Best Chromecast Apps For Android – Smart DNS Proxy

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“Amigos me number mz krishna that s all the spanish. I know so the current current class to you has been out for a little while about four months now we compared. It to the fighting before k. And it ultimately concurred that chromecast three is the best at casting or even mirroring your smartphone or even your laptop and it s not just that there s plenty more you can do with your chromecast and google.

Just doesn t advertise a lot of these apps. That they ve been developing for it. Like say games. And then powerpoint presentation and maybe.

Even turning your tv into a giant clock. Let s check out some of the best chromecast apps to make the most out of your streaming device. I mean what have you got to lose..


I ve got nothing to lose you clicked on this video to check it out didn t you as the name suggests speaker is a simple app that lets you test the connection of your speed on your chromecast device the app runs in all chromecast versions and it s completely free to use try it out all cast lets you cast your content from your smartphone to your tv. He doesn t require any account login or subscription. You just simply connect to your chromecast and start streaming you can cast images from the camera roll audio from the system video files. And even twit streams you can also access files from your drive.

Account and cast content to the tv or cast is free and ad supported. If this sounds good give it a go next up. We have clocks on chromecast. The default clock option on chromecast is available in the ambient settings on google home app.

But you can only enabler or disabler this app is a great addition if you don t want to see the screen savers on your tv and one o clock instead choose from analog digital or binary clocks and then set them as your chromecast background this next chromecast app is straight up a prank one unless you cast a costly scary face on the tv. It worked like this you can select an image from the app cast it on your tv and then wait for the victim to pass by the tv. The best time to use this app is when someone gets up for a glass of water in the middle of the night this app works just fine and you can get it for about 50 cents from the play store video..


Streamed streams. Local content from your computer to your tv. Using chromecast. It doesn t require any setup just run the installer and select a file that you want to stream.

We can control the playback using the companion android or ios app. It works just like plex. But it s completely free this app is free to use but if you need extra features like playlists extra subtitle settings nightmare autoplay and more then video stream premium is for you overall if you want to stream videos from your computer. But don t want to pay for plex video stream works just great that pixels on your tv could be annoying while this chromecast app will fix those dead pixels.

But it would help you identify if it actually is a dead pixel with just a smudge on the screen. You simply install this app on your smart phone connect to the chromecast device and tap the test button it has all the standard testing screens. Which cover every pixel on the tv screen that pixel tester is for free on the play store next up we have a drawing app for chromecast unless you draw on your phone and it shows up live as you draw on your tv useful if you have kids at home cart cars is a card matching party game designed for chromecast..


The app has four popular decks best of cart cards and mini mash of madness apples to apples party box and cards against humanity you can choose one or all the decks to play the game. With your friends rules of the games are pretty simple. A judge draws a cool place submits responses that master call the judge picks. A favorite response rinse and repeat card curses for free give it a go the next game on unless is quite popular this game.

Uses your phone as a motion. Sensor and cast your gameplay to the tv. You can join one of the several dance rooms to participate you can choose popular songs and dance to the beat and earn coins. Just answer.

Now is free and available for chromecast and apple tv as well and finally a less couldn t be complete without a podcast app pocket cast is my favorite podcast streaming app for chromecast you can search and subscribe to all your favorite podcasts i m a joe rogan and a 16 bit fan by the way using polka casts to stream podcasts to the tv. It helps me sleep. Sometimes the app..


However is not free and cost about two dollars on the play store. So there we go those are some of the best chromecast apps. That you can get in 2019. We ve also done a video on best chromecast tips and tricks so click right here to watch that and if you re new here don t forget to subscribe.

We ve got plenty of videos on how to unblock geostatic content to watch american netflix hulu pandora and was in prime video the list goes on and it s only 16 cents a day. I m vamsi thanks for watching. And i ll see in the next one because he saw me in the last one and in this one and the future ones. It keeps going it never ” .


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