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“Last video of the year here with 2019 best tremors and what tremor that you you might potentially want to buy moving forward into this trimmer shootout. Let s get started. I just want to start by talking about this piece of trash right here. This is best used for certain situations.

Such as if you went fishing and your worm wasn t sinking to the bottom. I would tie this on the line and it would drag it right down just like it ll drag your barbering game. This this machine just doesn t stack up to the rest of the machines. It doesn t cut clean takes forever to turn on all right i m get picking here but the truth is it really doesn t give a clean line it seems like no matter what i do with this thing.

I ve adjusted it back and forth. I ve used it a lot and it just really doesn t deserve to be in the conversation. So unless they have a massive flash sale again where they re selling it for like 50 bucks. I would stay away from it and even at 50 bucks.

Personally i would stay away from it so it s just it just needs work. I mean. It s just not good. And it doesn t really give you the angles to maneuver in here you have much more maneuverability from some of these other trimmers so yeah we re gonna start with the negative on this one let s talk about the two budget trimmers that are on the list.

Okay so for 2019 s. Best budget trimmer. It is still gonna go to the andis slimline pro. I this machine will always have a place on my station.

It is just a fantastic machine whether you choose to modify it or you don t personally i ve come to realize that i think it actually cuts better without the modification. And it is just a powerful machine that can really get the job done and if you are out there and you re wondering if you should be using this maybe as a consumer maybe you wanted to trim your beard trim your mustache. We use this at home a little manscaping this this thing is the machine to do it. I mean.

This is a great machine. This will give you two hours of run time. And i think the average consumer who is not a barber doesn t realize how good a machine like this could be for them you can pick these up. I ll put it in the link in the description down below.

But you can pick these up sometimes for around 50. I ve even picked them up for as low as 42 here. And there so i ll try to find a good link for you guys and put it down below. You really can t beat this particular one secondly.

This is the wall retro tea cut. The name is worn away from use. I ve used this extensively and i could say that it s just it just doesn t stack up so the slimline pro. I it s not as good.

But if you wanted a wider blade for some reason or you wanted to use that that classic wall blade of course you get that with this one and at a discount. This machine can provide some pretty good results you can give it a pretty good cut with it i seen that it performs a little bit better with certain hair types. But it doesn t really stack up to some of the best so if you are actually a barber and you are in the field. And you are trying to save time which we all are because time is money.


I would probably stay away from this particular trimmer. So other than that it s not a bad trimmer by any means. It s got pretty good battery life it sits in a dock. Which is always a plus and you know you can attach your wall guards to it too to do the mustache or to do you know whatever else and you know other than that it s it s an alright machine.

But like i said it doesn t really stack up. So let s let s move on into to my three personal favorites and well. I m glad that i waited to do this review. Because i first want to talk about the detailer wall detailer cordless.

This is their newest detailer cordless. Not the one that s adjustable. It s supposed to be just like the one that came in the box with the cords years ago. It does feel like that and it has this this quality.

When you get a hold of one of these it just it feels really good it feels real powerful. It s got a pretty good sound to it listen to it. But but but as i ve been using it i have noticed that it s gotten a lot louder. And it s starting to cut a lot worse now.

I have only been using this for about two weeks. And i can say that i started out pretty high on it i thought it was a pretty nice trimmer and i was all in ready to say that this one was is in either first or second place. Oh time to wake up okay. I ve been up so that was my alarm.

It s actually five something in the morning and i m at the barbershop. Because this is like literally the only time that i m gonna get to film. Today. And i want to get this out to you before the end of the year.

The wall detailer started off really good i really liked it i was ready to almost crown it. But that s why i don t do reviews like literally the same day. I get them because you need time you need to put in work. And i ve put in a lot of work with this thing and i could say it s fairly good.

But i m not ready to name it the best. I think it still needs some work it is already slowing down it doesn t cut quite as close as the babble is and you know there s there s some some shortcomings for sure on this but on the good side. It does have a dock. Which is a huge plus for me i really love using the dock.

