Bear Safe Tree Fort In Grizzly Territory Day 20 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

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“Pro house good there we go i m. Zachary fowler and i m greg ovens ovens nand. This is the 30 day survival challenge canadian rockies there s only none if you want to eat you got a catch and cook in the 30 day survival nchallenge season. Two canadian rockies has been brought to you in part by ndoctor squatch soap hidden woodsmen gear go prepared survival outdoor vitals nwazoo survival gear simple shot shooting sports and rim workshop check out the nlink in the description below for the gear video of the 30 days of bottle nchallenge good morning good morning day 20 know all kinds of stuff to do today especially building stuff.

I am so nexcited. I want to get right out there and get building. I had coffees calling nme first good morning. Oh.

I did it s right. There. Nman here. Yeah.

Oh. Wake up here. Yeah. My hair s a mess nbut.

That s all right haven t beautified. Yet that s okay we ndon t hold it against tea in the woods graham squint a great i m gonna head up to the front where the ngophers are and see if i can t get us some more food before we start our nbuilding for the day. We got one fish to eat today and two fish for smoking for neating the next day. But some gophers in the stewpot would mean more food and we nreally need more food right now i need to keep up our calories.

I can t afford nto completely take off a day at all from collecting and harvesting more food. We nshould be doing it every day. So i m gonna see if i can accomplish nthat a little bit if you re just tuning in check out the links below to start nback from the beginning for my channel and for greg s new channel that we ve nput together for him level up. There we go i ll have to do they ve nbeen pretty elusive today.

I can t seem to get up on them they keep even at 40 nyards. It s uh they keep ducking away. I think nthey got my number all right i ll do i ll do pig. I ll do i am back.


I got a couple gophers. Oh good njust two though good okay well they were very leery. Yeah. About yeah.

They did not nwant to be caught. Today. Yeah. Nice.

Oh nothing like an afternoon ncup of coffee dobo in the gophers. Put your gopher on the slow cook for 24 nhours. And you ll have yourself. A delicious meat falls off the bone treat nfor.

The next day. They re actually pretty good they are pretty good eat up my ncookin rock. I m gonna cook my fish my days fish today on my my hot rock and my nspruce oven again it worked out so well last time. I thought might as well do it nagain.

It s the best way to get the rock hot. Almost no effort. Don t have to tend nthe. Fish will i m messing with it to worry about it falling off some green ngrill or or you know ending up on the in the fire just put it on the rock cover nit with the spruce boughs open it back up flip.

It and close it back up. She s ndone. No we ll wait for the oven to come up to ntemp might as well cut some more poles for my platform. See if i can get working non that right trout.

Is done. Oh yeah look at that nbeauty couple seasoning. Spurs needles on it that s beautiful busy day busy busy nthank you lord for these trout and all the abundance you ve given us how you re njust. Name.


Amen. Mosquitoes are insane right now. If you nhear lots of grunting and groaning in the background. Let s gregg ease up the ntree trying to put this put a shelter together fun in the woods find in the trees and nthere weren t this bad earlier.

It s like well just hit witching hour. So we can nlive through a couple hours of the by teamuk biter sins here even though i went all day today without neating. I felt really good because we ate yesterday the day before we had only had nthe the broth. And we weren t super enthusiastic about just drinking that nall the time so i probably only had like four small cups of it really wasn t a nlot of calories there s enough to make it through a day.

While you re just nsitting here in the rain and whittling well i m gonna finish my fish and then nget back on my decking rigs craig s up there really working away. He s gonna nhave a lot done today. I think we could probably move in by tomorrow. That s good nwell.

I m not a tire like you i just play whatever a nice what a nice start to a npot horn and then all lateral mind slowed down anymore i don t nmind the sound my shoes on your floor don t mind cell in our door playin cover nsong just as long as friends and families sing along and i don t need nmore money or faster car don t need a magazine to call me a superstar. I m gonna take this little house and nmake a hole and then i ll never have to face my nights alone is in my heart is nbabe and on my face. I feel it breathing to me nto by land by air by sea and that is how it s supposed to be nnow that much i can say i m pulling loaves of bread down from nthe shelf. And how rare it is that i stay up past 12 00 nin.

