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“Welcome back guardians fallout here with another god roll video for you today. We re re tackling a weapon. That has been highly requested. The hammerhead machine gun.

And because good number of you have been frequently asking for it. Today s god roll video is going to focus on the ideal pve role. Which i think is more suiting for a weapon like the hammerhead machine guns aren t bad in crucible. But most of the time you re probably gonna be running around with a rocket or grenade launcher or a unique exotic power weapon like the ward cliff coil.

I m kind of excited to be looking at a machine gun. Today. There are currently only three count them three of these in the game. The avalanche.

The thunderlord and the hammer head of one gun for each element. The hammer head is great for pve. A hard hitting power weapon with lots of ammo perfect for shredding through both ads and majors of course being a legendary it frees you up to pair together with the risk runner. The huckleberry.

The polaris lance the hard light. The suros regime or whatever your favorite exotic primary pve weapon might be alright. Let s take a look under the hood and see what we ve got to work with here. We re gonna start off on the far left with barrel selection.

9. Total choices here a lot of the usual suspects. We got arrow head break chambered compensator corkscrew rifling extended barrel fluted barrel full bore hammer forged rifling polygonal rifling and small bore as per usual. We re going to be separating barrel choices depending on if you play d2 with a controller or if you play with mouse and keyboard.

If you re on m k. Take. A quick breather from telling console. People how much better the game is on pc and focus on finding a hammerhead.

With full bore range is king to m k. Players and stability means next to nothing to them. If you re too miffed by the minus 5. To handling offer to buy full bore look for hammer forged rifling for a flat out 10 range buff.

Controller. Users your pick is slightly more complicated. This is all going to boil down with how difficult you feel the hammerhead is control. If you find yourself wanting a little more stability you could go for chambered compensator.

Gives you some stability and more vertical recoil direction. If you really have a lot of trouble with the recoil you could go for arrow head break. Which gives you a both nice little handling buff and a strong vertical recoil kick. Making the gun more easy to manage.

I mean yet you ll be missing out on some of the range that m k folks get. But whatever remember this isn t pvp your damage drop off point isn t gonna get you out gunned by a thrall..

I m gonna go with arrow head break for the quality recoil direction buff. But because this is a pve gone roll you can be a little bit lenient. If you want to barrel with stability or hell. Even range go for it all comes down to how well you think you handle the weapon already next up column two of mag perks.

Eight choices here now normally. If you recall on our other god role weapon vids that focus on pvp. We re usually looking for range in this department. Maybe stability depending on the weapon.

That s because for pvp those stats are usually pretty crucial to winning 1v1 s. For pve. I think the more ideal weapon. Role is going to let you carve through more and more enemies.

So despite. The fact that we have a lot of good options here on the table. I m going to jump directly to extended mag yeah. This doesn t give you any range or stability or handling or anything fancy like that but it does give you something that you ll greatly appreciate in the pve landscape.

A large mag upgrade in the form of 14 extra bullets. That is more shots to fire. Before needing to interrupt the flow of combat with a reload. Now i do want to give a few shoutouts here.

Armor piercing. Rounds is cool for damaging shields harder and over penetrating your targets. That s pretty great when you re shredding through paper thin ads that are clustered closely together high caliber rounds is also pretty cool because they flinch and knock your target back and finally a pended mag also gives you more bullets in the mag. Albeit less than a send it back and by the way.

I know you could put a backup mag weapon mod on your hammer head and you d get the same amount of extra ammo provided by extended mag. But because we re using the gun in pve. I d rather fit. It with either a minor spec.

Major spec. Or boss. Spec mod. Because that translates to more damage.

If you re asking me more bullets. Before the reload in the form of extended mag is the winner column. 3. Moving on to the fun stuff and man.

We got a couple of interesting options here. 6. In total let s weed out what we don t want and this is my favorite part because somebody in the comment section. Always freaks out when i pick their favorite perk.

Starting with shield disorient. Let s be on the same page..

Here. When you pull off the effect of shield disorient. It s pretty cool break the shield of a matching element type enemy. And you make a little explosion not bad the part.

I get hung up on is that you have to match the element type so in the case of the hammer head. This is only going to work on void shielded enemies like minotaurs. We re looking for perks that we can take advantage of fairly frequently and this ai. N t it next now for the love of god calm down in advanced dynamic.

Sway reduction. Let me tell you this perk is a lot harder to wrap your head around it than you think by the text of the perk. You think it would be a really reliable option to reduce weapon sway and make your shots. More accurate over time in playing around with the weapon perk.

Though i can t really see a noticeable difference in how much dynamic sway reduction. Actually works in testing. I even tried shooting in a rift with luna faction boots. You know to give the perk.

More time to kick in i gotta tell you it wasn t really wowing me. If you re looking for a perk in column 3 to help out with your accuracy. I m gonna recommend tap the trigger now in testing that way more of a noticeable difference in making your weapon sway and overall accuracy fall into line. Given the choice between the two after what i ve seen.

