the other mesh wireless systems now as much as i love or b. I did have a few issues with it even though the setup process was simple it did take a few tries to get the access point connected to the main router and i also had one or two occasions where devices will randomly disconnect from the network.

Now if netgear can iron out some of the reliability issues then the or b could easily be the absolute best wireless system. Okay so now onto the google wi fi. Which cost around two hundred and sixty dollars so this system comes with three identical circular units that have two ethernet ports on each unit. So to set this up you choose one of the units to connect to your internet gateway and you spread the other two units around your house create the best coverage as far as performance goes to wireless speeds.

When i was standing just a few feet away from the main router were really good now once i started to venture around the house that s when things got kind of bad even though it worked well with devices in the same room. I got terrible speeds and other rooms around the house at one point. I was barely able to get a one man connection even though i had what appeared to be a decent signal string. I even tried moving the units around.


But if i wasn t in the same room with one of the units. I had some pretty bad speeds and this is unfortunate since i m a big fan of google products hopefully they can address this with a future firmware up all right so next up is the arrow pro second generation. Which is the highest price system at around 500 bucks. So the arrow pro comes with three identical square units that have two ethernet ports on the back of each unit and just like google wi fi.

You choose one to be your main router and the other two can be wired directly to the main router for better speeds or they can connect wirelessly the arrow had a really easy and intuitive setup process and i had the whole system up and running in about 15 minutes. So as far as performance goes the wireless speeds that i got when standing near the main router were just okay. But they were very consistent even when i went outside in the driveway. I was getting really good speeds now i did find out that the upload speeds were better than the download speeds.

But overall. I have to say that this system works great if you don t need wireless speeds faster than 300 meg and last but not least is the ubiquity amplifi hd. Now if you ve never heard of ubiquity. They make some pretty awesome commercial wireless products and i currently use a few of their access points.

Now the amplifi hd is probably the nicest looking system out of the bunch as the main router is a nicely designed cube with a round touchscreen on the front and the mesh access points are basically large antennas that plug directly into a wall outlet. Even though the mesh access points are simple and easy to plug in with their magnetic antennas they could be an issue. If you have small children around so that s definitely something to consider so the speeds. I got when i was in the same room as the main router were great and they remained pretty consistent up to about 25 feet as long as i could see the name router.


Now unfortunately the speeds from the access points weren t nearly as fast as the speeds. I got from the main router. But they were pretty consistent one notable thing about the access points. Is that they had a full connection back to the main router.

No matter where i put them in the house. So they would work well in a really large house. So overall. These systems are pretty good even though.

They all have some flaws. Which makes them kind of hard to rank now if you re looking for the most consistent coverage. But you don t need super fast speeds. Then the arrow might be the best bet if you re looking for the fastest speed and good coverage and you have some patience for small issues then the or b is definitely the fastest and if you re looking for a nice balanced reliable and scalable system.

And you don t need super fast speeds. Then the amplifi hd is a great option now the only system that i can t really recommend right now is the google wi fi since i was getting pretty much. Unusable speeds even when i wasn t that far away from the access points. Now there are several other mesh wireless systems out there that i plan on testing and i d love to hear what your experiences are with them.


Or what you re using for wi fi. So go ahead and let. Me. Know what wi fi.

You re using in a comment. Section. And i ll respond to your comments. Thanks for watching guys.

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