Best Android Launchers (2019) Viewer Recommendations!

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“Recently i shot a video on my favorite android launchers that you can download for for your android phone in 2019 and at the end of that i invited you sexy people to basically call me an dingleberry and protonate your own personal pics. If i miss them out and boy did a lot of you take me up on that offer so a big big. Thank you if you left me. A recommendation.

I ve gone through all of those covers sound. I ve tried out a lot of those launches that you guys big up and here is my pick of the top five from those comments. Don t forget from on the list a great small belt. Actor pug subscribe and doing that notifications bell cheers.

Now if you re all about customization. But you don t want a launcher that is dramatically different from just your stock vanilla android. Then hyperion is definitely worth a blast at first glance. There s little to distinguish hyperion from the pixel launcher.

But like nova and some of the other launchers that i ve featured and my best of run at part one there s some impressive depth fear once you dive under that shiny surface all of the features that you d expect are packed away in the settings. Included some smart gesture. Support for easier. One handed use plenty of control of the ui theme and including the color schemes on emissions.

An icon presentation the ability to add folders to your apps draw and basically so much stuff..

I could even possibly go into all of the loveliest bits right here and best of all it is a silky smooth experience. But not the other to unlock all of those. Lush hyperion features including the full gesture. Support.

You will need to stump up the sum of 1 pound. 79. Not exactly a bank brick and asking price next up on this roundup of the best new android launchers 2019 is niagara a launch which offers a very different style of presentation to basically declutter your desktops. The streamlined approach basically gets rid of all those grids of apps.

And instead you get a short list of your favorites. Although your other apps can also be quickly up and using the cascade and ada s head index after spending some time with niagara. I think i might actually prefer the system to hide them everything away in an app straw. It is very neat and efficient magra makes life easier in other ways as well so for others.

If you play music or an audiobook. Some how many media controls will appear right there on the desktop for fast access in swipe right on any app to check out any weird in norfolk. Asians or jump straight to certain features. While i swipe down will open the notifications tab.

You do get some simple customization in niagra included in the choice of light dark or ultra dark theme and for the settings panel..

However. The ui is basically very straightforward so it s not actually that much to tweak here overall. If you want something that s quick and simple to use niagara is pretty bloody. Wonderful and not the launcher that really spices things up is the smart launcher five rather than furnishing you with her standard app straw.

This time you get all manner of options for finding what you need you can add two rows of your favorite apps to the main desktop while i swipe bright reveals the rest of them i ll split into preset categories. Alternatively swipe up and you ll open the smart search panel. Which helps you to find contacts as well as any apps swipe right. And you ll open up.

A widgets page. While swiping down drags down a newsfeed powered by microsoft news. Which unfortunately is pretty limited in its customization and thankfully all of these different pages can be rearranged or even removed entirely from within the smart launcher settings. So you basically set up your handset.

However you like the layout definitely does take a bit of getting used to. But there s plenty to love after that adjustment periods for one. I do really like the stylish custom icons. Which can be allocated to your favorite apps.

Predictably you can change the shape and the size of the icons replace them entirely if you re not a fan..

And if you spunk up the roll a hefty five pound 49 for the pro version you get even more customization options. However i did notice that the smart launcher was a little bit stuttery at times here on the galaxy s. 10. Plus.

Which definitely detracted from the overall presentation. If you really want to go to town and basically design your own ui from the ground up and torso. Launcher is the one for you this cheeky little number allows you to add shortcuts widgets and design elements to your desktops with incredible precision and level of customization each element can be redesigned pinned in place basically set up. However you like while every other aspect of the desktops can also be tweaked in the settings.

Crafting your own masterpiece is definitely time consuming and can be a wee bit fiddly. But no other launcher. I checked out offers this depth of design and the good news is lots of people who are clearly a lot more patient and talented than myself. I ve added themes for the top launcher to google play and some of them are seriously original and impressive like the smart launcher.

This one can be a bit janky at time and occasionally you ll notice a wee little bug like the wallpaper settings completely changing your selection on its own accounts. But overall. This is one of the best choices for anyone who loves total control last up is the loveable yandex. A launcher that doesn t exactly break conventions just like hyperion.

But does offer up a smart looking and very smooth experience..

The presentation is enjoyable and user friendly with a logically laid out for sense menu that isn t overly complex you can tweak quite a lot of the elements of the ui to some degree and even swap out that app tree icon for a kitty cat. Which immediately wins. This thing. Five stars that said yandex is theme section.

Could definitely do with a bit of love considering. It s april and there s no world cup action for another three years. I do like the way that unix sort your apps. Though you can split these up according to your most favorite categories or even based on the color of the app icon.

There s also a half decent and highly visual newsfeed with a much better selection of sources than smart launcher. The whole package runs really well helped along by the fact that yandex can quickly collapse that you re not actively using sorry. There is five of the best launchers that you guys recommended in the comments last time around again thanks very much for comment in it and if you are new to textbook. Please do poke subscribe and do that notifications as well for more on the latest and greatest textures.

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