BANK ROBBERY IN VIRTUAL REALITY!! Payday 2 VR Oculus Rift Gameplay

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“To the oasis. My name is mike and today. I m going to be jumping jumping into payday. 2 on the oculus rift.

So payday. 2. Is a first person where you can rob banks with your buddies and was launched way back in 2013. The developers overkill and starbreeze have recently updated the game to have a vr mode.

And this is free for all those that already own the game. Which is awesome thank you so much i think. This is a great way to push vr especially for games. That you ve already bought in your library.

And they just have an add on mode. I just absolutely love that instead of releasing a vr standalone game so like i say if you already own payday 2. And it s already in your steam library. All you need to do is go to the properties click on the beta tab.

And then opt into the vr mode. And you can check it out yourself. So if you haven t got. Payday.

2 already it is available on steam. For 1499 in british. Pounds. 1999 in us.

Dollars. There is also a big mega bundle that includes all the dlc. But is obviously much more expensive. What i d recommend is that i would probably hold off until the winter sale.

Which is due to come up very very soon and you ll probably get this at a bit of a discount. So keep an eye on that one so i m going to be jumping into payday. 2. And earning some cash with my buddies athey and of course rowdy guy.

I hope you guys enjoy this video. So without further ado let s dive in so i think we ve got a case the place right yeah. But but rowdies gonna tell us the plan ready the plan is listen listen boys listen boys. I know this is your first day on the job.

But you guys need to listen to the pro here. Yeah. I know that nate he looks a lot older than me probably bought you know mike looks kinda young he s a noob he s a noob. We re gonna do here is we re gonna see their briefcase over there that s what we need to go that s what we need to get so we re going to go in guns.

Blazing kill everyone get briefcase get the hug out wait yoli tell. I said what we agreed right. Oh yeah. It s an option.

You know we can go and try it and then we go in guns blazing cuz. I want to kill some dudes so we re doing it the rowdy way right we re doing. It the rowdy way i do it just touch. It a gentle touch.

That s enough we got a miss here it s the circle guy. He s just standing there we can t open the bag seriously..

I m asked how how hard does it work wait a second there s something on the on your computer like on the left of your wrist. There s like pick up the terminal grill. That s what we need to do first a soco. How do we pick up the terminal.

Grow grill drill. We re not having a barbecue. You hear rowdy. We re trying to rob.

A freaking bank ask take it easy are we going in you got a drill. Okay somewhere shoot. It no no no no that makes too much noise crawl crawl under hatch. It guys oh my don t look behind you.

But i m right behind you okay you know we need to get in fast anyone home. Oh. There s a guard come with me. Yes.

Where are you guys. Oh why is everything behind you we re literally right behind. You what is this place. We ll go where s it s on your back.

You know just grab it from your back. Okay. Yeah. You still have the bank use the other boat.

I ll check out you are trying try rowdy stop moving trying to get easy. There. Just everyone stay calm. Everyone stay here elise.

Okay. Oh. I think i know what to do here. Oh.

I just shot a cop in your leg. Oh. No i got this. Oh yeah.

I m doing it. Yes. How did she do it. Now.

What butter was that oh. Just one of the buttons. Okay okay. I got the right cover just shot a cop again thanks come on hurry on the right side bruised up is always big.

Three hundred and forty seconds. Are you kidding. Me. Oh oh oh.

This is no. Good..

God. If somebody haven t. Like. A.

Bigger gun. Oh. Yeah. He was gone look.

How big a gun. Nice. No everyone say everyone stay cool. It s gonna be okay.

We re gonna get through this. Oh. My god the drill is literally taking forever later. Where did the manager go he s dead gone managers gone.

Don t worry about the manager nadine. He s just having in there. Okay. Oh.

No that s not cool. We got a lot of cops. Here. No no no not today cop.

Not today. Not today buddy say hello to my little friend oh. The drills over heat the drills shams thanks. I m fixing yeah.

I m fixing it oh he s throwing out no back door they re coming in the back door. There we go oh we have to choose choose ones to pick wow guys hurry up. I don t know how many i mean you re coming. Okay heist is taking so long.

Why is it so heavy. Yeah. Freddie s lovely really fun. Oh.

Let s go one. More. One. More.

One. More. Keep going. They can keep going okay.

One. More oh okay. I got it i got it i got it. Oh.

We still got a search. Maybe..

Maybe yeah. Let s just keep on searching screens. Now. Let s go.

Let s go. Let s go go. Go. Go.

Oh oh. Protect. This rowdy. Oh.

I m already. The car. What s why. Yeah.

I know you aren t huh. Yeah. Don t worry okay okay. Okay.

Let s drive let s drive go go go okay. We re gonna wrap the diamond store. And guess what it s for i need iamonds and we can sell them on ebay or a lot of money you guys like money licky. Licky money mmm.

So scarface is now on the patrol here. He s checking out the environment. We can go in we can steal the diamonds. He s going to back us up and then we just jump to the van and that s it hello there how how we re gonna stealthy stealthy.

Way do this. What is the stealth way. What is lady oh. Go there.

Yeah. Rowdy ready go upstairs. Yeah. Yeah.

Nice nice. No. But be careful a security camera upstairs. There.

There s one at the top of the stairs. Yeah. It s a your research will know oh no i think it starts. Yeah okay everyone down stop moving we need to grab the jewelry gravel than you worry the cubs coming.

There s a lot of cops coming. You can grab the jury of the the displays. Oh geez oh geez just grab. As much as you can smack.

The windows. And grab everything..

Oh yeah. I got the bag. I got a back. What are we doing bye fill it with diamonds.

Everybody be cool. But everybody think we doing enough right no no no we can always have more i can t grab any more i can okay my pans are getting so heavy. I m not wearing them anymore. I think we got enough.

I think we going off let s bail let s bail. Okay. I m doing you guys cover from the top here. Nice lady go.

I mean. That s already out go. Where s the oh oh we need to we ve got more jewelry. We need to steal we haven t got it all okay.

This is where we have security cameras. So we could just do it as without the alarm on how do we get in here. Then then try to sneaky sneaky. Not go into the front door of a store and then start to not waving.

I think. It was rowdy you know having started shooting people no i didn t like this oh sure it wasn t danny. I was standing in front of the camera. And then the security guard was like what is going on over here.

Okay. This site. Okay. There s so many of them okay.

How do i drop this in here. Okay. I m coming. I m coming coming yeah there we go come on rally.

Let s go now okay guys so that is the end of the video and as you can probably tell from the video. We were complete noobs robbing banks. We had never had any previous experience with this but i hope you guys enjoyed the video. Obviously i dressed up for the occasion wore a little shirt and tie and some surgical gloves.

Because of course you don t want to leave your fingerprints or any evidence at the crime scene. So let me know what you think of this title is it one that you re thinking about picking up. I would say it s great if you already own the game in your library. It does need a bit more tweaks and polish.

But it is a beta after all but if you re keen and you ve got a good core or friends that you could jump in and have some fun with then i d wholeheartedly recommend it i d also say that the game is a bit more arcadey than i expected it to be there is just kind of you are a bit of a sponge bullet. You can just sort of take a lot of damage without being killed. But that s kind of i guess part of the fun of this game. What we also did struggle with it was the stealth element.

It s probably because we were new to the game. But i think we re going to go back and try some more and maybe do a christmas special or something similar for you guys to check out as well so keep an eye out for that video thanks again for watching guys and as always ” ..

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