I m gonna go for tap the trigger almost every time. But i don t really have that problem when using the hammer hit i find it relatively accurate already so i m gonna pass on both now we have quick draw usually in pvp. This perk. Comes highly recommended on almost all weapons and for good reason being able to swap two and or draw your weapon.

Faster by even. A few frames could be the difference between life and death in pve though not really so much threat detector increased reload stability and handling when enemies aren t in close proximity not bad especially for pve when it s very likely that you re constantly gonna get charged by mindless ads over and over i think the winner here is feeding frenzy. If there s one thing machineguns. Hate its reloading.

The average machine gun reload. Time is far longer than your average primary weapon. Feeding frenzy activates on kills. Which is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

When you re rocking firepower like the hammerhead. Get a kill speed up the reload time and you re back to being a bullets viewing monster. What s not to love and column 4. What do we have here.

6. Options some of them surprisingly not bad let s go through each in no particular order genesis. I like that by breaking a combatant shield you auto refill your mag from reserves that s actually pretty hot. But unfortunately like many weapons we wind up talking about here.

Genesis suffers from a very common disease called not as good as the other perks here it s. Very contagious..

You know who else got that diagnosis. Lately. Mulligan. Missing.

A shot has a chance to return ammo. Directly to your magazine. Now. I like that idea on paper of having more bullets popping back into your mag in the event.

That you missed them. I d probably be more keen on recommending mulligan. Though if the activation chance wasn t so damn low. I actually tested mulligan by firing off exactly 100 bullets and marking down which ones came back and which ones didn t i did this because i have very little respect for my own free time turns out only 22 of the 100 shots.

I ve fired went back into the mag. So why don t we be generous. And say that mulligan has a 25 ish percent rate of return that s okay. But i prefer leaning on perks that work more frequently and maybe aren t tied directly to me effing up ambitious assassin.

Now. I actually really like this perk for the hammerhead get a bunch of kills reload your weapon and boom your mag is gigantic sadly the appeal of more bullets is outclassed heavily by the appeal of massive extra damage output. So let s look at the remaining three perks that grant more damage high impact reserves believe it or not this is the overall winner yep and the video right now. Because nothing is i m just yankin yeah.

This perk is wet garbage high impact reserves. Only begin to kick in. When your bullets. Reach.

The 50 point in your guns mag and i m impatient alright. It s my extra damage. I want it now not to mention that the damage buff granted. My high impact reserves is weak compared to other options in the game at the very bottom of the mag where the more powerful bullets are that only tops out at about 25.

And again that s only the last few bullets you re gradually building up to that 25 no no no no we can do better surrounded. I like this perk. But pve you re usually being surrounded by enemies. So why not take advantage of that with this perk now in terms of damage output.

You are staring down the barrel of about an extra 30 more damage not bad it doesn t require you to dig deep into your mag to activate and you don t even need to get kills to have the extra damage kick in all good things. In fact. If you have a hammerhead with both surrounded in column. 4.

And threat detector in column. 3. You could be constantly charging into battle to take advantage of both those perks together you could also throw on a surrounded spec. Mod to get a minor minor buff to surrounded damage.

A whole extra 1 don t spend it all in one place kid. But having the perk linger briefly when no longer surrounded is a nice touch big shocker..

Though. My official recommendation is rampage. Wow. However did you guess tell me down in the comment section.

Below. How shocked you were that rampage is the column for winner look. I know it s overused. But for good reason.

Remember we re talking about pve god rules here and pve is where rampage is king unlike crucible and pve rampage times. 3. Can take you all the way up to a 65 damage buff. That is huge and not at all difficult to get with a weapon like the hammerhead.

Even rampage level 2. Already puts you ahead of both surrounded and high impact reserves in the damaged apartment not to mention you can continuously extend the duration of rampage by getting more kills. It s kind of a no brainer. I know rampage is the basic bitch overused overdone the pumpkin spice latte of pve weapon perks.

But it s tried and true for your weapon mod pick. If you re on m k. I m going to say range or reload. If you re on controller stability or reload dealer s choice depends on if you want more control on your weapon or a slightly quicker reload.

If you re asking me i ll go reload make that feeding frenzy go even quicker so let s review. What is our pve hammerhead god roll full bore for the m k folk out there arrowhead break or whatever barrel. You prefer or controller. Extended.

Mag. Feeding frenzy. Rampage. And either range.

Or reload. Master. Work for m and k. Or a stability.

Or reload. Master. Work for controller and that s all she wrote get out there and try to forge yourself a well rolled hammerhead you won t regret it cuts through pve as like a hot through room temperature butter please let me know down in the comment section. What other weapons you would like to see a god roll breakdown for and if you enjoyed today s content please give this video a like if you re new here.

Please feel free to subscribe. It s free and it feeds. My soul. Thank you very much for watching hope you learned something see you next time music.

” ..

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Not like there s a lot of other options…but still, the Hammerhead is the best Legendary Machine Gun around. Let s figure out what the best roll is for PvE!
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