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” s up you two meeting here coming at you from my channel bunny birdie gator. Gator. You guys i am back in walmart once again and as promised from my livestream. I m here to record a lot of back to school items.

I m going to mostly be focusing on all the pencil pouches you guys they really have a lot to offer most of them that i m looking at are ranging from about 6 dollars. And under and they really have a nice selection. So i wanted to start with this little area here. They have these striped ones for four dollars and 84 cents and then we have some cute little fancy animal pouches here for 484 also we have the unicorn and then we have this little alpaca here.

He s pretty cute and this one is really fall themed. I think it s like a little porcupine. She s super cute again those are four dollars and 84 cents and they are fabric. These are also for 88 with the holo smiley face and they have these little beads inside can you guys see them they re like these little beads that kind of shake around we have this neon one and also this super super bright pink.

One i really like this one too and then we have the kiss emoji. I really love using this one over here we have some fabric double. Decker. Mesh.

Pencil pouches and those are also 497. I m experiencing a serious game of jenga here you guys i m putting them down and they re just falling all over the place. But as i mentioned these ones are for 94 or 497 and their fabric on one side kind of vera bradley asked and then they have a mesh on the other side. This one is cute.

I like the hearts. And then these are five dollars and 32 cents. The little sequined pouches and it has the cute little tassel. They also have it in the black.

Oh. I like that and what else and then i think we have this one. I think this is the third one. I think this one is my favorite look at those sequins woohoo so pretty and this feels really white clean again those are 532.

I m kind of in love with the brand pen and gear this year at walmart..

And this is a pen and gear branded pencil pouch and it is so pretty. And it even has a little shell a little shell puller and these are 488 and we have some more of these up here these are the cloth pattern pencil pouches. It s cloth on both sides. And it s quilted those are 462 and then we have these really pretty silicone ones.

Offered in pink purple and blue and they re really gummy and nice and they re 397. We also have some glitter pencil pouches by studio c. And you guys know studio c. As a brand that we can find in staples.

We have this pretty one in blue and we also have this one in pink. I want to take these out and show you guys what they look like if i can woo. They are so pretty look at that so pretty those are really really nice. And we also have a chevron pencil pouch up here for 388 and it kind of feels white clean also in the purple and black these ones here are for 97 and this is by pen and gear and they are also offered in the blue and red really nice i want to this one with you guys because i know so many of you love the holographic look this one says day and then we also have this one that says hashtag life goals and this pretty one that says squad.

These are for 48. I love this little one by studio c for 473. We have the poodle. The owl.

Oh look at the kitty. I love the kitty look at the kitty in the poodle those are my favorites let s see if there s anything else i think that s it just those three those are so cute and let s off on the other side again. Those are 473 and then these are 497 and they re offered in the pink. The silver and the blue.

Oh. The blue is really stunning and they re also cloth on the other side these are three dollars and eighty eight cents. We have bless this mess insta. Facebook and twitter and live love and laugh these again are three dollars and eighty eight cents.

These are super silky. These are called the silky strip binder pouch and this one is really silky. You guys guess what brand they re by pen in gear. We have the unicorn the panda the cute little owl anyone else and i think that s it again those are 293 i clean as i go you guys okay next.

We have the black out triple binder pouches for 488 also in the blue and in the pink..

Those are for 88 and then we have some five star pop up pencil pouches in this variety. These are all for 97 oops that s a duplicate this one this one and this one we re gonna keep looking at all these. Because i know besides looking at gel pens pencil. Pouches is one of your favorite back to school items.

And i have to say it s one of the most fun things to look at moving a shelf up. We have these five star finder pouches in fashion colors. And we have the blue and the black the gray. The purple and the pink.

This is what one of them looks like it also has the zipper on the back and these look like they re gonna be cute. These are called motivational canvas binder pouches and these are for 88 you have you got this ooh. Do what you love look at that on to some more sequin. Pouches these are 397.

Super. Pretty we also have the pink and i guess they re all pink. I m getting fooled over here you guys again those are three 97 and then we have the little matching cloth pencil pouches for just 97 cents hey you guys except for the center row. I m really getting it tidied up over here.

A lady came over here to straighten and she saw me filming and straightening and she just totally left. I guess she figured that i was gonna straighten up the rest. Which that s kind of what s happening. But i really don t mind okay you guys onto some more five star products.

These are five dollars and 97 cents. And these are the multi pocket pencil. Pouch and they feel really sturdy. And nice.

Here are the other colors that are offered yes. And a lot of these match. The ones that we saw over here. The binder pouches.

We have a lot of the same coordinating colors over here in the multi pocket pencil..

Pouch. Moving down. This row. Here.

Now we have the chevron binder pouches in the pretty coral and green. They also have it in the gray and these are four dollars and ninety four cents also by the studio c brand and then these are just 97 cents by the brand pen and gear. And i have to say even though they have a little cardboard inside. They don t feel flimsy like i don t feel like the cardboard is the only thing making them durable.

I think this would probably last and i felt some for a dollar or under. And i d say pass on them. But these feel halfway decent even though they re really lightweight. They also have the pink.

One here in the back yeah. These are pretty nice and they have some duplicates so all in all it s red blue light blue purple pink and black for two dollars and eighty eight cents. We have the girl licensed pencil pouches super adorable and lol surprise dolls i love those little girls. The zipit.

This is probably the cheapest price that i ve seen on those if it s anywhere. And i ve been to officemax staples target and of course here at walmart. These are 588 they re about seven or eight dollars elsewhere so if you love the zipit monster. Binder pouches.

This is going to be the place to come for one of these oh look at these these are big eyed animal pencil pouches and you can take your stuffed animal with you i hope your teacher. Doesn t take you away from me. I d be so sad little puppy. Imagine you guys if your child went to school.

With and the teachers like no stuffed animals in class. And you re like oh. And the teachers like i m sorry. You can t have toys in class.

And these little cute eyes look at her and she takes it away anyways your child would be so upset or you would be so upset..

If you re watching this and you re a kid and you love my videos for back to school anyways. You guys i don t know if your teacher would go for it or not. But these are super super cute. These are pretty nice for four dollars and 32 cents you guys these are the boy barrel pencil pouches they have the monster prints they have the dinosaur prints which i really like and they also have the right blue in red cross bone print here and the polar is a little skeleton head super cute okay.

I think we re getting to the end of the line with the pencil pouches here. We also have some more by five star and these are kind of messy and then they have the little stretchy loops here these are 397. They have colors like aqua. They have a bright blue and they also have a rabbit and a grey and then down here.

We have some more pencil pouches for boys for two dollars and eighty eight cents. You guys i m finding more up here for boys there s a lot more there s even some more of the zipit mini pouches. But this one is kind of a plastic. We shiny.

1 2. 88. 4 2. 97.

There are some split panel. Pencil pouches and they re in colors like gray and in black they look pretty nice. They re pretty masculine and then a camel with compass pencil pouch for 394 this feels pretty sturdy. They also have it in a khaki traditional camo and a light blue and bright blue camo and then we have some more zipit pencil.

Pouches i just love these guys for 397. And i m mostly seeing pink and black up here well hey you guys. That s it for me here in walmart. If you enjoyed this shop with me.

Please go ahead and hit the thumbs up button share with me down in the comments below and if you haven t yet hit that little button to subscribe. We ll all right you guys thank you so so much for watching bye. ” ..


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