The backyard. We are going to start a garden. If that don t sound mighty good i nbeg your pardon. It s in my heart.

I he speak no my face. I feel you prayed sue me to nbuy land by air by sea and that is how it s supposed to pay now and that much i ncan say no if they don t love us. We don t need them nthis is fun. This is what i ve been waiting for the whole time to get into nthis.

I can t wait to boogie hanging from my nose finishing this up got a later nstart than i wanted to today. But i think it s coming along good ni took longer to because these initial ones. I wanted to do some special support ndown the middle so it disperses the load into all of them when you re walking naround on it so tomorrow. I should be able finish these up and my hammock is ngoing to go from this tree over here to that tree right there so that way there nwill be about i don t know because of the angle between the trees.


There won t nbe there ll be like two feet on that side of underneath my butt before i ncould go over the edge. And i ll have to put some other sticks that go across nlike railings and they ll go out beyond. So that way i can hook the ends of my ntarp to it out there beyond the edge of that tree and out there beyond the edge nof. The tree out here that way it ll come down my tarp will nstill be for my hammock will still be covering me.

The hammock will be up in nhere and and then the rest of the hammock cover can come out this way nstraight out just like it is down below. But above my head so we ll be able stand non here and i could build a little shelving unit and some storage and put nmy pack basket and all my stuff up here safely and yeehaw and then we can build nthe drawbridge greg s got his write on the go nhe s like halfway across was his blanking already just whipping it out he nstarted a little bit before me. Though it s gonna be so awesome. I just wish we ncould have done this on day like five.

But i wouldn t miss the earlier nadventures so maybe just needs to be fifty day survival challenge canadian nrockies. No i got to get home nafter this let s find our own friend of freedom. They don t love us. We don t need it s under our own brand of free that ll man slow down.

Anymore. Ni don t mind sound my shoes on you fall. Anymore nanymore. Most the way tomorrow for sure.

Yeah yeah coming right along nyeah. We should yeah be able to easily have it done by tomorrow unless it rains ngood thing good thing i don t believe in jinxes yeah. It s rained enough for a nyear. It s gotta stop it s gotta quit.

It s gotta quit oh it s blue sky will nhopefully be in luck for the rest of the journey and look at my hand nyeah same thing pitch in the spruce you don t have to worry about your hand nslipping on your ax. When you get your when you re working with spruce huh nit. ll be there for the rest of the journey. We won t get it off till.

We get nsome. I don t know i had it all over my hands before and that can t even come noff. It came off somehow just just from wear and tear. Yeah.


Just nfrom wear and tear as long as we re not handling more of the stuff tomorrow once nwe get it by the end of day tomorrow. We ll have more black hands dude looking good. Oh. Where s hot huh you nmissed me a greedy little bloodsucker trying to get at me nthey.

ve toned down a bit disappeared since the sun has gone down. It s cooled noff. But there s still enough of them i am thankful to be in a zip top hammock ninstead of out there with the mosquitoes. Oh probably wouldnt be too bad.

If you nhad to sleep outside on the ground. You d you know as the night gets colder. They nwould disappear more a bad day and all kinds of stuff done and of course. I said nthis yesterday and probably the day before and i think four of days before nthat.

I was like god we could probably be moving into our things. But then the nrains came i think for certain tomorrow we can move up to our shelters. I don t nsee any reason why not we re gonna go get a fish in the morning ni ve got fish to eat put on our other fish to smoke. We got our gophers just in ncase.

We get skunked and we got a split of fish and and then we can spend the nday working on our things and moving in to the moving on up moving up to the i ndon t know i don t remember. There s that i don t know if that was i might even nbefore. My time. I m gonna be 40 in november.

So maybe almost about time nyou re watching this so november 6. Is my birthday nanyway. So and i think i might go wash my birthday suit tomorrow. It needs it it nreally needed to keep saying.

I m gonna do it and then i m not down there when nit s sunny and hot or i was but my towel and was all wet because it needed nwashing more than i did it almost so yeah thanks for watching. And i will see nyou in the next one all right. ” ..


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