I like to be able to just set it there on my station. Know it s charged know that i m not gonna have problems with it that s a huge plus. I really really like that and you know i really like using the the attachments with it actually to be honest my entire barber career. I have ignored these i ve thrown these out the second i get them i usually would use like trimmer over comb.

But lately as i m getting older. I m starting to realize that they do serve a purpose. It s really nice to use the one and a half over people s eyebrows. These teeth are a little bit smaller it allows you to lift that hair up pretty good.


And it s also pretty nice to use this around the moustache. Where you always have the few hairs. It s like really tough to get to and of course. You can ask your client to come out move their moustache around like like look.

How majestic there must could be but but aside from the majestic moustaches and it s a good trimmer and you won t be disappointed. If you choose to get it. However. I don t feel like it is the best and i think it s worth bringing the conversation for these two so this is the gamma absolute hitter okay.

And when they first sent me this the very first time i this this was a while ago and this is not the same one i really i didn t think it was terrible. But i really didn t like it and being that they were so kind to send me one. I didn t want to go out here and you know in trash them. Because i was letting them get get some time to get their stuff together.

And it seems as though they have so they sent me. A new one they reached out to me and they said hey you know the first one. We sent you we realized that we found a way to make the blade better and they did and when they sent me the new one they didn t actually have this ceramic blade. I ll get to that in a second so side by side to the wall detailer.

There they re very similar the wall detailers a lot bigger a little more cumbersome and you re gonna get a little less maneuverability being that they have the cutout and they have the customized face plates you can have them gold you can have a couple different colors and the blades are nearly the exact same in fact this is a wall guard clip. And it fits perfectly on the gamma and it functions pretty good now. If you went and you compared these two for power. If you were basing that on noise.

You would have to say that the the detailers are stronger and they do feel stronger and the motor certainly probably is stronger. However when you actually put them to the test. The results are nearly identical and when i first got it it didn t have the ceramic blade on it i was actually going to tell you guys that the detailer performed a little bit better and in the course of time as i ve been working on this review. And i ve been working with this trimmer.

They sent me this prototype blade and once i put it on i really didn t expect the results to be to much different. But holy crap does this thing hit. I ve passed it around to everybody in the shop. I m not the only one who feels this way but this damn ceramic blade made a huge difference it was very similar to the ceramic blade experience that i had with the with the fast speeds the fast speeds were like changed overnight by the fact that i had that ceramic blade.

So that s kind of how i feel about this and you know gamma if you guys are listening. I think that you might want to include this blade in in your future products as your your very first option. I think if people got this trimmer and out of the box. It hit like this it is really really a nice trimmer.

It s really usable. It s really cool. It also has a dock and it charges with a usb port so if you didn t have anything else to charge it with you can just plug your usb port in which i actually do sometimes you know the only the only real downside. I would say and it s not really a downside.

I love how small it is too it s just it s just got a great feel to it it s a really nice little trimmer you won t be disappointed. If you choose to get one. But the only thing that i m gonna nitpick about a little bit is they put this piece of plastic here obviously to protect the motor and to stop so much hair from getting in there. But of course hair being hair.


It just gets behind that little clip anyways and maybe. If you just made that clip black. So we couldn t see the hair behind it we would feel a little better about it because i m always swiping at this thing wanting it to be cleaner and you know sort of taking it apart. I just don t want a client to look at it and think that i m using a dirty tool on them.

And i know that this plastic piece is not actually touching the client. But you know i m kind of i m kind of like anal about making sure my things are clean before i touch the client and you know it just feels like i can t clean this one out that good you know so if that little plastic piece was was black. I think that would be cool that would kind of like hide it like most of these other ones do because obviously. There s hair caked in this one obviously.

There s hair caked in every single one of these ones as long as we re keeping the blades clean and the point of contact where it touches the client cleaned. We shouldn t have a problem a lot of people in the shop that i ve passed this around to have asked for it back. Many times like whenever they were doing a design like hey can can i see that again because those things those things were really really hitting well. So i say that gamma you ve made a huge you made a huge leap in improvement.

