Beginner DJ Subwoofers 5 Reasons to NOT buy beginner Powered Subwoofers

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“Beginner subwoofers let s talk about that what s up guys is teacher a web web and yes today. We re going to be discussing beginner subwoofers. So we got rockville b. Renger.

Eon subs. All these beginner subs. And you know what they all have in common you shouldn t buy them that s right you should not buy and in general you should not buy any beginner sulfur and i got five reasons. Why reason number one it doesn t add a lot a beginner subwoofer will add a little bit of bass to your system.

But it s not gonna be this overwhelming impressive bass. It s just gonna add a little bit of ace. And it s not gonna be that noticeable. But let s say you don t care that it just adds a little bit of bass.

You want that little bit of bass. With your beginner tops. So you buy that beginner subwoofer. You now run to more issues such as point two.


I m about to talk about point number two a beginner subwoofer is a subwoofer. It is a 15 inch or an 18 inch subwoofer more unlikely and these things are big they re big. They re bulky and they re heavy. And you re a beginner dj.

So you ve got to figure out a way to transport this thing and more than likely starting off you don t probably don t have a big truck or a trailer to transport this thing so you re probably using a car so you need to figure out how you re gonna transport this beginner subwoofer back and forth to all your gigs as well as carrying it setting it up at venues. All these hassles to deal with with a big bulky subwoofer and then furthermore. We can talk about point. Three here.

Now that you have your beginner subwoofer. Or maybe. Two subwoofers and your beginner tops your next. Moves probably going to be an upgrade your tops.

Louder tops. And once you do that your subwoofer is completely obsolete. Because it was already barely adding any bass to your system to start with and now that you have louder tops your beginner subwoofer is definitely not gonna be able to keep up with your tops. Which now rolls into point number four the obvious solution to that problem we just talked about is to sell your beginner subwoofers and i m gonna let you guys in on a little secret beginner subwoofers have absolutely no resale value whatsoever.


How do i know this experience if you guys been following me from the very very early beginnings of this channel back in 2015. I had a neon subwoofer. I had aeon 5 18 s. Subwoofer and i did those exact same steps through upgrading.

My speakers and went to sell my beginner subwoofer take it i purchased that beginner subwoofer for around 650. I could not find anyone to buy it for 300 and if you guys don t know the resale of speakers is really really really hard especially for subwoofers because they re really heavy and it costs a lot a lot of money to ship them so more than likely you you can only sell it to people in your local area. And that s really really challenging so point number five. What am i getting at with all this these four points.

I ve mentioned before are all part of my personal opinion that the money that you re looking at spending on a beginner subwoofer. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 to maybe 800. For this beginner subwoofer save that money and put it towards buying better tops. If you were able to save that much money to buy this beginner subwoofer.

You can definitely wait a little bit longer and spend the extra money to buy better tops first. If you really really want to sub to use it some of your gigs. Say you need a sub to use of some of your gigs. Because you just you really want that bass go rent one don t buy a beginner subwoofer.


It s not worth it at all in the long run. I know this from experience by far the worst purchase. I have ever made in my whole entire starting up into now being where i m at as a dj was buying that beginner subwoofer. I literally still have it now side note don t ask the buy it because it broke.

I was renting it out and then it ended up just crapping the bed because someone tried to blare it too loud. But i still have it i was never able to sell it it basically just sat around it still sits around and collects dust just beginners level first are not a good option. I really really hope that you guys understand these points. That i made about beginner subwoofers and i hope this video helped you guys kind of get your mind around my logic on beginner subwoofers.

And why i never recommend them because by far on this channel. That is probably especially around christmas time was probably one of the top questions. I got was opinions on beginner subwoofers and you guys sent me. A lot of options from rockville behringer.

The jbl aeons all those different subwoofers to know my opinions on them. And this is a nutshell as my opinion well guys. That s my opinion on beginner subwoofers. I hope this video was helpful for you guys i hope it answered a lot of your guys s questions on beginner subwoofers.


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And like always my name is dj. Rick webb keep the record spinning guys i ll see you guys next time peace. ” ..


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