Best Kindle: Which is the best ereader for you- Kindle Vs Paperwhite Vs Voyage

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“Paperwhite or kindle. You decide by this video. Hello youtube james here. Today to talk talk nabout kindle.

Now we ve got all three models of the e reader range. Any nof. The fire tablets. These are all the three e readers you have the kindle the nkindle paperwhite and the kindle voyage so the most important thing when you re nlooking for a kindle is how easy.

It is to actually read so we ve taken all nthree models. Here we re going to look at the screen technology behind each and nsee. Which one is the best to read in dark lighting. And which one s the best nto read on a bright sunny day.


When you re tired of squinting. So in terms of npricing. The kindle comes in at 60 pounds or 80. Dollars.

The kindle paperwhite is n110 pounds or 120. Or the most expensive is the kindle voyage which comes in 170 npounds or 200. So the thing is with these kindle products is you re going to nbe running off the amazon book store. So you re going to be able to get any book nyou.

Really want. Which is in any book format so first up we ve got the very nbright lighting. There s a really bright light just at the top here. We are going nto look at the same book on each of the devices.


Bram stoker s dracula. So first noff. We have the kindle. This is the cheapest products you can get in the namazon kindle range.

So the standard kindle product doesn t come with a nbacklight. So that means bright lighting is the best situation for this screen as nyou can see it s really clear at the moment and really simple to read. It s nnot going to strain your eyes. So next up.

We have the kindle paperwhite now this ndoes actually have a backlit display. So it doesn t look as good under this nbright lighting is the original kindle because it s not as contrast. But it nstill looks great and if you look at the actual individual words. The pixel ndensity is higher here.


So it s a lot sharper and finally we have the kindle nvoyage. Now. This has the same pixel density as the kindle paperwhite so it nlooks kind of the same in that respect and the kindle voyage does come with an nadaptive front light unlike. The other products and that means that if you walk ninto a different environment.

The screen will use auto brightness to change. So nnow here is our low light test as you can see on the original kindle. There nisn t really much to see in the dark you re not going to be able to read on nthis. So if you ve got low lighting in your bedroom.

Or you ve got no lighting. Nat. All you re not gonna be able to read on this. If you ve got a kindle npaperwhite or a voyage.


However you can just turn the backlight on we ve now nturned the full brightness up on the kindle voyage and it s even brighter nthan. The kindle paperwhite so ultimately these devices are very nsimilar. The kindle voyage is over 100 pounds more expensive than the noriginal kindle. So is that actually worthwhile spending the extra money on nthe kindle is great for those who just want to read the adi book.

If you re ngoing to be reading a lot. I think actually the kindle voyage is probably nyour best bet here ultimately it comes down to how much you read. And what nenvironments you re going to be reading. And if it s going to be dark nenvironments you re going to need a backlit kindle you re going to need to ngo for the paperwhite or the voyage.

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