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“My god there s their their car died and that is all and and they they re trying to get it out as fast as they can before the light green. But they can t let sucks man look at that and we should get it we should have gotten help um. But fuck that all right they re almost done they re good. He skip leg day that s for sure there we go they got it they got it they got it bro here in sight gets what sideswipe right now like this boom.

Like what the fuck look at the timing. You have to have to do that oh my god so last year. I heard about the new arkham knight game coming out for ps4 and i knew i had to get it i didn t have a ps4. I only had a ps3.

But i knew i had to get a ps4 then a couple weeks later. I heard that they were going to come out with a limited edition collector s edition. Something or other that had like the batman logo or i don t know what so i wanted to hold out for that but then there were other games that were really good that was like being left behind. I wanted to play it so i had to get the xbox one and i am not an xbox guy.

I m a playstation guy. But i had to do it because i had to wait for the batman and i waited and waited and i put my money down. I put 100 every two weeks down until i paid it off i waited four months from the time..


I reserved it to the time. I picked it up and tonight was the night it was all worth the wait so we pull up the gamestop and who do we see outside a bunch of gamers waiting for the same thing. We are so we go inside and who do we see all these people waiting in line. We like whoa.

This is crazy gamestop pulled off a little cool party for everybody that showed up they had pizza cupcakes you name it it was awesome. But for the line that we waited. It wasn t that bad it was literally like 30 minutes worth of weight so i was in group. 3.

And i was a little ways back and i watched every single person go through the line and they were only getting the single game. Maybe the collector s edition of game. But just the game and my turn came up and they came out they would took my receipt into the closet. They came out with the whole playstation.

4 system and i just remembered it was just i went blank and i turned it around so that everyone to my right. The lion could see it i walked out with it and everyone i could just see was like dan there goes will he s got a fuckin ps4. So now the world s got is ps4..


It s time to go home. And do an unboxing what s up everyone we re back and as you can see i now. I m the proud owner of a ps4 we stood in a long ass line. And i was actually the only one that i saw that got one of these everyone else was just getting the game.

But i got the actual special edition system the sleet steel gray edition. So we re home and without any further ado. We re going to open this bad boy up if you look just to prove. It s brand new there s a seal.

There right there and on the other side another one. So i have a very special implement or opening this we re going to do this right now right meow. Hear that this is like something great being born. I m only going to open one with this there s no sense in opening two seals.

I ve waited so long for one of these that s unreal. I held off and bought an xbox one when i wanted a ps4 because i heard this was coming out here. We go..


We this are y all. With me. Here. Wow.

All right first the controller. The only one of its color. You have to get this system you have to get the system to get this controller this color look at that that is dope. Ah.

The main prize right here guys look at this first human hands to ever touch this wow. That is gorgeous show. The front again. What you think about that that is absolutely amazing not only that is that raised no it s flat.

Still is raised the emblem that is so nice all right so that s that that and this is a controller that s the control is put this over here that was pretty cool. It was only we re only there like 3540 minutes. And there is like warm soda and cupcakes..


So that was cool yeah. What s the game the last one of the series the finale that s why you bought it that s why i bought it you play the other one waiting for this for so long. And i wanted to wait for this to culminate. It this is one of my all time favorite videogame series obviously because i like that man and obviously because it s a great game.

So. This is going to be nuts. Who is the arkham knight and then over here is nothing. But cables so there you have it that s it you can soar.

I also bought some other swag as you saw earlier. But that s not they re nothing as epic as this newly acquired batman ps4. Awesome there you have it guys we re gonna hook this up and see some gameplay that s it we can t record. But we are yes we re gonna fuck with you right now so we re gonna let you guys go here and we are going to just test this bad boy out guys so thank you guys so much for watching.

This is okay chief and ” ..

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