And you know i want to i want to see it keep going they of course got the button to turn them on some people might not like that because when you re holding them like this you might accidentally turn it off. But i i haven t found that to be a problem at all i m i m not concerned about the button. I don t think that s a an issue or anything like that so like i said i like it and i like where their heads at with this so i hope they keep going. And if i can give them any more constructive criticism.

It would be that i hope somehow they can find a way to make it cut as close as the gold effects. Which the gold effects is going to be the next one that i talked about you know i kind of eat some crow whenever i talk about this machine. Because i hate babble as . I have always hated babble as their company has just bothered me over the years with many many problems everything i ve ever had from them has broken and you know.

It s just been one of those things where were when they made this trimmer. I of course seen all the reviews. I knew it was gonna be good everybody was talking good about it i had to get a pair for myself. And give it a try and i m forced to eat crow because these things are great i mean innovative to the the fact that you can zero gap.

This by just just hitting these two screws they give you this little piece of plastic. And you could just move it up and down that blade can be zero gap. Very easy and once you have these set up to hit well they just continue to perform and impress now they cut so close that many times. You don t even really need to go back with the razor.

Because the amount of hair that you re taking off is minimal so if you re doing a design on a kid and you know the kid doesn t want to sit for that long it s taken you a while to get through it you know i would hesitate to to not shave them because you re gonna have a really really clean line and going back in and cutting the kid potentially because he s moving around. It s just not worth it it would be better to leave yourself with a better you know result so that s a big plus. The battery life is amazing. The only thing i really don t like about it is i don t like how huge it is it s like holding a big flashlight or a maglite flashlight and you know it s just other than that you know if a kid s doing the the neck thing.

It makes it almost impossible to get in there because it s so large. But they ve made up for some of that with with allowing for this maneuverability with this kind of skeleton head. And you know again hair. Still does get kicked up in here.

It s no different than any of the other ones you can you can kind of clean it out a little bit and they got this plastic clip here. But again you know keeping it clean at the point of contact is really what s most important so in any event you re gonna be fine you re gonna be able to clean it you know my only my only knock on this just just a little bit of constructive criticism is i really don t understand why but for some clients. When i move up with this dam. You know motion a good beard hair for some clients.


When i move up with this like especially under the chin. I ve had some snagging and i ve had some hairs just get pulled out i know a lot of friends that i have a lot of my other friends that have this trimmer have told me that you know i m crazy. That that never really happens to them cody for one told. Me that you know he doesn t ever have that issue.

I have had that issue multiple times and also like if i choose to move up around the ears. Like this they do seem to snag and i haven t experienced that with the gamma. I have really experienced it too much with the with the detailer these seem to cut pretty gentle under the chin. So that would just be one area.

I would tell you guys would be a little bit careful about if you choose to go with the babble is called fx. Which is going to be my number one trimmer of 2019 but 2020 is around the corner. And i would really like to see a company come and take them from their high horse. Because again i still don t like babble is and if they didn t produce such a good quality product.

This particular time. I certainly wouldn t have bought it i could have done without it. But i m really actually quite happy that i did buy it so. Again.

This is my trimmer shootout. For 2019 s. Best trimmers. I hope you guys.

Enjoyed the video. I hope you got something the links for most of this stuff will be in the description and also anything else i use and anything that you guys buy with those links is gonna help out the channel to grow a little bit at no additional cost to you so. While i got you though before i let you go i want to let you know well i m getting wrapping. Now i want to let you know that we ve made some changes around the shop change number one you see me in that picture.

There you see that beard. It s gotten a little bigger yes. We actually did extend my beard in that picture number two i want you guys to see my josh allen jersey. Number 17 from wyoming signed but i hope i m not wrong.

But it really feels to me like the bills are going to the superbowl and who is gonna stop them leave it in the comments down below. I apologize for not posting the videos sooner and not getting something out to you guys. I have been going crazy with work it s been super super busy here and i ve been super busy with my freelance film work so i just i just want to thank you guys for hanging. In there.

And you know dealing with with that little time lapse. But i promise you guys i m gonna start getting you got some more regular uploads soon. We re gonna make some changes on this channel. And i m excited for it so i ll see you ” .


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