BEST TECH UNDER $1000 – December 2017 Holiday Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

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“Guys what s going on it s carl here back with day seven. It is is the finale of the ultimate tech gift guide today. We re taking a look items around the thousand dollar price point. I know it s an expensive category.

We re getting into laptops smart phone ranges. But i am super stoked as one of the items just like every one of these episodes. We started off that best tech. Under 25 50.

75. 100. 250 500 boom and today. We are at a thousand every single one of those segments will have a winner and today is no exception just be sure to subscribe to the channel smash this like button on this video and of course comment down below.

Which of the items that you re about to see is your favorite and on christmas day december 25th. I m hoping to get a video out as well as post on instagram the winners of the ultimate tech gift guide you don t want to miss out. I think that will be pretty epic without any more waiting let s get to our first items and we ll start off with smartphones as they re probably the most sought after thing on this list. We ve got three contenders which i m sure if you had any of them you d be pretty stoked the first galaxy note 8.

In my opinion the best samsung phone of this year second the pixel to excel maybe the best android phone in this year and of course the iphone 10 what more can i say if your team iphone. You want this thing..

I ll tell you a quick little fave from each of these the note. 8. I think has the best display from 2017 smartphones the pixel to excel by far has the best camera the iphone 10 finally has an updated look to it which all iphone users have been waiting for that kind of just sits off to the side and competes with just other iphones. They are all awesome and if you got them in a little box like this as i said you would be pretty stoked.

I know i would be number two this one was a surprise for me. I ve actually been using the new pixel chromebook. A lot for work. I kind just can t get away from emails and this thing has become my new work laptop power horse.

I know it s expensive for a chromebook. But it is simple its elegant its minimal and it just works for what it s intended for so chromebooks in general. Technically don t have their own operating system they can run a bunch of different apps. So if you use it strictly for say surfing the net watching youtube content word processing emailing netflix.

Which is kind of what most students do and what i do for work i don t watch netflix at work. But you kind of get what i m saying for that purpose. I think this is a very capable laptop. I get it it s pricy it s around a thousand bucks.

But the form factor. It s solid it s got two usb seaports..

Obviously if you re looking to say edit video like i do over on my macbook pro. This won t be able to handle. But for the 90 of you out there this is a solid viable option. And that s why it makes it on to mic tech gift guide list item number three is actually right there this is the ben qpd 32000.

U. It s a 32 inch 4k monitor and i ve been kind of working usually from my macbook. Pro and i ve been editing with my ultra wide. The one thing that i do miss and i noticed that when i go to 5k is how crisp.

The screens are and that s exactly why i got this guy. I usually plug my macbook now into this screen. It doesn t have a usb c. Port.

Which is something that i do miss you just need a dongle. But once you look past that color. Accuracy sharpness is on point. It s a beautiful screen to edit on and of course.

The clarity of having an ultra hd screen is just second to none something that i definitely took for granted. Before and now of course..

I m enjoying again and the very last item on today s episode around a thousand bucks is for all of you looking to create your own youtube channel or if you re just getting into photography videography. It is the sony a6300 and i get it this camera is now almost a year and a half two years old. But it has dropped in price. And it still is one of the best cameras that you can grab it record in 4k.

It was the first a 6000 camera to do that the a 6500 of course is newer. But if you don t need five axis image stabilisation. I think this is such a solid option and for anyone that asks me for advice on what camera to grab if they re just getting into things. This is usually my go to recommendation.

I ve got the 10 to 18 millons. Which is the vloggers dream. I know this one s also around 700 bucks and for say an audio solution. I will leave some of my favorites.

One that i m currently using is the sennheiser avx. This is a lavalier mic. Which this guy actually attaches wirelessly and of course. I might have a microphone clipped to my shirt.

Perfect for when i m not in the studio and just like when i was taking some of my bmw shots. Expect me to use this guy when i m say at ces..

This year and for everyone else i ll try to leave a few little tidbits that i use in my studio. Say like my lights. The microphone. That s sitting up here just things to help you out which of course are a bit pricier.

But i hope you guys found this video somewhat useful and have gotten some solid tech gift ideas for anyone important in your life. Maybe yourself okay that will wrap up not only today s episode. But this was the finale of the tech and gift guide just wanted to thank everyone that has watched every one of these episodes. I will try to leave them here and of course.

If you ve stayed around for the entire year. If you ve been here for a couple years or you re brand new to the channel. Welcome thanks for watching my face and just remember to stay tuned on christmas day. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

And i can t stress how important it is just disconnect from tech for a while spend that quality time with friends family. Loved ones and i will catch the rest of you in one of my next. ” ..


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